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  1. He has more yards and touchdowns over past 4 years than any other tight end. Had 2nd most receptions behind bowers who will be a top 10 pick next year...and played injured half the year. He's a stud and will be a pro bowl tight end...if you don't like the pick that's fine but his talent can't be debated.
  2. This. Watch the highlights Mayer is not even in same league as a receiver.
  3. Just watched hos highlights. He's josh allen as a tight end. Big fast looks for contact jumps over dudes. Fun. https://youtu.be/gn3ZUdp5PKc
  4. This part is true. Stop using logic and *****.
  5. Opens up some interesting formations. 2 TE with cook diggs and Davis is a nightmare.
  6. Draft one and trade Gabe for hop. ***** it.
  7. If things keep falling this way we won't be trading for Hopkins as one if the top 3 WRs will be there for us.
  8. I think that's what's being said. He's not saying first round but it's a deep slot draft. Could get an impact player on 2nd or 3rd.
  9. My gut tells me we are trying to find a buyer for Ed at same time...assuming cards don't want him. Get a pick dump a salary and use pick in trade.
  10. Either way it backs up what simms always says. Allen doesn't have much to work with. Worst weapons. Worst line of the top guys. Line is getting better. Harris helps. Now get him Hopkins
  11. Agree at least not early. Oj Howard didn't work out. Hockinson is good but not great. Having said that of Myers is there at 27 he'd be hard to pass on depending who else is available.
  12. As soon as diggs restructured I called this.
  13. Guess I was right and some yall were wrong.
  14. Wtf are we doing. We literally have 4 of these guys on roster now and we never use them.
  15. I've been trying to move on from poyer for 2 years...so it's not my preference at all. Just a hunch.
  16. Could be. Or no poyer and we get Bobby Wagner and odell and let von run it back.
  17. So it feels like poyer and someone else.
  18. I think it's help in his room and he's excited. Obj or Hopkins trade This. Dude actively lobbied for Beasley last year. Loves the team and wants to win. Make him gimmick dude again and bring in odell or hopkins
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