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  1. 38-31 Bills. We got this
  2. I doubt he was ACTUALLY laughing.
  3. My goodness, the WGR postgame crew defending the playcalling is absolutely embarrassing.
  4. in real time, at the stadium, that definitely looked short.
  5. The home game against New England last season was very meaningful. I think even the road game week 16 where we curbstomped them, the seedings were still up in the air?
  6. Collinsworth is absolutely right - Sorensen had a MONSTER game against Buffalo. You all remember that, right?
  7. I was wondering the same thing. “Blindside” is quite the misnomer in that situation
  8. they’re getting 1997 Buick Skylarks, and they’ll like it too.
  9. gotcha. Yeah, could definitely see them running the table.
  10. you mean AFC West? Washington’s game against the Bills was the crossover game for the season.
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