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  1. I also have been a fan since day one of the franchise. A terrific OP and my compliments. I couldn’t say it any better. Well done! BTW.... I graduated from the long defunct LaSalle High School in Niagara Falls in 1971.
  2. OK then. Ravens looking awesome so far this year. Just remember, hubris is a B word.
  3. If the bills win, are you woman enough to come back on this forum and eat some crow? Otherwise, the only fact is that you are a pathetic troll.
  4. My take is 50% analysis and 50% homerism. The Bills of the last 3 games is not the same team as the Bills of the first 6 games. Much better on both sides of the ball. And, the hell with stats, Josh Allen is a force! Love his will to win. Maybe Roberts gets a TD return. 31-24 Bills
  5. Of course he can be stopped. Anyone can be stopped in this game. The better question is: can he be beaten? Of course he can. It will not take long for NFL defenses to catch up with this. I doubt the ravens even make it to the Super Bowl.
  6. I understand that. I would still prefer Pittsburgh to get their sixth lost today. I don’t worry about Cleveland winning out. Also, if Pittsburgh loses next week to Arizona they will be pretty much out of it. I’d rather have the bills visit Pittsburgh in that context.
  7. Agree. Their recent flash was a chimera. But I want them to win today. Pitt is more of a problem for us
  8. It’s close but I think a Pittsburgh loss helps us more. Cleveland is on a roll but I can’t see them winning out. I would rather hang another loss on Pittsburgh than worry about the Browns going 10-6
  9. So sorry to hear about your loss. I’ve been through that more times than I want to think about. Happy Thanksgiving to all on the forum and your families. A Bill’s win would mean so much for a lot of reasons.
  10. SMH myself. Maybe the Pats* can get Herr Trump to keep moving the goalposts!
  11. I’ve watch them both! There is no comparison. You are taking a generic quarterback issue and then making a specific comparison that is way off. A ton of young quarterbacks have this issue. With your criteria, you could just as easily compare him to a young Farvre.
  12. OK. I guess I see it. But I like my take on it better.
  13. I must be missing something. Why is it slightly better for us if the Chiefs win? It seems to me that it’s in our best interest for both the Chiefs and the raiders to pile up losses. So whichever one of them wins the division, the other will be a week wildcard contender and less competition for us.
  14. Bobby Burnett in 1966. AFL ROY then disappeared.
  15. Wow! Just wow! I respect all the opinions and statements but this thread needs its title changed to “for irrational catastrophic thinking bills fans only“ it was a tough loss, it happens. And, would the majority of you rather not be 6-3. I think that’s a fair question
  16. The game concerns me too. So many are saying that Cleveland is due to play a good game. That may be. But so are the bills! I do believe that if the bills play one entire game at a high level they beat the best of game of the Browns
  17. To me, the whole point of a discussion is to air varying viewpoints, negative, positive and anything in between. I also think in this context some good-natured debate and even some good-natured “trash talking“ is OK. This can make it fun sometimes. Maintaining some sense of decency and mutual respect is all that I would ask for.
  18. I agree with this. For weeks now all of the chicken Littles on this board who focus on everything but the bills actually winning games is getting tiresome. However, if they do come out flat against Cleveland I might be nudged in their direction.
  19. Yeah! That’s right. Fret all you want. By the way, the brownies run defense is number 30. The bills defense will rebound. But you go ahead and keep worrying about it. So, what’s your brilliant prediction
  20. The run defense got fixed in the second half of the Washington game. It will stay fixed. Singleterry will be the running star of this game along with the bills defense. They will make Baker beat them. He can’t. 27-14 Bills
  21. I prefer to save my dread and angst about that game starting Thanksgiving week. This is too soon for me. Besides, the Jets beat them for chrissakes!
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