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  1. Maybe he has a cold shoulder from putting ice packs on his 2021 injury.
  2. I was at that game. I got drenched even though I had a rain pancho. I had one of the NFL approved plastic bags and all my stuff still got wet. I still have a rain damaged program from the game. I wanted Josh starting instead of the QB I called "Nathan Marangi" to start and when Josh came in I went nuts because I finally had something to cheer about.
  3. Broken leg for Case Cookus. It looks like his shot at the NFL in 2022 is over. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/case-cookus-injury-update-usfl-stars-broken-fibula/f8pddt7ciucyjiebznzrj161
  4. Bill Polian is in the HOF. Look at the Bills drafts from 1986 to 1992. You can nitpick any GM.https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/draft.htm Polian is held in high esteem, yet he was handed Bruce Smith & Jim Kelly. He did not draft those two or fellow HOFer Andre Reed. Now I'm not knocking Polian, I'm just saying every GM has hits & misses & Beane has done more as GM than anyone ever to hold the position.
  5. Rally Bus is good IF the trip fills. Nice bus with wi-fi and good drivers. I went to the Kentucky Derby out of Indianapolis & the Belmont Stakes out of NYC, but I've also had a trip cancelled. If the bus needs double digit riders before confirmation, I wouldn't book the trip.
  6. There's one big problem with Rally Bus: They don't guarantee the trip will take place until they reach a minimum of riders for the trip. If you click on the link, you'll see they are still 25 riders away before the trip is a go. I've used Rally Bus twice to horse racing triple crown events & got a trip cancelled another time because the trip didn't fill. The one that got cancelled was Super Bowl 50 from Concord California to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. I don't know what percentage of these proposed rides get cancelled, but if they couldn't fill a bus to the Super Bowl, good luck filling a Bills @ Delphins regular season game. I would not count on a Rally Bus until the trip was confirmed.
  7. I'm 68 & bought lower bowl seats for the opener last season. Never again! I may not make it to a Bills home game this year (I'm going to 2 road games), but if I do it's either clubs or 1st row of either the 2nd level endzone or upper deck.
  8. If they void the contract, they get nothing for all the draft choices they sent to Houston. The NFL isn't going to make Houston give the picks back because Cleveland made the trade knowing all the allegations and based on how they structured the contract, both the Browns & Watson expected some kind of suspension. Cleveland is stuck with him. Some day he'll play for them. The amazing thing is if they were to waive Watson after the suspension is announced, some other dumb team would claim him for the future-remember Cleveland won a bidding war among multiple teams for the rights to trade for and sign Watson to that contract.
  9. New ownership didn't come until almost 3 decades after Smith & Kelly arrived. The ownership & lease were no factors in the 1980s. Your reply has nothing to do with the thread's topic.
  10. More like he feels that coming off an injury plagued 2021 season, he is confident enough in himself to command a better contract than if he signed before this season. He's betting on himself to have a great season. He's not leaving Baltimore if he plays like he thinks he will.
  11. Since they both came more than a decade before the end of the original stadium lease, they did not save the Bills.
  12. Maybe one or even all 4 don't care about the money and just want him exposed as the predator he appears to be. In that case they won't settle no matter what the offer is.
  13. If you want a good laugh, go back to the archives & go from approximately pages 320-280, before (320) & after (280) the draft. Lots of fans convinced they knew a lot more than the Bills management team. Best ones were the ones saying they were going away until Allen gets cut & Beane & McDermott are fired.
  14. Absolutely Vick comes back just like 2009. Do you remember all the anti-Vick protests? When the Bills played the Eagles in 2011, Vick's 3rd season back, there were still protestors across the street near the Mobil station at the corner of Abbott & Southwestern.
  15. Well, he was from New Jersey, born there, died there.
  16. Mike Vick came back from prison after being out 2 years. Watson is a lot better than Vick. I see no reason to believe Watson will be out of the league in 3 years.
  17. We never did see Jimmy Spagnola & Tony Siragusa in the same room. I wonder if this means no more JS posts?
  18. mook n. Italian-American short form of malook, motherfxxxxx 1. a person of little social standing, one not worthy of respect. 2. an affectionate term for a regular guy, one who is unpretentious. 3. an incompetent person. We don't pay mooks. I think that anyone who thinks the Giants are trading Barkley, so they can put more pressure on Daniel Jones is a mook, and I don't mean a regular guy. At least we didn't get another S. Barkley to Buffalo thread.
  19. Baker wanted to be the #1 pick & play for Cleveland. He would have never have said no to Cleveland. The player who there were rumors that he didn't want to be in Cleveland was Josh Rosen & we all know how well he did in Arizona, Miami, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Atlanta & now in his backyard.
  20. I think it's more the other way around: If the Panthers are trading for Mayfield, then they will demand that Cleveland takes Darnold, who is going to make the same as Mayfield on the 5th year option. That way there's no need for Cleveland to be paying part of Mayfield's salary like if Mayfield is traded elsewhere.
  21. That's mentioned in this Athletic article: https://theathletic.com/news/baker-mayfield-trade-panthers-browns/8j1Jy8uFbsSp/?source=dailyemail&campaign=601983 Carolina's current quarterback depth chart features the No. 3 pick in the 2018 draft, Sam Darnold, rookie third-round pick Matt Corral and P.J. Walker. The Panthers could try to get Cleveland to take Darnold in the deal. Like Mayfield, Darnold is set to make a guaranteed $18.8 million after the Panthers picked up his fifth-year option.
  22. Boettger will start the season on PUP & the team will decide based on the play of others whether to activate him in season, IR him, or injury settle him.
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