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  1. From wiki "Wegmans has incorporated DiBella's style sub shops into their stores, with consultation from the DiBella family, but they are not actual DiBella's restaurants. Top New York food critic Derek Ellis has suggested the Wegman's sub may have even surpassed the original DiBella's sub, though this claim was met with criticism from New York Times food critic Matthew Krush.[citation needed]"
  2. I mean...pats were in on diggs and he ended up here fwiw. Score one for the bills?
  3. Umm... welcome to TBD? You cant help them. Youll just drive youself crazy. Just take solace in the fact they are wrong and stick out like sore thumbs. This is what you get when the team shut their boards down. Now you just kinda have to deal. It is what it is
  4. Sometimes its so bad you just kinda feel bad even bothering to point out why...
  5. I see buffalo fans have improved during the off season.... some of you guys are brutal. Must have gone to catholic boarding schools and have drop dead gorgeous wives eh? Absolute perfection at all times!
  6. I mean... did anyone REALLY have stock piles? Regardless, this prob isnt the time or place so for the 1st time ever on here ill just say agree to disagree. Besides, we have bills football to talk about!
  7. I dunno, im no cuomo fan but was impressed w how he handled this as opposed to 'the top' and now when people get on cuomo for something they dont like I just stopped to wonder if the dude is really as bad as people say or if f-cuomo is more of a catch all. This seems pretty simple. Im as big of a Bills fan as it gets but honestly Im not sure why anyone wld want to mess w this and put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. On the flip side, i can get dangerous and break a law or two w the best of them (much to my wifes dismay) BUT, this just seems pretty justified and self explanatory...imo of course
  8. Im assuming you are just assuming it's cuomo? He isnt the only person in charge in nys fwiw
  9. Foster Packers and we claimed their Touchdown Jesus. It was like a trade of WR6 lol
  10. Funny, its like we swapped Foster for Kumerow. Sure, why not? Lets give it a whirl!
  11. Season starts in 2 weeks and this is whats on your mind?
  12. To think the season starts in 2 weeks and this dude is in fine March form...
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