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  1. I don’t know where they’ll be going but I like this take on Daboll and Tribusky pairing up somewheres, makes a lot of sense.
  2. Fair compensation. The Rams don’t seem to value their draft picks too highly so I would probably think along those lines first. They also have a highly touted TE prospect in Jacob Harris that imo would cause some interest. I’m sure that there could be some forms of compensation that I’m not thinking of.
  3. The Rams would make a lot of sense due to their unfortunate luck with Akers. The Bills got too many RBs with comparable talent/skill. Time for the Bills to clean up the roster and get ready for a big time RB, if not this year in some kind of trade or acquisition then in next year’s draft. The Rams are pretty generous with their draft picks anyways so why not take it and run (no pun intended)?
  4. I’ve waited 4 pages and 70 responses and unfortunately nobody has even discussed what I originally referred to as the most complete TEAM. Everybody has talked about specific players/positions/roster but nothing has been mentioned about the chemistry and continuity of players and staff, which to me is a big part of being a team. Like I said Tampa is the only other team that is worthy of being in that conversation.
  5. If you look at their roster from top to bottom the Bills are the most complete team in the NFL. The weakest position imo is the TE position but if the Bills do make a move for Ertz this position would be solidified as well. In addition I love the continuity of the core of roster and of the coaches. Barring injuries and regression I would think that more of the national pundits would have the Bills to be the team to beat. I suppose one could make a case for Tampa as well but them being in the NFC should definitely make the Bills the top team in the AFC at the very least.
  6. I wanted the Bills to keep Chris Burkett over Andre Reed and that Frank Reich sucked.
  7. Perfect place to share this. I watched King on PFT with Mike Florio. Here is a graph he posted during the interview on the RBs that were drafted in the 1st round in the last 5 drafts. Player. Overall pick Year Ezekiel Elliott. 4th. 2016 Leonard Fournette. 4th. 2017 Christian McCaffrey. 8th. 2017 Saquon Barkley. 2nd. 2018 Rashaad Penny. 27th. 2018 Sony Michel. 31st 2018 Josh Jacobs. 24th. 2019 Clyde Edwards-Helaire. 32nd. 2020 Outside of McCaffrey and Edwards-Helaire (still too early to tell with him imo), would you use the 30th overall pick on any of the others? Me personally, no, I’d rather that the Bills shore up the DL or the secondary before addressing the RB position. In addition to that I think the acquisition of Breida will address that break away speed that Singletary and Moss lack. Towards the end of the interview one of them, King or Florio, I forget which goes on and states that it’s been a generation since the Bills were in position to be able to choose a luxury pick. While there is some truth to that that doesn’t mean that the Bills shouldn’t use the pick wisely and based on the last 5 drafts the RBs that were picked in the 1st round hasn’t been the best use of a 1st round pick imo.
  8. Thanks for posting this, I love the tidbit insights, makes the draft even more interesting.
  9. Really??? What is it that I’m doing wrong? I brought up a football subject that a national pundit discussed and I thought that it was an interesting take 2.6k+ board members viewed it, 130+ responses to discuss it and I get called out for posting it?? I must have came to the wrong place to talk about Florio’s opinion. What I really don’t get is why you or anyone else would respond to it if it offended you so much.
  10. I do but in the end it was still their choice.
  11. I believe so. I can’t think of any that don’t.
  12. Beane trades off our 1st rd pick (#30) to Denver for Bradley Chubb in a even up trade.
  13. I watched an a video on ProFootballTalk and Mike Florio brought up a very good point. Sports are the only employment that comes to mind where the employee doesn’t get to choose where he gets employed. I never thought or looked at it that way but that’s a very good point. I wonder if sports’ drafts someday get eliminated.
  14. Thank you for posting that, it brought tears. After seeing that I’ve come to realize how little I brought to this world. God bless the staff at St Jude’s, they’re truly Godsends.
  15. I’m saying for him to be our 1st pick, maybe our 3rd rder, it’s a late pick, it’s almost a 4th rder.
  16. He has great play making abilities and having a creative OC like Daboll that could utilize his skills would be interesting to see. https://www.si.com/college/purdue/.amp/football/jim-mora-projects-purdue-boilermakers-wide-receiver-rondale-moore-third-round-nfl-draft-pick-2021
  17. We all know about him and the way he carries himself, always happy, nice to people and very proud and grateful to be a Bill. I am so happy to have a person/player like him on my favorite football team. It can get to the point where someone could take him for granted but his latest endeavor just really hit home to me. My father was a chef, I take food kind of personally. I once went on a Fuccillo cruise and and couldn’t believe how much people just threw away plates of food. It was disgusting and actually ruined the cruise for me to such a point I don’t care to ever go on one again. Now here we got Dawkins not only spearheading a food drive in his home town but actually handing it out personally. What a great guy! May God bless him for being the charitable person that he is, I’m quite sure that his parents are very proud of him and rightfully so. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/18/dion-dawkins-hosts-a-food-giveaway-in-his-hometown/ Oops, sorry CorkScrewHill, didn’t see that you already started a thread on Dawkins. Good for you, the guy deserves the recognition.
  18. I know you asked for a specific position but I could be satisfied if it were any 1 of these 3 positions. 2 of them I don’t believe or expect to come to fruition and that would be my 2nd and 3rd suggestion. 1. a monster pass rusher for obvious reasons. 2. not to beat an old drum but you did say what would a person want and that would be a huge upgrade at MLB. Edmunds is way too passive for my liking amongst a few other reasons for this desire. 3. a big time RB. While I like Singletary and Moss I just don’t think having 2 RBs like them will be that productive. If I were to choose between the 2 I think I would prefer Moss over Singletary. It’s really not a knock on Singletary, he’s an exciting RB but he’s not a big time RB, he’d be a great compliment to one.
  19. Staying at 30 and moving up in the 2nd rd makes a whole lotta sense! That’s a fresh take, I like it!
  20. That is exactly what I was thinking, moving up slightly to get a better player by using some of our later picks. By no means am I suggesting that they should gut this draft or any future ones, I believe that we could use 1 very good player while adding just a few compliment players out of this draft.
  21. How about Alabama’s DT Christian Barmore? I don’t think that Beane would have to trade up drastically to draft him and with the question marks with Harrison Phillips and Star Lotulelei he might be a good fit for this defense’s future.
  22. Instead of just staying where you’re slotted or even trading back to accumulate more pick(s), I would think that a team would be more afforded to take that shot to move up in a draft to be in better position to take a player that is projected to be a difference maker. The window for a team to sustain great success is usually opened for just a few years, especially due to the salary cap. Rosters are turned to some degree from year to year and then the contracts start to mount and catch up to a successful team, forcing them to make bigger changes.
  23. I would love to see the Bills acquire Njoku, he’d be a great addition. Imo he has nothing but upside all while being so young. I feel that he got himself into Cleveland’s dog house (no pun intended) and never got himself out of it. The Bills wouldn’t need him to block at all, he just needs to be the athletic pass catching TE that he is. Of course if the Bills did trade for Njoku then re-signing him to a salary cap friendly contract would be a must. That shouldn’t be an issue, Njoku has wanted to get out of Cleveland for quite some time now. Trade compensation could come in various forms, one being if the Bills were give up a 3rd rd pick (#93) and swap their 5th rd pick (#161) for Njoku and Cleveland’s 4th rd pick (#132). It equates basically to giving up a late 3rd rd pick for Njoku and a mid 6th rd pick.
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