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  1. I'm on board here. Players drafted AFTER Dareus: AJ Green Patrick Peterson Julio Jones JJ Watt
  2. Week 3 @ Washington Sentinels and "footsteps" Falco
  3. Did you watch any of our games and see the receivers he was throwing to?
  4. I was at that game, as I was living up the road in Lima at the time. Took my wife (then girlfriend). We had just gone to the Lions game (her first Bills game) the week before at the Ralph, and it was the Bills' first win of the season if I remember correctly (I think we were 0-8 at the time or something like that). We got back to Lima Monday and started looking at tickets and couldn't believe how cheap they were for the Cincy game, especially for a broke-ass college kid. The week before at the Ralph it was like 38 and raining, and the next week in Cincy it was in the mid-70's... I think I got a sunburn that day. And it was the last week of November I believe.
  5. His birthday was yesterday... but Happy Birthday Coach!!
  6. The answer to this question is, we don't know until they're on the field. PFF has long proven to be a VERY inaccurate source.
  7. I'll say this, though. I was embarrassed, at times, to be a Bills fan when Rex was the coach. Other than that, no.
  8. I thnk that went straight over your head. viscous/vicious
  9. Hell no. I live a long way from WNY, but there are lots of Bills fans around. I think the majority of people recognize that while we may not have had elite success (yet), the franchise is headed in the right direction and is not the laughingstock it once was.
  10. If only he'd been signed by NE... that's a sure way to not have to face Brady. Because anywhere Fitz goes, the starter gets hurt.
  11. It's awesome to see the FO having a plan But it's WAY better watching them execute it, almost to absolute perfection. That's the biggest thing. I feel like the FO always "has a plan" but execution is a different story.
  12. This has been my opinion from day one, just couldn't put it into words as well as you did. I mean how many moves has he made that didn't work out? one, being Kelvin Benjamin? That's all I can think of. The dude got a 3rd round pick for Tyrod freaking Taylor (which offset the 3 we gave up for KB anyway) and got draft picks for AJ McCarron and Marshall freaking Newhouse. Like you said, his hits FAR outweigh his misses.
  13. Definitely an area that we need vast improvement... Glad to see them trying to take steps to address it!
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