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  1. He and poyer need to sit or put poyer at LB.
  2. Slightly better but Dodson amd poyer need to sit.
  3. They are good. And coming off their best game. But so are the Bills and what happened coming off our best game vs miami. We slept walked vs jags. Dont be surprised if we jump out quick on them.
  4. Not sure if he will enter draft this year or not but if he does he would be a day 2 or 3 pick I'd guess. His traits would make him a good back up in this system. Great instinctive runner. Solid passer. If we wanted to groom a young guy he could be a solid backup in NFL
  5. This is actually genius! He's not in Campbell's good books but he's the speed dude we need. I will say this. And will bring this back up. While Elam hasn't been good here there were a couple games at the end of last year including Miami game where he looked every bit like a CB2. He will be a pro bowler in his career. Just not with us.
  6. Yaya. Who the ***** cares about the grammar police. I can use AI if not on a ***** football forum. Move on.
  7. Spot on. He is kelce...but younger. Moved like him. Hands may be better. It's a matter if he is as smart as kelce which is what separates him now. His hands are silk. So good. Moves in and out of breaks like kelce. Just needs to learn the nuances of the game and how to find spots in zone and he will dominate.
  8. Diggs was right. Get josh the plays early. Let him check out of bad ones and we are a different team.
  9. Bump https://www.si.com/nfl/bills/news/buffalo-bills-trade-rumor-adam-thielen-new-josh-allen-target
  10. Doesn't have to he up tempo entire game. It needs more urgency. They have said that in past interviews too. Get the play on quick and make the moves from there. Don't over think.
  11. He went on about hurry up and what that does. But it's the detail he goes into that's telling. He said hurry up allows josh to see what's there and adjust. Recognize and change. Eluding to we are operating too slow. Or play is getting in too slow. We have been working down to single digits way more than in Josh's career on play clock. This gives the defense time to adjust to personnel but not us to adjust at the line. May explain josh missing easy reads. Could dorsey be in his ear until 15 seconds like mcvay? Listen to interview. This is what it sounds like diggs was getting at. He needs more time at the line and less in huddle.
  12. Not saying its a long term thing but since he started throwing picks he's not going through his progressions the same and as a result he's missing people. Watch the cheifs game last year before he started throwing picks. He was so decisive and fast that game. Same with NE game. Even until halftime at against green Bay. Then he threw a pick. Then another and all of a sudden he was off. He needs a sports psychologist. No one said get rid of him. He's got a bit of a mental block. Doesn't mean he can't fix. Doesn't mean we need rid of him. But he CAN be the problem and the solution too. No one said get rid of him. He's got a bit of a mental block. Doesn't mean he can't fix. Doesn't mean we need rid of him. But he CAN be the problem and the solution too.
  13. When you look at all 22 he is missing open guys all over and seems to be keying in on one guy in the route the entire time. The turnovers at the end of last year amd jets game were bad. Like he didn't see the defenders. What are chances he's locking in on one guy because he isn't trusting what he's seeing now.
  14. It's decision time. Do you think you have what it takes to win it all this year? Without tre Milano and jones? If you do then you get josh a weapon as Knox and Davis are trash. If you don't. Then we need to get some cap space and picks. Who helps that ? 1. Poyer? 2. Knox? 3. Sad to say but Dawkins? 4. Oliver? 5. Epenesa? 6. Diggs??? Doubtful I know BUT... I'm torn to be honest. I don't think the D has enough to win this year even with josh having another weapon. We sell is my guess.
  15. Should be all about cook and Kincade until they are stopped. Let them double diggs. And let davis do whatever the hell he is doing.
  16. A little dramatic and premature I think.
  17. Bump. Willing to take a hit on these. Let me know if interested.
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