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  1. Also a Sox fan... And I'm 100% ok with them cutting ties with Cora. I'm not going to act like a Pats* fan and defend my team's cheating. If they cheated, then they cheated and they should be punished. If you're truly a fan of the sport, this should be your position.
  2. With Beane and McDermott at the helm, we won't.
  3. My wife is an avid runner, and just ran the Disney half marathon last weekend. The week before we left for Disney, she was telling me that she was pissed off because these special "compression socks" that she had ordered from a particular company hadn't come in yet. People, when they do Disney runs, dress up in a particular theme, and these were a particular color blue, because she was going to do a "Frozen"/"Olaf" theme. Next morning, on MY Facebook page, an ad popped up for this compression socks company, and it was for THE EXACT SAME PAIR OF SOCKS THAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT. Same color, everything. Alexa is about to get tossed in the street.
  4. This is where I'm at. While I'm somewhat indifferent to Daboll (don't love him, don't hate him), Coach McDermott has earned my trust through three seasons, and if he believes that Daboll is the right man for the job, then so be it.
  5. How about instead of calls favoring one team or another, the officials just call the game fair and down the middle? Novel concept, I know.
  6. At the end of the day, you can't tell me that an NFL owner is going to deny the job (or refuse to hire) a coach who is more qualified, and has a better shot at leading their team to a Super Bowl than a less qualified one, simply because of color. (Almost) every owner in this thing is here to win. That should be (and I think is) the number one driving factor.
  7. Yes, but anyone can see that Brady has begun to decline. Manning, at that point, hadn't. Once the age decline starts, there is no stopping it, and certainly no reversing it.
  8. Yes, but they won in spite of Manning. Not because of him. He was not good. And it wasn't one of those scenarios where he was still better than everyone else. If I remember correctly, there was a lot of talk about maybe letting Brock Osweiler take the reins for the playoffs. Manning suffered a foot injury, and almost lost his job permanently because Osweiler came in and played better than he had before the injury. It was his worst year statistically since his rookie season.
  9. This, coming from a guy who's username is "High Football IQ" Intriguing.
  10. Why is this a thread? He's the best in the game. So... yes.
  11. A wild card will be a lot more difficult to obtain out of the AFCE next year. Good thing we'll just be winning the AFCE outright.
  12. Get. Some. Suck on it Brady.
  13. I'd be curious to know what the rule on that states. I hate how a returner just waving his arms constitutes a dead ball. Make the returner field the damn ball.
  14. At least the day is starting (Sabres win) and ending (about to hopefully be a Cheats loss) well. Too bad the meat of the sandwich absolutely sucked.
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