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  1. How dare you pull out statistics!
  2. You can't. I drove to florida this past weekend and they have a Covid checkpoint that you have to drive through. They're looking for people with NY, NJ, and CT tags. But what the hell are they going to do? Tell you that you have to go into quarantine? OK. They can't cuff you and force you. Its a gigantic waste of time and resources. Aggravating as all hell.
  3. I mean if you don't catch a disease after drinking shots out of a girl's ass crack, then I wouldn't be scared of that 'rona!
  4. No. There hasn't been one peep about the issue with the coaching. But do you find it slightly ironic that the ONE guy that we were worried about potentially having character issues, just so happens to be the guy that gets pulled over and arrested for DWI and weapons charges?
  5. How is a guy freaking out on his head coach, having to be physically restrained, over a COAT, an issue? All of this while knowing that all eyes are on you, as a projected top-ten draft pick? Listen, I'm not saying that the coat incident makes him a degenerate, but it was concerning to a bunch of people.
  6. They never gave him much. He has super bowl talent but has played on crap teams his entire career
  7. And there was a big debate on this board and some of us got shredded for pointing out that it was an issue.
  8. Honestly, there are enough ways to watch without the ticket that i quit paying a couple years ago and haven't missed a game. Feel free to DM me for the deets..
  9. I remember the week they were in Spartanburg last year. It was brutal in Charlotte that week.
  10. Not gonna give that Jackass Dan Shaughnessy the pleasure of clicking on the link.
  11. For the first time that I can literally remember in my life, there's not a game on this schedule that I'm NOT looking forward to. Am I saying that we're going to go 16-0? Of course not. But there's not a game on this schedule that I look at and think, "That's an automatic loss". We will be competitive in every single game on this schedule.. KC, SF, PIT... Going to be a fun season.
  12. Exactly. Have one or two more at your tailgate before entering if it's that big of a deal. I'd rather do that than spend $12-plus a piece for beers in the stadium anyway. Limiting seating capacity like that is going to drive ticket prices in the resale market through the ROOF. "Hey, there's only 15,000 seats available for this particular game... how bad do you want them?"
  13. Only time she ever went to victory lane was when Ricky won at Talladega and she had crashed out....
  14. I'm super surprised they didn't at least take ONE QB I think that's pretty accurate, although I may move a couple teams near the bottom. Bengals probably aren't last. I'd put the Jags there. Top 8 are probably correct.
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