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  1. Guy made a bad decision and then paid the ultimate price
  2. funny you mention that… the Buffalo shooter mentioned in his manifesto the COVID lockdowns being the catalyst for doing his “research” or whatever the hell.
  3. sickening on so many levels, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum.
  4. yep. Even if the answer is, say, 90%… I still feel pretty damned good about our defense. yep. Even if the answer is, say, 90%… I still feel pretty damned good about our defense.
  5. BK is still a good deal if you use a coupon. Here in WNY I regularly get coups for a $5 Whopper Meal (Whopper, small fries, small drink (which is actually not that small)).
  6. thise coupons are still around! Problem is, two subway footlongs are the equivalent amount of food to like a single 3.5” Wegmans sub
  7. Same. The CBS announcer crews are better almost across-the-board than Fox’s, IMHO.
  8. Mobil station on Hopkins next to Williamsville North is up to $4.999/gal for regular unleaded.
  9. It rained steadily through much of that Houston game, IIRC. And, there wasn’t any reason to pass at all in the 4th quarter.
  10. yeah, lots of great discourse in here so far.
  11. agree, it’s probably going to be the 13-1 Bills against the 2-12 Bears
  12. “The Bills will bring Stefon Diggs to be the primary pass catcher but will likely be outdone by the best receiver in the league in Cooper Kupp who will also be stretching the field with new addition Allen Robinson. Oh yeah and the Bills new defensive addition, former Denver Bronco and Ram, Von Miller will be back at SoFi but this without Aaron Donald to pair with.” 😄
  13. only if someone pulls the fire alarm at the Marriott on Millersport!!!
  14. yeah I think it was based on your responses to the first few questions.
  15. true… but the upside is, less people squeezing by you to get out. (Theoretically, no one).
  16. be prepared to take a loss on the ticket, unless it’s one if the first few games of the season (and nice weather), or an attractive opponent (Packers/Steelers/Patriots).
  17. anyone get the new stadium survey this morning? Sizing us up as far as our appetite for P$L’s.
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