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  1. This. Baker is better than at least 10 starting QBs and yet he gets *****.
  2. My prediction of cook and Austin looking pretty solid still
  3. Different scary but scary. 2 TEs diggs Gabe and cook. Good ***** luck.
  4. Yes and 2 TEs with cook in backfield is gonna Hella ***** people up
  5. We will make sure we get who we want in 3rd. Beane is black or white. He didn't have 2nd round grades on anyone left so mov3 back and take cook who you had a 3rd round grade on and now take another that you had a 3rd on.
  6. Now take Austin and I'm happy. Wrong CB but those are my other 2 picks.
  7. This is what I'm saying and you could turn him into a good draft pick if he doesn't look like ***** in a year or 2
  8. Cook and Austin in 3rd are better values than anyone in second.
  9. At some point you gotta think about trading Edmunds and taking neil. 3rd yes
  10. I just hope we actually have a 3rd round pick for him to announce don't screw this up beane
  11. While I don't think we trade Edmunds and I actually like Edmunds...I'd be all over this.
  12. I stopped reading when you said taron Johnson has been "useful."
  13. So do we end up keeping speed theme and go Hall and then Austin?
  14. Picking the best players of not so great teams is a staple of this regime. They get more out of them when surrounded by more talent.
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