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  1. This one is too tough to pick just one. Since I go back to the glory days of the mid 60s I picked the entire awesome defense they had: Sestack, McDole, Dunaway, Day Tracey, Jacobs, Stratton Byrd, Clark, Saimes, Edgerson
  2. I completely agree. Speed rushers are often one trick ponys and don’t play the run well. Besides, he did have 22 sacks the past 2 years against Big Ten competition. Another thing. The position is “edge”. It looks like this guy can really set the edge which is as important as any skill set of the position. It forces plays inside.
  3. Trents’s check down modus operandi is already in evidence. But for his second start he is showing some poise. He even seems to be checking his reads downfield. Makes me wonder if the Cowboys were just focusing on covering deep and they are not showing it. Also, it would be nice if a Bill would break a tackle occasionally. But this team was so bereft of talent and coaching.
  4. Always remember and never forget: arm strength is the only, and I mean only, relevant or significant measurable when you assess how good a quarterback is! Nothing else.....and I mean nothing else.....matters!
  5. Got to like his positives within the context of team needs. It also seems that he’s very coachable and that some of his negatives can be improved on to make him actually quite versatile. Seems like a process guy.
  6. The comparisons to Lawson are off the point. He was an overreach. A decision made by a less than competent regime. This is a potential steal in the second round. Besides, with only one legitimate star in Tre White, the brain trust has already put together a top defense. I trust the process!
  7. Would love for the Bills to get him on day 3....and...he’s from my grad school alma mater!
  8. I am laser focused! I would love to see Dillon on this team. His presence could make the entire offense better. Think about it. He’s in the game and the defense either has to stack the box and open up our receivers or back away and let him run for big chunks.
  9. You know, we have absinthe in our liquor cabinet but we just use it as an additive for cocktails. I’m going to have to drink me a big glass and see what happens.
  10. I agree that good running backs can often be found in later rounds. However I disagree with several posters who say running backs are “a dime a dozen“. Good running backs are not THAT prevalent. I absolutely do believe that we need a complementary running back to Devin who is a weapon and not just a fill in. I think this would make the offense that much better. It’s probably unlikely that they will take a running back in the second round. However, if it is determined that the best player available at that point is a running back I could see them pulling the trigger. I’m not a fan of Yeldon at all.So if they don’t get one in free agency I would be surprised if they don’t take one in the draft and may be earlier than a lot of people think.
  11. If they did take a running back in the second round it would not mean that Singletery becomes a back up.It would mean that they have a two-pronged running attack.
  12. The need is not glaring but it is a need. Also, the need is not for a back up. The need is for a co-running back. I have to admit, I am in AJ Dillon fan. But I also trust the GM to deal with this position adequately.Also, I really think Yeldon was pretty bad last year. I would be fine if he was not on the team in 2020.
  13. The choice to jettison Brady was a smart move. It’s not just about the 2020 season for them. It’s about the entire next phase of their future.
  14. If he’s available when they pick in the second round and if they consider him the best player available I could see them taking him.
  15. No kidding there were some bad games! This was not a very talented team. I think you’re missing the point of the thread with what I consider to be a nitpick. They got into the playoffs that you’re primarily because of great coaching and the defense that played its heart out for the last few games. Remember, the team was led by an absolute loser of a quarterback who couldn’t even lead the team to a fourth quarter touchdown for the last five games of the season when they badly needed it. They also got some luck, obviously, to get in.
  16. My thanks, also. This is my go to for latest updates and information about players especially since I don’t follow all the NFL players/goings on as closely as I used to.
  17. I want to see Yeldon replaced. He was inactive for most of the games for a reason. And, when he did play, it was painfully obvious that he is incapable of even breaking a tackle. The team can do a lot better than him.
  18. Wrong. Taylor couldn’t lead the team to one fourth quarter TD the last 5 games of the season when they needed one badly. They got in by the skin of their teeth and a gutsy defense and some luck. Taylor laid another egg in the playoff game. The D played its ass off. Taylor should have won the game.
  19. They made the playoffs in spite of Taylor, not because of him! He stunk during their playoff run
  20. If the run defense is not significantly better than all of these defensive acquisitions will have been in vain. Run defense was our Achilles’ heel in too many losses last season.
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