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  1. Youd hope, but this dream senerio certainly didnt seem to get that far..
  2. Its Saturday. Youd think people would have better things to do, no?
  3. Fiwi, people are already complaining we have too many draft picks...
  4. Someone was wrong and the gane didnt translate or the kid couldnt get right. Im not sure there is some scientific formula to give you the answer in which you seek. We've seen enough here over the years - we should know
  5. Awww, gotcha. Wasnt sure if it was one of the ones where they get a local sports writer like manish mehta or omar kelly. Whenever i hear or read those two they make me apprecoate sal and joe all the more. They have actual columns though but man... woof!
  6. Who is Jason B? Some rando fan? Or did you mean Joe B by chance? I think this is all if you want O or D. The bias would make the decision
  7. Nah brah, nothing was missed. Rant was warrented and id do it again and more obnoxiously if you make me do it again. Your point isnt A, complicated B, new discussion (both initial and extended points within the topic C, assumed to a degree that football people who make football decisions understand football drafts and how picks are both valued and utilized. If you didnt have to stick up for your own lazy post, youd have the time to search and find this has already been covered ad nauseam. So, ya... double down and make it even more warrented. On second thought, maybe just start another thread to really teach me a lesson:) It doesnt REALLY make me mad. My time was wasted by the poster being lazy, so i get to dog em. Its only fair. Besides, its easy to ignore here and there but when its a this blatant of a repeat thread itll be noted
  8. Huh, so like the last guy who started a thread on this a week ago..... your message is.... we have too MANY picks?! Jesus we need some new material. At the very least id settle for posters who - if they dint read the board daily - utilized the search function. Then i wouldnt have to female dog as much, and people wouldnt have to female dog me for female dogging too much and the OP wouldnt get bent out of shape when the conversation they sought after doesn't materialize and man... what a wonderful world that would be! TL/DR STOP BEING A LAZY POSTER lol.
  9. The Gentry 'idea' and now this? Its like he just figured out how to start threads and cant help himself and/or needs the practice. Just bc you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD fwiw😂
  10. What in the bleepiddy bleep bleep? Schedule just came out man! New stuff to talk about, and this is what you're at?? C'mon meh!
  11. 94 was fun but i was too young to party. Now maybe im too old, but ill enjoy it none the less. Time for a new Turkey Day thanksgiving memory:)
  12. Love the thanksgiving! I remeber the 94 game... time for a new turkeyday Bills memory
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