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  1. I mean what benefit does that have. If anything it gets the team emotional in the wrong way. They came out like they had no energy... Hamlin leading charge. Sure. Pumps the crowd. Hamlin in locker room served no purpose but to remind everyone of what can happen out there. Bad move imo
  2. Me too. We needed this for people to realize that what Chris simms has been saying for 2 years is right. The supporting cast around Josh isn't good enough. Now let's make some changes and get back at it.
  3. I can honestly say I've never been so mad in my life at the Bills. We get a first down at the 40. We have 3 time outs and just under a minute left i think. 2 goals an offense should have there. Score points and don't leave much time for burrow. We failed at both. How do you not call a run on first or second down there. With 3 timeouts. A QB draw or sweep likely gets us some yards and makes it manageable if not into field goal range. Instead. 3 incompletions and a punt. This changed the game. We score points there we are only 1 score back and getting the ball in second half. How can dorsey not run there. Angry!!!
  4. Yup. That's exactly my point. Need to get younger and fast.
  5. Repeating same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Time for change.
  6. We on same page. I swear I'm only happy bills fan tonight because changes will happen. Those who do not learn from the past.........
  7. BTW. I don't care if anyone is willing to admit it. Josh regressed this year. A lot. He wasn't a QB this year. He was a good athlete making plays. That's on dorsey. Omg yes. We are only team in league with like 14 special teasers on roster. Ha
  8. I can get behind this if we also lose dorsey.
  9. But our big moves in offseason were out. Von and can't say enough that crowder was a big part of the plan. This. Oline. Wr. And get younger and faster on D.
  10. BTW. McDermott has had his hands tied. He can now hire who he wants. Couldn't fire Frazier when he's producing top 3 Ds and dorsey was forced on him. Now. Hire a real OC and a new DC and he can right the ship
  11. First off. It's not a real rebuild...but I mean do we need major changes. Josh will get us in playoffs by himself so nothing is a real rebuild. I think it's a "rebuild " 1. Poyer goes 2. Do not extend Oliver. Let him earn it. 3. Cut or trade brown. He is terrible. 4. Franchise Edmunds. 5. Fire dorsey promote Brady. 6. Fire Frasier. 7. Let Singletary walk 8. Trade tre? This one I'm not sold on but in a different D I'd like to see benford and Elam. 9. Draft oline 10. Draft wr 11. Draft safety 12. Trade diggs? Again. This one is debatable but I think everything needs to be on table. 13. Re sign bease if he wants to come back. 14. Cut McKenzie. Seems like a rebuild. While making playoffs.
  12. Time to blow ***** up. 1. Let Singletary go 2. Fire both coordinators 3. Don't resign poyer 4. Draft OL and WR 5. Sign cheap RB 6. Debate trading Tre This team isn't close.
  13. Blow up entire D including trading Tre if you have to. Love him but he's terrible since he came back. Poyer old. Oliver disappeared again in big game. Time to start over on D.
  14. Dorsey experiment is over.
  15. Never mind d. We had a chance to be down 1 score and dorsey doesn't run the ball there. Josh 1 designed run.
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