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  1. Yes, but our coverage and return teams have been outstanding. You can only coach a guy to punt the ball so much...
  2. Just got home from the game about 20 minutes ago, wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were. I’ll tell ya what. I don’t know how it looked on TV, but we looked REALLY good tonight. Absolutely dominated the panthers in all three phases. DB’s in particular looked really good in person. All of the Panthers fans around us were stunned at how good the Bills looked. I even heard a “I thought the Bills sucked?” From one pissed off fan. So so pumped for 2019. And by the way. Teams better find a way to stop Cole Beasley. He is going to be a MONSTER for us this year
  3. I'm sure he's getting reps - just not playing in games taking contact.
  4. Agreed. I was CONVINCED we drafted the wrong Josh on draft night. Now, there is absolutely no doubt that Beane and co. made the right pick. And it's not close. I don't care about stats. I watched the phins and falcons game. He looked very shaky. Bad fundamentals/mechanics. The eye test is all I need.
  5. I'm torn on this. I'd love to see them give him that kind of money, and basically suck for the next decade because they can't pay anyone else. However, when Josh's contract comes up in four more years, how will you be able to justify paying him LESS than Dak Prescott? Ideally, he is going to be a top-tier quarterback. If Dak gets 40 million, How will you be able to justify giving Josh $35 million? It's going to put some other teams in a real bind, especially those like us with rookie QB's that we're going to have to pay in a couple years.
  6. not when basically the entire group that's on the field for preseason game four is cut the next day.
  7. Had good numbers.... but did you actually watch it? This is the same gripe I have with the "Allen sucks because his completion percentage is low" folks. Sure, there are numbers, but without context it means nothing.
  8. I was somewhat surprised to hear that, too. But keep in mind, They played Thursday night and had him on Friday. Not a lot of time for him to analyze, what, 11 games that were played on Thursday night? And have super detailed answers? I think he's really great at breaking this stuff down. Love his take each week.
  9. This right here is why I'm so excited for this year. Seeing how well Allen played behind that garbage, with the garbage he had to throw to? And now he has a legitimate pro O-line and receiver corps?
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=Free.99&amp=true $free.99
  11. Yeah... our 2nd team O-line this year is better than last years starters without question.
  12. I watched every game through reddit last year on my ipad, and then streamed it through apple TV onto my big TV in the living room. Cant beat it for free-99.
  13. Going to miss Kelso, for sure. Didn't get to hear more than the first defensive series on the radio last night. Watched the rest on TV. Glad to hear it sounds like he did pretty well, for his first game.
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