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  1. Just want to say those all grey Lions jerseys from yesterday have to be the ugliest in the league.
  2. So I’m just supposed to pretend like last year didn’t happen and everything is going to be fine? No. It was such a colossal wasted opportunity where the team was mostly healthy and only had to beat the Bengals and Rams. Did you watch the Super Bowl? That game was a joke.
  3. Last year was the year, everyone healthy except Tre White. And just totally ***** blew it.
  4. gonna need the Browns to drop about 12 more passes today in order to stop them.
  5. Appropriate way to lose, this team didn’t deserve the win.
  6. I'm pretty sick of Gabe Davis right now, he's so unreliable this year. That drop at the end would have been Play of the Year if he hauled it in.
  7. In these parts, if you fumble just one time, you’re a fumbler for life.
  8. I love Hines and he basically cost nothing. I hate that the Bills used a 2nd round pick on James Cook.
  9. James Cook really looking like a wasted pick for this season.
  10. Yeah I was under the impression that Chubb was a bust up until this year, good job by the Broncos to sell high.
  11. Pretty good use of a second round pick by the Vikings. Wish the Bills would trade their second for some immediate help, seeing as they kinda suck at drafting in the second round.
  12. Good for the Eagles, might as well go all in this year considering how bad the NFC is. They also have New Orleans first round pick in 2022 along with their own, they're probably going to be good for awhile assuming Jalen Hurts keeps improving.
  13. Robinson had a few nice runs early in the year but has looked awful otherwise, he looks slow as cold molasses out there. Good on the Jags for selling and letting Etienne take over the backfield.
  14. There was a drunken altercation in a hotel hallway and he kicked a woman's leg, obviously not cool but it really wasn't that bad.
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