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  1. Josh has already grossed about $42 million more than Lamar the last 2 years. At the time Josh signed Lamar was not missing games like he has the last 2 years. No matter what he signs for, he won't make up for the fact he could have already pocketed a lot more by now with an agent.
  2. I totally agree. On Facebook I've answered numerous memes that are saying he deserves 100% guarantees that since he only played about 70% of the games, the maximum guarantee should not be greater than 70%. Personally, I think he's very talented, but since the best ability is availability, I would hate to be with a team that is going to pay him all the money he'll end up getting. Until proven otherwise, his team cannot count on him playing more than 70% of their games. That's just not good enough for a franchise QB.
  3. He missed 5 games each of the last 2 regular seasons & 1 playoff game. That's 11 total games, not 15. So, he did not miss 15 games. In fact he hasn't missed 15 games in his entire 5 year NFL career.
  4. Even though he got paid the year he sat out, it worked for Watson.
  5. Turned down Ravens offer of 3 years $133 million fully guaranteed.
  6. After seeing what happened with Peterman & Fromm, developing a rookie frightens me.
  7. They also have both lived well into their 90s until Bud passed yesterday.
  8. I've always blamed Donahoe for not taking Roethlisberger, who he wanted. At the time he said he couldn't get someone to trade with to get ahead of Pittsburgh, but I've always said he didn't offer enough. On the other hand, I believe Manning & Rivers were out of reach, because he would have had to trade up to 2 or 3 to spoil the Giants/Chargers trade & that may not have been realistic.
  9. I hope you are a victim of a bad auto spell corrector.
  10. All you need is there to be one QB in the class if you're drafting #1 and you pick the right one. Trading up from 9 to 1 greatly increases your chances of getting a QB in a weak group. At #9 you're settling. At #1 nobody else can get your guy. Pretty smart move by Carolina if it's a bad class with possibly only 1 or 2 viable QBs.
  11. The Bills didn't have a 1st round pick in 2005 when GB drafted Rodgers. They had traded it away the year before to draft JP Losman.
  12. Another QB possibility: https://www.turfshowtimes.com/2023/3/9/23632548/matthew-stafford-trade-rumors-rams-retirement
  13. It is extremely poor management to give up a high pick for a 39 year old QB who is a head case. Throw in Joe Douglas for picking Wilson and after 2 seasons realizing he drafted a bust. If the Jets are convinced they blew it on Wilson, a better option would be to package the picks GB wants with something else and move up in the draft & get another QB. Or they could have signed Carr, Garoppolo or a stopgap for free. The main problem with the draft would be that the same GM who picked Wilson would be drafting his replacement. The 3rd stooge is Joe Douglas
  14. A bird in the hand... If you're drafting a young QB, you are taking a chance at getting a bust, Carr is better than anyone the Saints could get at pick 29 (Philly has their original, higher pick). You can turn a team around in the 4 years Carr is signed for. It's a lot worse hoping to get a better QB than Carr at pick 29 and putting your job & the HC's job on the line with a guy 28 teams passed on.
  15. Did you ask him how he liked the Super Bowl that the Bills gave him tickets to?
  16. It matters because it may have been a huge reason Carr signed with NO. Dennis Allen was Carr's coach when he was a rookie and gave him his 1st starting job as a rookie. For the record, the Raiders fired Allen after 4 games, but he may have left a positive impression on Carr.
  17. When I opened your link, it was from last year. Here's today's link: https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-re-sign-g-ike-boettger-to-one-year-deal
  18. That was when the Empire was in the Arena Football League. The attendance is much lower since they moved to the National Arena League in 2021.
  19. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/How-Albany-Empire-match-up-with-Carolina-Cobras-17364900.php The Albany Empire have averaged 2,171 fans per game this season, down about a thousand from last year’s average of 3,161. Albany Empire 2022 home game attendance Opponent Date Attendance Carolina Cobras April 23 3,211 Jacksonville Sharks May 22 1,051 Carolina Cobras June 4 2,417 Columbus Lions June 26 2,132 Orlando Predators July 16 2,172 San Antonio Gunslingers July 23 1,981 Jacksonville Sharks* July 30 2,235 Table: Alexandra Harris/Times Union Source: Albany Empire
  20. When the original Arena Football League came to Albany, I used to go to Firebirds games. Even had seasons as part of a group in the mid 1990s. I haven't been to an Empire game & have no plans to attend. Back in the old original league some players were either ex NFL players or in some rare cases, like Kurt Warner, future NFL stars. That just doesn't happen anymore in the league the Empire is in. I remember seeing guys like Art Schlichter, and Browning Nagle (with the Destroyers) play.
  21. Don't quit your day job. Those trades aren't reasonable. I wouldn't count on Hamlin being back. Oliver on the 5th year option wouldn't get much in return, Epenesa wouldn't be worth more than a 6th, Morse is worth more to the Bills than a 5th, which is about all his value is. The only place to lock Brown in is on the bench.
  22. https://247sports.com/Article/Buccaneers-hiring-Thad-Lewis-to-QBs-coach-Ex-NFL-QB-former-Duke-football-star-getting-promoted-205135392/
  23. When Dan Campbell talked about biting kneecaps, he had Conrad Dobler on his mind.
  24. XFL starts this week. Why wait for the USFL. https://www.xfl.com/xfl-today/russ-brandon RUSS BRANDON, PRESIDENT, LEAGUE AND FOOTBALL OPERATIONS Russ Brandon is the President of League and Football Operations for the XFL. As President, Russ manages day-to-day operations of the league while directing strategic planning for business and football operations on both the league and team levels. Russ is responsible for overseeing league and team business practices, with a strong focus on commercial initiatives, including partnerships, ticketing, merchandise, media, marketing, digital and gaming. Importantly, Russ leads the development of the football philosophy to bring a dynamic game back for fans as the XFL returns to the field in 20
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