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  1. Lol, gotta have the qb jersey stick out somehow. Everyone else is red this week, so bright green it is!
  2. gobills1212

    Josh Allen's progress

    Human instinct. Run...or die
  3. gobills1212

    Bills need to learn how to close out games

    How do you know the Bills dont do that? In fact, theyve mentioned on multiple occasions they practice many odd situations- just in case it pops up they are prepared and know how to play it. Things like that come with time and experience. Its litterally the difference between winning and losing. If you arent coming from behind, your looking to close it out. Generally, good teams dont let other teams stay in games. They put on the gas and close it out. Easier said than done in todays NFL and the good teams are good at it and thats why they are good. Cleaning up the penalties will certainly help their cause, but again - there are multiple aspects to nailing down the win IMO
  4. How do you root for a team, but not the QB1? Just seems pretty odd as once he was drafted his haters (but Bills fans) realized he is their guy now so lets go for the ride. This much angst for a guy who is the face of your team seems counterproductive
  5. gobills1212

    Give Barkley the start next week?

    Come on man, my grown@$$ grandmother can answer this thread...
  6. gobills1212

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    Its sad that ive lost count of how many times hes thrown for a 1st and its been negated due to penalties. That counts for something, but wont show up in the box score. This offense has been totally Allen. What he achives is as far as they go. At a certain point, he becomes limited to whats around him. But the fact this team has been in position to win the last 4 weeks is impressive - considering. It is what it is dont get me wrong, but its hard to accurately judge the kid on his pocket passing when his line is a siv, so the running game suffers his AND WR dont make him plays. He works with what he has. Hopefully things blossom more when he doesnt have to bolt and will have guys that will help and make plays for him. In the meantime, its just fun to watch the josh allen show and see what happens.
  7. gobills1212

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    I dont disagree, but id hope/imagine he consulted with Housh prior to sending him out there and was given the a ok. Gotta hope ur kicker is honest. That just looled like a poor strike right off the boot
  8. Pure class! Nice article/good read, thanks for the follow up!!
  9. gobills1212

    Allen or Darnold: Who Would You Rather Have?

    I understand your point, but i honestly thought this was the initial post from 2 weeks ago that contained some excellent back and forth and quality points. Part of it wont be understood to those who are new. Some former BBMB posters bring quality and insightful information and conversation. I wont even go as far to say that site closing ruined this one bc thats not fair and doesnt have to be the case. By and large however, the influx of folks changed this board. Simple concepts like scanning for existing topics to continue conversations went out the window. Right or wrong, theres no denying nowadays someone decides to create a topic for something they deem original (when its not) OR think their slightly altered view deserves its own thread bc its important enough and starts one. Now, mind you this isnt a rant i just decided needed to be shared. I was fine engaging in good conversation and throwing some snark at the silly stuff. Someone called me out for being a smarty pants and inquired why - so i shared. It is what it is. It wont be popluar and i get that. Im also not ashamed to be real and explain it. If you still dont get it, look no further than the recent 'can we start Barkley against the Jets' thread for the proof in the pudding.
  10. gobills1212

    Allen or Darnold: Who Would You Rather Have?

    Nah brah, pissing in the punch bowl is watering it down such as this. There was litterally the same poll and thread after the jax game and numerous times before that. Dont be lazy and start a new thread bc you want the attention. Bump the last one.... bc really, on a Bills board , what do you expect?? Spoiler : a couple people who still dislike Allen, and everyone else picking Allen. I personally come here for good conversation, news, and information. This is just watering down intelligent talk. I may be in the minority, but this is silly. Stuff like this is on facebook with someones aunt sally talking about how cute Josh's dimples are or someones sister suzy saying Darnolds better bc hes got a better butt. Then out of leftfield someone says they should trade Benjamin- totally unaware the deadline has passed, that hes no longer on the team, and more stupidly assuming someone would want him with that $$. This was, and sometimes still is, (thanks in large part to mr cornerblitz26 and many other thoughtful contributors) a place to get away from that nonsense. A thread of this ilk for the umpteenth time moves the needle just a bit more towards the aforementioned junk. Its so bad, sometimes i listen to one bills live (like yesterday when some idiot calls and goes on about how barkley should still be playing or nownthey can finally bring back brandon reilly) and the thought pops into my head 'hmmm, i wonder what that guys handle is'. I just shake my head and wonder bc some of these posts are like that now. I dont even mean to be negative about it and of course i cld just go on my merry way...but gee golly its a tough thing to to when you have to wade through 3 nonsense topics to find one that hasnt already been discussed 3x already! Sure its off topic to a degree - but you asked and this is simply a retread anyway. Im sorry you feel insulted, but im insulted my time was wasted by clicking on the topic to find something of interest... only to find this. It is what it is and like it or love it, now you know! Edit* its only fitting the name Nick Foles appears somewhere in this thread, so here it is. Nick Foles. Word
  11. gobills1212

    Week 14: Jets Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    Knockoff site lol
  12. gobills1212

    Allen or Darnold: Who Would You Rather Have?

    How many times do we need this same pole on a bills board? What in the world makes you think its at all interesting? If you are being serious, ive got this paddle with a rubber ball attatched w/a string youd find 'interesting'. Thing will knock ur socks off!