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  1. Umm. Nope. Rhodes and tre split time and Elam could have played more and they thru him back out in second half. So. Ya. That's the plan.
  2. It's that simple. Rough games aside we are still in great position. 1. 8-3. 2. 3 losses by combined 8 points 3. Lead nfl in point dif 4. This in spite of being crushed by injuries on D...playing a very tough schedule...and having 8 Redzone turnovers and 10 redzone drives that had 0 points. Get healthy, stop TOs....
  3. You don't throw 15 yard passes over middle if he's on the field. We just don't notice it until the 15 yard pass over the middle is open every play. Ha
  4. Can we talk about how horseshit this defense is against pass when Edmunds is out. All of a sudden the middle of the field is wide open. He does so much we don't see because the QB doesn't throw where he is.
  5. Poor Oline is big one. Diggs was lighting them up on sideline. Diggs is getting open but josh has no time. Silver medal goes to dorsey. Run josh at end and it softens everything.
  6. The throw was awesome but my favorite part of the drive was...we need 10 more yards josh go get it. That's why there is no one like him.
  7. Same title a year later. Ed is a man possessed out there lately.
  8. Yes. Absolutely. They played to tie and not to win.
  9. Same as josh. They'd know if he was done and it would have leaked. Guessing mild. 4 - 6 weeks. Hey. I was right about josh. Ha He will be at Josh's right now with tequila and will be just fine.
  10. They are playing the crafty half zone half man ***** that they think works because it confused mahomes. It doesn't work when they identify who's in man by using motion and just throw there because they suck. I called like 10 plays out loud today. Dane follows motion guy. Goff goes there. Benford follows Goff goes there. Didn't matter who receiver was.
  11. He is awful. They were picking on him. As was cousins. We have given up like 900 yards in last 3 weeks pretty evenly split between benford and Jackson. Teams have abandoned run because passing on us is so easy. We also miss Edmunds. Elam > benford Tre > Date Nuff said.
  12. Tre and Elam moving forward please. I've seen enough jackson being burned to last a lifetime.
  13. Yes. He hasn't played since second series. Neither has elam
  14. Without Edmunds this d is average at best. Need him and tre back asap.
  15. We need Edmunds Elam and tre back and they will be fine
  16. They are too cocky. Honestly. Hang 27 on Packers like it's nothing Hang 24 on vikings Have lead vs jets and dolphins. Then they just completely lose focus.
  17. I keep saying. Since the green Bay hit he's been off. Not seeing the field. 1 read QB Really? Dak looks awful
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