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  1. On the list of reasons that we lost last night, QB play is like the number eight item down the list. Maybe the reason we lost is because Kansas City is a better team? You're grossly overthinking this.
  2. Honestly, the fans that have been lifelong fans don't bother me. What bothers me is the people that I've never even heard MENTION pro football, let alone cheer for ANY team whatsoever, posting pics last night in their Chiefs jerseys. Or the friend of mine whose been a Rams fan her entire life and all of a sudden yesterday became the biggest Chiefs fan you've ever seen. Those are the ones that I want to punch in the face.
  3. KC beat us because they are a better team and flat out outplayed us. Not because of some big NFL conspiracy. Come on man.
  4. They've been there for a long time. When I had my seats they sat pretty close to me.... They always brought the energy!!
  5. Well until last year, he was still getting 5.5 million a year from the Bills, so that'd be a good reason why. I wouldn't want to coach if I was getting a free $16 million. The offset language meant that even if he took another job, he wouldn't make anymore money. Terry and Kim just had to pay the difference. So he would essentially have been working for free.
  6. Agreed, but the head doesn't need to make impact to cause a concussion. A concussion is caused, basically, by your brain impacting the inside of your skull. All it takes is a sudden stop/change of motion. People get them in car accidents all the time, even though their head didn't impact anything.
  7. I'm $ure he'$ deva$tated over that contract.
  8. They also have 4 O-linemen with a combined cap hit of 46 mililon. Good lord.
  9. I don’t understand why he refuses to run Allen up the middle on these situations. Dude is a cheat code.
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