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  1. 1) It's football., 2) You can bet on it. It already out-rates NHL and MLB games.
  2. The plan is to move the teams into their home cities eventually, maybe next year. But the whole point of the league is to create tv content, give gamblers something to bet on, and maybe a handful of players get to go to an NFL camp.
  3. I sympathize, but you know what would happen if a performer of that stature offered some budget-priced tickets. Most of them would be resold for 10X. I actually caught a break on McCartney's last tour. He played Fenway Park in Boston. I think a scalper bought a block of mid-price seats but couldn't sell them at a markup. I wasn't even thinking of going. I normally don't go to stadium extravaganzas for the obvious reasons. But a buddy was going so on a lark I went on StubHub the day of the show and saw seats for $65+fees. So I took the wife and we had a lovely time and Paul was great, even though I watched a Jumbotron 90% of the time. So I guess my point is if you don't care enough, you'll find a deal, maybe
  4. All that matters is tv ratings, which has settled in at about a million when on Fox or NBC. You are aware that every game is being played in Birmingham, right? 4 games every weekend. When the local team plays, the Stallions, they get around 15K. I don't see a problem with that. It's a new league owned by TV networks. There's no commissioner. Heck, there are no team owners. If you see something that needs changing, you change it.
  5. If you can pay off a credit reporting agency to get your scores up, why not this?
  6. No. Neither is Johnny Manziel. There are a couple of former NFL players like QBs Paxton Lynch (bust even in the USFL) and Kyle Sloter (pretty good.)
  7. Wrongly convicted people sometimes get released. The wrongly executed don't have that option. I'm curious, what is an acceptable number of innocent people executed to you? 100? 30? 10? Are they the unavoidable collateral damage in the pursuit of blood lust?
  8. I'm disappointed there won't be any free Canalside shows this year. And who knows if they'll ever come back? Free concerts are a Buffalo summer tradition.
  9. You're more likely to run into Bills fan celebrities like William Fichner in the clubs, while they are in total Bills fan/non-celebrity mode. I don't think the clubs offer that much more in luxury. It won't be that cold out for the Steelers game. If you want rain coverage you need to be in row 6 or higher. Bathroom access is a little easier and concessions are a little nicer. But I do most of my eating and drinking pregame. If you're worried about boorish behavior avoid the cheap seats, but you can still see it, even in the clubs, where drunk Canadians coming in on party buses watch.
  10. And for at least 60% of the year the weather is so brutal you can't enjoy being on the waterfront.
  11. Go to a game after the bye. In fact if you wait till late November and December tickets will be practically given away. Last year my buddy had to eat his Jets tickets. Couldn't find a buyer at any price. The is why I can't believe they won't build a dome.
  12. Relevant, and needing to sell expensive PSLs for a new stadium. Am I saying the NFL does little things to help out its owners? I'm not not saying that.
  13. https://sportsnaut.com/usfl-tv-ratings/ After 4 weeks, USFL TV ratings have settled in at just above a million for games on NBC and Fox. Games on cable channels like USA and FS1 are about half that. There are no ratings reported for streaming platform Peacock.
  14. Believe it or not there aren't a lot of hotels nearby. The ones that are are mostly crappy motels. You might as well stay around downtown or the airport. Airport has some nice budget type places. Downtown will be more expensive but nicer and closer to nightlife and restaurants. Use Hotels.com, set the search by highest customer rating, then scroll down until you find the price you like. Keep in mind, local hotels are going to raise prices that weekend, if they haven't already. Better to book asap.
  15. I've never had La Nova directly from the store. But I did get to attend a players post-game for family and friends a few years ago and they had La Nova catered. I wasn't impressed.
  16. Jets might be decent this year. I think you mean the Patriots.
  17. He's probably seeing red over the crypto crash. Hope he didn't go all in.
  18. Was hoping to see the Bears game in Chicago. But if it's around Xmas airfares will be stupid.
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