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  1. Gabe Davis Career Catch % 54.5 https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/what-is-gabriel-davis-catch-percentage-career Thanks for your contribution Gabe. We're moving in a different direction. Good luck elsewhere. -Sincerely, Brandon Beane
  2. The WR draft breakdown is in the second half of the interview.
  3. The title of this post is great. Well done.
  4. Already a thread on this. Please merge.
  5. If they stop to do this for every piece of steel they install, this is going to take forever. (Chop, Chop. Time is $ people)
  6. To be fair, Buffalo was among the top teams in the NFL prior to Brady too. 2022: Buffalo Bills players catch rates among the highest in the league https://buffalowdown.com/posts/buffalo-bills-players-catch-rates-highest-league-01hfwshwqnt6 Gabe Davis has the lowest catch % in the league. Though he's hardly the only culprit. (McKenzie used to have a bunch of drops too). Shakir meanwhile had the best catch % in the league this year. Maybe it's on having better receivers. I wonder if Josh throws the ball harder than other QBs & it makes it harder to catch? (No basis to rely on for this, just a question). I agree it's a problem that needs to get fixed, just seems like a bigger problem than Brady.
  7. https://www.nfl.com/news/2024-senior-bowl-day-1-standouts-wrs-ladd-mcconkey-roman-wilson-separating-from-pack
  8. Yep. Don't care. Won't watch this NFL rerun (If a tree falls in the woods & I'm not there, what the F do I care if it makes a sound). I'm on to the draft & 2024 season.
  9. Good! Now let's fill out the position coaches quickly & go get a WR1
  10. And while we're at it, let's get Tom Brady to be our new QB Coach. I'm sure he too has no better options like commentating for a gazillion dollars.
  11. Its when its the same 1 over & over that the 31 others really start to get ill tempered.
  12. Ralph was a part owner of the Lions before starting the Bills... 🤔
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