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  1. While I agree and the concussion theory has some merit in my book his footwork the last 2 weeks has been awful.
  2. Poyer over Edmunds shows you don't understand our D. Draft a safety and bring back Edmunds.
  3. They threw the ball quick on all but like 3 throws. No D line is getting there that quick.
  4. He was less sharp. If he didn't scramble we wouldn't have scored. He was hesitant and other than diggs throw wasn't sharp.
  5. This is whay he's saying. It's lingering concussion impact. If he doesn't take time off and he had one last week he wouldn't be better. Yup. I have video too. Same thought.
  6. He's literally just thrown it to the other team 3 times in last 6 quarters. These weren't bad decisions. These weren't great plays by the defense. These are him. Literally throwing it in the chest of the other team. Nevermind the dropped interception that wasn't even close to the target. It's like he's not seeing things properly.
  7. I just recorded it but the file is way too large to upload. Not sure if it was cob webs or him saying no because he managed to save the fumble.
  8. I said the exact same thing. I actually go back a couple games too when he ran to get first down and kind of went in backwards by the sideline and his neck jarred. He looked off after that. But yes. I 100 agree it could be thay.
  9. Umm. This would legit kill us. Start Dodson and keep Milano and Edmunds out there
  10. Still ahead if we keep winning. Dolphins almost lost x 2 to Chicago and Detroit.
  11. And we didn't change personnel at all? Jets went what. 90 yards without throwing the ball. Green Bay just ran us over in second half. I mean it's Wilson. We shouldn't be afraid to leave nickel.
  12. Sauce on Gabe and double diggs. That's all they are doing and no one else can win. Where is shakir?
  13. Didn't see dude undercutting it because of the large man coming at him.
  14. 24M a year for a guy that hws had double digit sacks once and only 1 healthy season. Wow. I'm actually happy they did this.
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