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  1. Time to exorcise the demons, once and for all.
  2. Brutal hit. I don't like the fact that that's an "illegal" hit, but I understand it. He hit him in the chest with his shoulder. I mean what's the alternative? Just let the guy catch it?
  3. Damn. The line is up to BUF -13. Wow. So literally six days after keeping KANSAS CITY to under 30, you are thinking that they'll have to play "their best game of the season to keep the score under 30" against... the New York Jets?
  4. The Jets will make our D like like superstars.
  5. It's a game of inches. If that ball comes out a quarter of a second earlier, before his knee touches the ground, we have the ball at the 30, down 6 with a shot to take the lead, after Josh had just run us down the field to score.
  6. I understand that. But the contract isn't for one season, so saying "we could have had Phillips for 4 million!" is 100% wrong. Yes, Phillips is getting 4 million this season, but that means literally nothing because the ONLY way to get that, is to pay him 16 million more over the next 2 seasons. The contract is 3 years, 30 million. It's not 1 year, 4 million.
  7. 3 years, 30 million. I'm no math genius, but.....
  8. 10-4. I was just pointing out that I don't like to use 2018 stats when talking about the current coaching staff, including McDermott. That year was the "tank" year of the rebuild and somewhat of an anomaly that is not reflective (in my opinion) of how good our coaching staff is overall.
  9. I never once stated in my post that you said he should be fired.
  10. You're using 2018 as any type of gauge? We were an overall bad team in 2018 with a gazillion dollars in dead cap space. I would write off anything that happened in 2018, as that was our "gutted" year of the rebuild. So that leaves one game last year, and one game this year. And the Titans game - yeah, we lost by a bunch. But find me a d-coordinator whose defense isnt going to give up a bunch of points with 3 drives starting INSIDE THEIR OWN RED ZONE and a fourth that started at the 30. Could they have played better? Absolutely. But is the world falling because of "points"? No, because there's a lot more that goes into it than that. The offense and special teams gave them horrific field position all night, and that was still a 11-point game midway through the fourth quarter.
  11. I usually avoid this board for a day or so. Let all of the ridiculous "hot takes" subside, like firing the d-coordinator of the defense that's been top-2 the last 2 years and top-7 EVERY year since he's been here after a couple bad games. Once all that crap dies down, I'm back.
  12. The two are not mutually exclusive. Two things can be true at once. He can help us win games, while boosting stats. In fact, that's actually the way it normally happens.
  13. The great thing is, he can pick where he wants to go. Any team can offer him the league minimum, and the Jets have to pay the difference up to his $6m guarantee with them. So it wouldn't cost us much to bring him in on a 1-year deal. Wouldn't that be delicious? The Jets paying him to play for us?
  14. While I shared that same sentiment, at the same time, the more games the Chiefs lose, the better it is for us, so I definitely wasn't rooting against the Raiders there.
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