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  1. I’m 6’ 2”, which is relatively tall and my arms are 35”. Then again, my knuckles do drag on the ground.
  2. Beasley’s heir apparent? Perhaps not. Apparently route running not a strength at this time.
  3. After he crosses the goal line he should drop into a fetal position and cover up the ball until the referee comes to get it.
  4. Wow! I mean just wow! One of the most frustrating things in these discussions is when somebody makes a certain point. And if someone else disagrees with it based on the merits of the point that person keeps on saying you don’t get my point. That is a very sloppy and, quite frankly, defensive style of debating something. I’ve read all the posts on this thread. I really don’t care how some rate him. Others don’t have him in their top five edge rushers. When I evaluate a player I prefer as the most important factor is actual production on the field. Absent such production, as in this
  5. Look, I’m not trying to be snarky here. I will say it again. I absolutely get your point. But in the context of an absolute lack of significant production from this player, seeing him maybe beat a good offense of tackle on a single play doesn’t say much. What you don’t seem to understand is I disagree with you that that is a significant take. Why can’t you see that instead of keep saying that I’m not getting your point. I GET IT. I just don’t think it’s a good point. I’m sure Aaron Maybin had some good plays like that too at Penn State. And for an edge rusher I think you overly devalu
  6. I absolutely understood your take on the one play. Just based on what you said, it’s a lazy take. He had one good play. By itself it has no predictive value. I guess that happened on every single time he rushed the passer. Not likely. I agree that quarterback sacks by itself he’s not the only statistic you look at for edge rusher. But it deserves repeating because I think you missed my point, for all of that talent and all of the games he played he didn’t have one. Sorry, that is an area of serious concern. Disagree if you like. But I think that’s pretty clear.
  7. It isn’t common but it does happen. This is particularly the case for seizure disorders that start in childhood or adolescence. His family history of the disorder diminishing and going away over time is a good sign. I’ve actually seen it happen several times working as a psychologist with patients with seizure disorders at the VA medical center and another settings.
  8. Disagree strongly! With all of his off the chart measurables and with all the action he saw he had zero, nil, zilch...not one single sack! This is a serious legit concern. Not lazy in the least. And, on top of that, you saw “a play”? Now that’s a lazy take!
  9. This is an interesting discussion. I just have one question regarding the topic. Who is that one player who will move the needle so far up that would be worth using up most of our draft capital for? Essentially the question becomes who is that one player who will put us in the Super Bowl? I don’t see it. Pitts is clearly special but I don’t think he is that guy. I believe we need a CB but we can wait until pick 30 and get a good one. I may be wrong but I don’t see a defensive player worth trading up for. Staying put or trading down I can see. Thoughts?
  10. Talent actualized takes you to a Super Bowl. Clowney clearly hasn’t done that!
  11. High risk signing for certain. Especially at that amount. Glad we passed. Don’t get the attraction.
  12. Same here. Not to mention the many great times I had after midnight that I can’t remember!
  13. Please read my subsequent post to the one you quoted. With respect, which you said here has no logic. Is measurable’s are quite good and his tape was also very good. If a scout gives him a second round grade they’re not going to knock that down because his brother didn’t pan out even if he had similar measurable‘s. There is simply no predictive value in that kind of illogic. Frankly, I have no clue why you mention Goodwin Or Nassib which is even more irrelevant to the topic. Let me just state again as basically as I can: an NFL scout will not put the kibosh on a player because of what some ot
  14. OK, short and sweet here. It may be basic human nature but it’s not part of what an NFL scout does. It’s not a scout skill set. Any scout with a modicum of competence will not put the kibosh on a prospect because of what some other guy did or didn’t do. Don’t confuse the opinions and leanings of the man on the street with an NFL scout who has a job to do. So I actually do disagree quite strongly with the believe that an NFL team would not draft this person based on how they assess his overall skill level because of what his brother did.
  15. OK, check this scenario out. Scouts go to his pro day and he checks high and every single box. Based on your evaluation he’s got a second round grade. This includes not only his athletic ability but his intelligence and his motivation to continue to improve. And then you think to yourself, wait a minute, his brother was a good athlete and didn’t pan out. So we better not draft him. On the face of it this scenario is ridiculous as far as any scouts coming to that conclusion. Fans, on the other hand, so what?
  16. No, it is irrelevant because their individual players with different skill sets and different mentalities. Here’s one example of many in the history of sports. Tommy Aaron was a decent major league ball player. His brother was Hank. And remember, the bills second round pick is essentially a high third round pick. So I guess we agree to disagree on how good this guy can be. I like him a lot. And, full disclosure here, it’s been many years since I made an effort to be knowledgeable about college players coming out of the draft. But, as a Syracuse fan living in the area, I got to see him quite a
  17. He won’t last until the third round. And anything about his brother is completely irrelevant to this topic. I’d love it if he was there for the Bills in the second.
  18. Sad to say, at least for the foreseeable future this won’t happen. By the way, not to be snarky or anything, but I am a doctor and I have treated patients in my community for 40 years. So like you I understand how the system works. But I’m in Central new York and for all I know hi Mark treats their folks pretty well. And, the name is growing on me.😁
  19. I totally get that. I just disagree with it. This is money better spent on their customers to lower premiums and expand care. That’s my point.
  20. It’s a fine name, I suppose. But I’m not comfortable with the idea of a health insurance company spending a lot of money on something like this.
  21. I think this would be a good move for Cincinnati. There are a lot of good tackles in the draft but there is only one Pitts.
  22. Will some of you kindly stop reminding me of our many past draft blunders. McCargo! Troup! Maybin! Whitner! Ko Simpson!, etc. I was having a nice morning and now I am a little nauseous.
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