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  1. Do you have NFL+? That shows live games outside the US.
  2. I bet it'll be on a TV in whatever beach bar you stumble into.
  3. Thanks, Cinci. Now the Bills need to take care of the Ravens Sunday.
  4. Yeah, if anything the goal line is harder.
  5. Because they already got stuffed on 4th down once and they just got stuffed at 3rd and inches. You can bet they wish they got three that last time.
  6. He gave him a shove when he was off balance. He didn't ragdoll him.
  7. Back to the game: I feel like the Bengals keep running the same play.
  8. Will the Dolphins be held accountable for rushing Tua back last week? Will the NFL?
  9. Tua is making plays. But it's a matter of time before an NFL DC solves that game plan. Then will Tua be able to win a different way?
  10. Every place is different I guess. In Boston the Harp can hold hundreds and it's a great place to be.
  11. Still undefeated in preseason and prospects games.
  12. What do you expect to be available now? Hopefully Coach Kromer can coach 'em up.
  13. Utica is where the NY mob sent people to "cool off." The food followed.
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