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  1. Haha. That's awesome! I love my Yeti stuff. We have probably 7-8 of the cups, plus 2 of the coolers, 1 hard sided and 1 soft sided for bringing to the pool in the summer. The stuff is EXPENSIVE - but it really does an amazing job - and working for a yeti dealer certainly helps. I had my hard one out back on the patio for 3 days in July after my son's birthday party (In Charlotte, where it's 100 degrees every day) and that sucker still had ice in it.
  2. Yes, it's actual Yeti brand. We're a Yeti dealer here at work so I can buy them at cost basically... I had our paint guy paint a plain stainless one the blue and red, then slapped the decal on and had him clear coat over it.
  3. With a team that was not good offensively. And it doesn't take a "QB scout" to know that Peyton Manning is a good QB.
  4. Yes, I know their wives are very close friends. I work at a car dealership in Charlotte, and Angie Smith is one of my customers. She saw my Bills YETI cup and told me that "Oh my best friend's husband plays for Buffalo" and of course, she said Lorenzo Alexander. Which is strange why they are so close... I mean I don't know that Steve Smith and 'Zo were ever on the same team together.
  5. Bills 31-3. The 3 comes off of a turnover/short field. No way our D should give up points at all here.
  6. No, I'm with you there, too. If he had 3 years left on his deal, that'd be one thing. I'm not giving up a 3 or better to have a guy for less than a full season, then walk in FA.
  7. I don't understand why this is such a hard concept for so many to grasp. If Patrick Mahomes had that baggage, teams would still be drooling over him. Why bring on that baggage for a guy that, ideally, should never have to even play?
  8. The Browns and Eagles are certainly capable of beating us, but we're capable of beating them too. All depends on which Eagles/Browns team shows up that particular week.
  9. Since Coach McDermott became head coach of the Bills, I don't know that there is another coach in the league that has gotten more out of his players than him. While we haven't won a playoff game (yet!), we went to the playoffs at 9-7 with a team in his first year that, talent-wise, had no business being anywhere near that mark, and the same can be said for last year. The fact that THAT group last year won six games is a huge testament to McDermott and his staff.
  10. Because they don't bring the circus with them. It's that simple. Nobody is going to bring in that circus for a mediocre backup QB. If it's Tom Brady? absolutely. A guy that great is worth the headache. I'll even say Deshaun Watson is worth that headache because I know I'll be called "racist" for using a white QB to make my point. The point is, if the guy is your franchise QB, multiple SB winner, etc., it's worth that headache. Why bring all that nonsense for a guy who might not even play and is a backup? Why piss off fans, potentially lose ticket sales? If the guy is Brady or Deshaun Watson, or Lamar Jackson, or, hell, Patrick Mahomes, it ain't going to cost you ticket/merch sales, because their play can overcome the negative.
  11. I have an issue with the poll. I can say that I think he should be ALLOWED to play - which at this point, he is ALLOWED to play, if a team signs him. It's up to the owner of any business who they hire. If they think hiring someone will be detrimental to their business, then you cannot force an employer to hire them. It's that simple.
  12. Saw this last night and all I could think was that they're in "win now" mode. This is the definition of "mortgaging the future"
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