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  1. They are playing the crafty half zone half man ***** that they think works because it confused mahomes. It doesn't work when they identify who's in man by using motion and just throw there because they suck. I called like 10 plays out loud today. Dane follows motion guy. Goff goes there. Benford follows Goff goes there. Didn't matter who receiver was.
  2. He is awful. They were picking on him. As was cousins. We have given up like 900 yards in last 3 weeks pretty evenly split between benford and Jackson. Teams have abandoned run because passing on us is so easy. We also miss Edmunds. Elam > benford Tre > Date Nuff said.
  3. Tre and Elam moving forward please. I've seen enough jackson being burned to last a lifetime.
  4. Yes. He hasn't played since second series. Neither has elam
  5. Without Edmunds this d is average at best. Need him and tre back asap.
  6. We need Edmunds Elam and tre back and they will be fine
  7. They are too cocky. Honestly. Hang 27 on Packers like it's nothing Hang 24 on vikings Have lead vs jets and dolphins. Then they just completely lose focus.
  8. I keep saying. Since the green Bay hit he's been off. Not seeing the field. 1 read QB Really? Dak looks awful
  9. McDermott did a great job keeping everyone including vikes guessing. Other thing was the reporters calling out he wasn't there when they were but then there were picture of him leaving practice. McDermott wanted everyone including vikings guessing.
  10. This. This is what I've said to all the online docs chiming in. How do they know what it is. It's likely ulner nerve as was speculated early on.
  11. This is what I said all week. The team hasn't confirmed anything just the talking heads speculation
  12. Like I said. No one from bills said what the injury was and how severe. Everything was speculation.
  13. He's physically ready. Both McDermott and beane has eluded to this. Doesn't mean hes: 1. Ready for game speed. 2. Mentally ready. Listen to his interviews. Could be as much mental as anything. He will go this week.
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