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  1. I fully understand that the issue is ticketmaster is also out to make a profit for a preseason game when I know there are people who don't want or need the tickets because they have other plans and at this point I was a scene if anybody had any extra tickets that they weren't going to use its just a preseason game if not understandable but I figure I would ask someone so the tickets don't go to waste before I go and buy tickets To the preseason game I just figured there had to be someone out there that was giving tickets away not because I'm needy but because I'm trying to bring my niece and Nephew to the game and it's preseason so it won't be as intense is a regular season game it's just kids day it's all about the kids having fun in a safer environment then a regular season game go bills........#tyandydalton
  2. I would like to take my niece and nephew they have never been to a games They're very excited As am I , I was hoping know somebody out there Wasn't going to the game and was trying to get rid of some tickets for Not personal gain/or gluttonous reasons ,but for paying it forward because they all ready weren't planning on going to the game much appreciated bills mafia #karma
  3. Ill take them i have family coming in thats never been to a game
  4. I still need tickets can anyone help a fellow bills fan
  5. If anyone has free tickets i need 3 jwahler081@live.com is my email please help me my fellow bills fans Jwahler081@live.com you can email them
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