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  1. You gonna stay up all night Wednesday too, huh? I can dig it.
  2. https://theathletic.com/3540232/2022/08/26/ravens-cornerback-kevon-seymour-nfl-journey?source=user-shared-article Behind paywall but a good read on what he's had to overcome to still be fighting for a job on the Ravens some 6 years after he was drafted.
  3. Yah, compared to last week when he played with second stringers against the Colts first team.
  4. I don't think you fully appreciate the effect Bates had on the offense once he came in. The Bills were hoping to go cheap but if they lose him, we're definitely going to have to consider drafting a starter in the first couple rounds. That's not nothing.
  5. I'm ok with getting Hughes back. He'll cost less than half of Jones. His pressure percentage was 11th best in the league. If the new-look middle forces the pocket to collapse, he'll get more sacks. Hughes for 5mil > Jones @ 15mil. Plus we know he's good in the locker room.
  6. Callahan's the guy we should target. Supremely talented (I think had the best coverage grades of any CB last year) but gets nicked up.
  7. I'm also waiting for Sydney Jones to be signed as our CB2.
  8. As much as I like the idea of Hunter and Gronk, I'd be perfectly happy if we somehow got Jones and Engram. Jones is solid as a rock as a pass rusher (his availability compared to Hunter along with not giving up draft choices is key) and I think the Bills can get him for 30m over 2 years. Engram (I think 14m over 2 years would get him) could play the slot role that Beasely did -maybe not quite as prolific, but with more speed and physicality. I also didn't realize that Engram played with Knox in college so there's a level of familiarity there.
  9. Listening to Joe Marino's podcast, he was going through a bunch of first round players with off-the-charts traits that might fit into the BIlls' idealized picks. He then talked about a 3rd-4th round player he's been watching for a while. Troy Andersen from Montana State. 6'4", 235. He won Freshman of the year in the Big Sky conference primarily as a running back. He played quarterback his sophomore season and was again! first team all-conference. He then realized that if he was going to make it as a pro he'd need to switch positions. He became a linebacker and again was first team all-conference. And this past year (with just a year under his belt at a new position) he became the National FCS defensive player of the year! While he's still learning the position, he may be the perfect guy to groom on special teams for a year. Expected to run sub-4.6 forty. Smart. Great fundamental skills with regard to tackling and pass rush potential. Very raw as might be expected. And as a 3rd-ish round prospect, it might be the perfect place to pick someone who would take over for Edmunds in a year. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/troy-andersen-montana-state-lb-nfl-draft-scouting-report-2022/ I'd like to use this thread for non-first-round Bills fits.
  10. I'm no fan of Murray but most of his regression occurred after his top receiver went down. Even with that, I let him play out his contact or sit out.
  11. This discussion is completely moot. You'd need to give up multiple first round picks to hire Payton - he's still under contract. Plus firing McD is a silly idea anyway.
  12. Maybe. I'm just commenting on what multiple scouts at the Senior Bowl were saying. He made most of the tackles look silly with his explosion and moves. Sure, he could bomb at his pro day or the combine or he could completely justify the hype.
  13. No chance after his performance at the senior bowl practices. Just listened to a few different scouts commenting on two different podcasts and they all think he goes in the top half of the first round.
  14. Joe Marino has been talking about this for a couple years on his podcast. The Bills have been one of the worst tackling teams in the NFL during the McD era. He says it's a shock that he continually sees the Bills near the top of missed tackles list because Sean is such a stickler for fundamentals. I think after the defense being together for 4 years plus - at this point - players are who they are. We're not going to be a good tackling team unless we change personnel. advanced defense stats 2021
  15. The interesting thing about our defense with McD is we've consistently been one of the poorest tackling defenses in the league. Is that a function of having speedier LB and smaller DL than most? I doubt we're going to suddenly be good at tackling without some major changes to personnel. We are usually middling in sacks but near the top in pressures. And in general, the Bills have a sound defense that can't be beat deep. I'm not sure we can ask for a whole lot more besides a top flight rusher to actually convert pressures into sacks. And that's easier said than done. As far as the above bolded comment, we are still one of the top 3rd down defenses in football. We don't play passive - we usually go man and ramp up pressure on passing downs. I think there's some recency bias here.
  16. Not sure if you're joking but whoever wants Payton will probably have to give up a couple first rounders to the Saints. They will still have his rights.
  17. On one of the Bills' podcasts, they were mentioning how tight McKenzie is with Daboll and that it was more about McD's lack of faith that led to his lack of usage. I definitely think McKenzie is going to get a decent contract with the Giants, assuming Daboll goes there.
  18. I think it's the move to Bates. He's allowed Morse to play his game better and now there are actual holes for Devin. Still don't know why we waited until injuries forced the move. Maybe so we would peak at the end of the season.
  19. You mean like the Bucs, where we ran with both Allen and Singletary against the top running defense in the second half. Scheme and playcalling with Allen is how a team like Buffalo defeats the better run defenses.
  20. I actually didn't get to watch the game live but all the Cover 1 guys said this was a terrible game by Milano. He was also horrible against the Pats until the last drive. I think all the LBs need to up their game this week for the Bills to win.
  21. Because they're the top pass defense and we have a makeshift offensive line. Just don't make stupid mistakes and get a win.
  22. I saw where we've given up the most pressure in the league. But Josh has only taken 22 sacks. If he was ANYBODY else, the Bills would be ranked near dead last in every protection metric. This is all about the OL and besides Dawkins (at least of late) and Morse (until recently), we're fielding one of the worst lines in the league at the moment.
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