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  1. At some point you gotta think about trading Edmunds and taking neil. 3rd yes
  2. I just hope we actually have a 3rd round pick for him to announce don't screw this up beane
  3. While I don't think we trade Edmunds and I actually like Edmunds...I'd be all over this.
  4. I stopped reading when you said taron Johnson has been "useful."
  5. So do we end up keeping speed theme and go Hall and then Austin?
  6. Picking the best players of not so great teams is a staple of this regime. They get more out of them when surrounded by more talent.
  7. Be upset about the pick if you want but when it comes to drafting and signing DBs I will leave that to McDermott. Dane Jackson Tre white Taron Johnson Neal Levi wallace Poyer Hyde Etc I'm sure a fair number of people didn't like those picks either but how did that turn out.
  8. I agree 100 percent. Just a thought. Although I still want more Ed than 50 percent of snaps.:)
  9. So listening to Von Miller's presser today he loves to play and will likely want at least 70 percent of snaps. I feel like Ed Oliver plays better the more he plays and Rosseau is a every down type of DE...so do we move a little away from the rotation this year? If I had a vote it would be yes. Ha. More von and Ed and then rotate the others.
  10. True but they did score 24 points in the second to get them into OT. Keeping thay roll going isn't easy.
  11. 1. KC. We know what happened there. D failed him and team. 2. Tampa. We know what happened there...D failed in crunch time in OT 3. Cardinals. Shocker but D failed him. I know we all think highly of the D but when they are in tight against a good team, they play more like a bottom 10 D. Against Indy in playoffs they almost blew that too. Houston all the way back to 2019 season. Same. Let's hope Von can help us close games out.
  12. As I said before. He will be playing MLB inside 2 years. Dude is not mentally strong enough to be a qb in NFL
  13. This!!!! Corners and safeties in this system are lucky to be in this system. See EJ Gaines. We are throwing Dane Jackson and Levi out there and they are looking good. Just wait until Levi is on an island this year he's going to be awful. As for safeties...poyer and Hyde don't miss much time but when they do the D looks just fine.
  14. I'd argue that poyer is the one if the MOST replaceable parts of this D. Sadly it's easier to replace him than Edmunds given the system.
  15. This. Bye poyer. I think he's actually waaay overrated by mafia. Put him in another system without Hyde as a partner back there and he's back to riding the pine inside a year.
  16. this mock would look like the end if Edmunds.
  17. Corner back round 1 this guy after we trade back ip to top of round 2.
  18. He should sit out until an injury happens. He doesn't need camp or anything he will catch on with a playoff team. Maybe us.
  19. This. Again. This system makes the DBs not the other way around.
  20. And poyer. I dont think it's one or other it's both. There is a reason we have 2 safeties visiting. We can't pay him top money in a safety friendly system.
  21. Not a chance. He's limited in what he can do due to his lack of flexibility and route running. His season last year was the first sign of that....although the TDs were a nice number his stats were not worth a first. Grab one of the top 5 in this draft and they will have longer better careers than Metcalfe.
  22. I still thinkbits the 2nd round we will move up in. 2 picks between 25 and 40.
  23. It would take both Miamis firsts next year to get this done. Would you do that for 1 year of a 45 year old and set your franchise back 5 years??? 2 1sts next year. And bucs go and sign baker.
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