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  1. That’s just crazy. I honestly wonder if the NFL is involved at all. The Bills started selling single game tix to season ticket holders at market value, not face value. Seems like a joint effort to establish a higher ticket value What happened when you contacted SH? I feel like this should be a bigger deal
  2. I’m an idiot. So, are you saying that people (2nd party) are seeing your tix available on one site, then listing them for $200 more on another site. Then, if someone buys them (3rd party), that person (2nd party) will just buy yours for a flipped profit?
  3. Sorry, I just pictured her in sweats and a hoodie, then spaced out. What did you say?
  4. ***** Irvin and all the cocaine he does
  5. From what I've seen of the next job, it feels like so much less exposure. Isn't exposure the goal? I don't know these things. I just hope the replacement isn't terrible
  6. A couple of things as I watched this, and I'm sure I'm wrong... 1 - Anyone get the vibe that maybe Kyle and her don't really get along? 2 - Unless the money to Amazon was crazy, I don't understand how you leave what is arguably one of the best NFL shows on. Shouldn't the goal be to join this show? I can't say I understand, unless it's just wanting to do something new 6 years later.
  7. Ravens were great last year until Lamar was out, and that was with them missing a ton of starters. Yes, Lamar lost Brown, but that defense and playing in Baltimore is not an easy task. I’m not worried about the other two
  8. My friend got Ravens season tix last year and I helped her get them, so she owe's me. That and the Rams are my targeted away games as of now
  9. Not if he wants that twenty bucks
  10. Yes, but he will be facing behind me….
  11. I’m hoping to go to this game. I’d love any travel suggestions So, you’re saying there’s a chance
  12. Agreed, but I'm in the boat where I only want to see 2 preseason games and a scrimmage at most. I don't want them hurting themselves in meaningless games, and I also understand why the coordinators don't want to show off gameplans in those games. I think there's a fair compromise in there, but nothing we will probably see
  13. I would like to see non-conference games the first two weeks, then 3 divisional. Let a team get their bearings. Then end the season with 3 division games. With them being as important as they are (well, watered down with a 7 team playoff), I don't think those should be scheduled lightly
  14. Just a personal preference. Granted, it didn't help the Pats this past year, but I believe the last 3 games should almost always be divisional games Interesting that all of them minus the Titans are the road games
  15. I really don't like a late MNF in Cincy. We could end up playing them again within the following 3 weeks.
  16. I get the idea, but wouldn't want us to lose seeding because we played the Packers but another team got to play the Texans
  17. In taking the survey, I am incredibly concerned with the direction they are looking into. I know that there hasn't been anything official and pics included are either renderings or of other stadiums. Also, I know the PSL prices aren't established yet. However, if the two things I see in this survey end up being true, I couldn't justify going to games in person much anymore, season ticket holder or not. I admit to being a bit of a snob at games where I like to sit between the 30's in the bottom section, roughly 15-30 rows back. 1 - The PSL's for those seats were all over 9k a piece. That's insane for Buffalo 2 - They are breaking that area into at least 3 different sections with a focus on wider seating, more leg room, and private entrances with upgraded private food options. This was how it was in Jacksonville and I absolutely hated it. I'd say you lose 25% of potential seats to the spacing out of these amenities, and most of the prime seats don't exist as they are replaced by private entrances and standing room. I hope I'm wrong, I really do. Everything in that survey said to me that the Pegulas and the NFL have no idea what Buffalo is all about
  18. A friend of mine recently bought PSL's for Ravens season tickets and paid about 3k each, with the seats being in the lower deck on the 30 yard line. That's a team in a major metropolitan area with two Super Bowls. If these PSL's are anywhere north of 5k each, I think they are insane and completely out of touch with the market. Add in the fact that we don't know where those 12k less seats are going to be sacrificed, and this could not be a great experience for legacy season ticket holders between the 30's
  19. Why? Someone got 3 straight prime time games last year to start the season. Please don’t make me look it up. Honestly, we start a little flat so I like the idea of a NFC west coast game to start the season. Let the Bills see another team receive their Super Bowl rings
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