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  1. I'm ready for Cooke as primary. He can't be worse.
  2. It's James Cook time. We need to throw and he's best reciever. Let's go.
  3. That was a lousy pass too though. Let's be honest. Wet out that needs to be on the body.
  4. Are we trying to set up deep shots later in the game like Miami did because this is weird playcalling.
  5. First off...yesterday was this years jags game. You walk away wondering how the hell we lost but in the end we will be just fine. Now back to the topic. The QB sweep was one of the most effective plays last year...and typically didn't result in Josh taking hits as he had some blockers and a head of steam. If we are going to run him I'd prefer we see more of thar and less of the read option. Thoughts. This a dorsey thing?
  6. Well here is a better question. What happens if we don't miss a beat today?
  7. So here is my gameplan for d today. 2 high as much as possible and keep things in front of them. If we Blitz. Bring LBs or corners. Edmunds needs to keep enough depth to get his hands on some crosses. Take the ball and score first to put pressure on Tua.
  8. 2 high all game qnd wait for Tua to make a mistake and unleash allen.
  9. Remember him and poyer were nobodies really before they got here. We had undrafted people starting (wallace) 5th rounders (Johnson) and 2 rookies starting now. This system is made for DBs...unfortunately I think we will be fine no matter who's back there. Will we miss leadership. Yes. Are they better than back ups. Yes. Will it show. Not much.
  10. Usually opposite tbh. Most seek second opinion when they want to play and team says they need surgery.
  11. Can we talk Haden out if retirement. Feels like he could still play safety. We need some bodies. Ya. Likely was told he needs surgery of some sort...and wants confirmation. Doesn't want to miss season or significant time.
  12. They are trying to but all the motion and stuff we are doing is getting him 1 on 1s in spite of it.
  13. He is going to have a massive year because unlike Daboll we now script things to get him more 1 on 1 ops. Last year the plan was if he's doubled we will just go elsewhere now we are putting plays in to scheme him open like minny does with Jefferson and rams do with kupp. I'm going to say 125 1600 and 16
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