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  1. The Bills have to get their deficiencies on defense corrected in order to move past Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. Right now, McD/Frazier have no answer on how to stop Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. IMO, the Bills need upgrades from Hughes, Addison, Lotulelei and possibly Edmunds.
  2. Awful defensive game plan today. They let the offense down. The offense deserved the victory with the way they battled back.
  3. The hype around the Cowboys year in and year out is sickening! The Cowboys are the most overrated franchise in sports history!
  4. Agreed. But also, the Bills are playing much better than earlier in the season as well. Should be a great game. Go Bills!!!
  5. Agreed 100% I’m a huge Slayer fan, but I am clearly aware of who they made “Angel of Death” about. Allen is a freak of an athlete and there has to be a better nickname for him.
  6. While Angel of Death is an awesome song from Slayer, I don’t think it fits Allen.
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