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  1. Random one...Chandler Jones is my Rousseau comparison. That the goal. Will be leaner but faster ut skillset wise
  2. Good signing. Depth at WR, returner, and good for gimmick plays. Means McKenzie may get more actual WR snaps and the rookie is also some depth there.
  3. This is pegulas on down bringing in good people. Great response by the team to support the community.
  4. So who takes poyers job next year. Benford or bernard. Benford projects to be a safety at some point. Bernard is too small as a LB and amazing in coverage. Just a gut feel but one of these guys will convert to safety this year.
  5. This. As a Dawgs fan cook is the better fit as we are a passing team but his running is underrated due to lack of touches.
  6. Well we got some speed. Cb 4.39 Wr 4.43 Rb 4.42
  7. Well. You are wrong. He will end up getting 50 percent of snaps by end of year. His acceleration is like Kamara...smooth but you don't catch him
  8. Ariza and Shakir on day 3 are a good way to wrap up the draft.
  9. Between this and Ariza I will forgive the 3rd rounder.
  10. I think so...but he's a great coverage linebacker so I think that range will translate well to safety aslt some point
  11. Moss will be cut or traded. Him paired with Austin fixes our speed issues.
  12. I'm a Dawgs fan and he's the guy I wanted over Hall. Why. Because you could get him later and he's a better fit. Pass blocks well and catches like CM3.
  13. This. Baker is better than at least 10 starting QBs and yet he gets *****.
  14. My prediction of cook and Austin looking pretty solid still
  15. Different scary but scary. 2 TEs diggs Gabe and cook. Good ***** luck.
  16. Yes and 2 TEs with cook in backfield is gonna Hella ***** people up
  17. We will make sure we get who we want in 3rd. Beane is black or white. He didn't have 2nd round grades on anyone left so mov3 back and take cook who you had a 3rd round grade on and now take another that you had a 3rd on.
  18. Now take Austin and I'm happy. Wrong CB but those are my other 2 picks.
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