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  1. Yes. And QB sweep was better than that. 0 run so far this year.
  2. She ain't over yet. He will end up with 300 and 60% completion and a W
  3. Qb run. That's how we did it last 2 years. Dorsey had been listening to media too much about running josh.
  4. Our WR depth is trash. Gabe = hurt Crowder = ***** McKenzie = too tiny
  5. 1 target for diggs he caught. Time to force feed him.
  6. It's James Cook time. We need to throw and he's best reciever. Let's go.
  7. That was a lousy pass too though. Let's be honest. Wet out that needs to be on the body.
  8. Are we trying to set up deep shots later in the game like Miami did because this is weird playcalling.
  9. First off...yesterday was this years jags game. You walk away wondering how the hell we lost but in the end we will be just fine. Now back to the topic. The QB sweep was one of the most effective plays last year...and typically didn't result in Josh taking hits as he had some blockers and a head of steam. If we are going to run him I'd prefer we see more of thar and less of the read option. Thoughts. This a dorsey thing?
  10. Well here is a better question. What happens if we don't miss a beat today?
  11. So here is my gameplan for d today. 2 high as much as possible and keep things in front of them. If we Blitz. Bring LBs or corners. Edmunds needs to keep enough depth to get his hands on some crosses. Take the ball and score first to put pressure on Tua.
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