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  1. Director of QB Development for the whole league? Seems like an odd position for a pro league.
  2. Maybe Tommy Sweeney for a 7th? Just to give him a chance to play somewhere else. OJ Howard hasn't had a great camp but I also doubt he gets cut. Quintin Morris also made a nice catch in pre-season so maybe he'll get a look with the team.
  3. haven't heard much about Sweeney at camp, good to see him making some plays.
  4. Slayton is pretty decent but he drops way too many easy balls, I doubt the Bills have interest.
  5. I haven't heard much about who is handling punt returns in camp, hopefully we get an idea tonight.
  6. Josh Allen and just bought a Sammy Watkins for $20, going to take the nameplate off and replace it with Diggs.
  7. In addition to the forced fumble mentioned earlier, Baylon Spector also had an interception.
  8. Damn Crowder is having an awful camp, I actually thought he might be an upgrade to Beasley but now he's looking like a fringe player.
  9. JC and Duke Johnson working with the receivers.
  10. Well that was quite a scare, looked bad when he was almost fainting on the way out.
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