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  1. Funny. I thought by now an appropriate amount of time would have passed to sober up. Guess not
  2. So I own a white and a blue TB kelly, but was that white one once yours? Like i said it came from CL and was in a wood frame in front of some drums. The othet weird thing about most of the few Kellys out there (like the blue in the hof) is that they all have 2 stripes where the ones used in game just have 1. I originally thought it might have been tailored and modded but no one actly wore 2 stripes and as you can see with pre 91 champions some players chose the 2 stripes and some players like kelly religiously cut the bottom one off so i dunno.
  3. Whats funny is a guy at my work just aquired a complete set of prototypes from a former nfl exec. Most are the same but there are some small differences in the placment of the russell logo on the rams sleeves, and how both the font and the name plate are slightly different fonts but the prototype used screened numbers while the final product utilized vinyl names and numbers. The bears and steelers are far and away the most involved and intricate. Just awesome jerseys and Champion was on another level with their uniforms back then. The steelers still have blanks they list on ebay that go for ju
  4. You are correct.! I should have taken the 2 min to try and remember better! That said, i still feel like it was more lazy design than cheapness but i guess we will never really know. Being sich an unestablished thing there werent really throwback rules yet. Its always fun to look back and see how much things have changed
  5. Thats my pic! I think we spoke about this before. This came from a house next to Rex that had it framed and in front of a drum set. A white and blue just sold last week. The white that sold incorrectly had 2 patches though. A few Simpsons are out there as well. Other than that maybe 6 others are known in the hobby, 2 of which are a blue Daviss. Cool stuff! Again, im not aware of a team that actually changed colors for their helmets so im not sure how much being cheap had to do with it as just changing the stickerz and bumper logos
  6. The design process that went into the 94 jerseys was a league wide mandate that, at its time, was the 1st of its kind. Before then only one offs in different sports like the white sox in 1991 had messed with throwbacks. Seems crazy today, but only a handful of teams even offered the 94 throwbacks for sale at the team store at replica levels and even fewer authentic. The Bills for example offered no retail version of the 94 duds. There were a few extras for players that were auctioned off or available via team channels for employees but nothing for the people. Let that sink in for a sec how for
  7. Keep in mind we still have 5 non 1pm games to wear them. They were made optional this year, but id assume you'll see them under the lights. Worth noting, they did have some reds being clearenced out so i originally wondered this as well, but after looking into it further it was the 100th NFL season neck logo - hence the clearence. Good bet you'll see them over the last 5 weeks.
  8. Ouch.... well, thats a wrap as they say in the bizz!
  9. Someone get this guy a cookie - STAT! Maybe its me, but this is akin to bragging about having common sense...
  10. Division games are always tough. It seems both teams decided this was going to be a knock down drag out old school game of football before the ball was even rolled out there today. What killed me however was the Davis drop. The points and the control hurt - but it makes such a huge difference in having to read some of the garbage takes on here. If davis catches that, its another offensive TD, 4 more points, and the last drive has a totally different feel/goal. It was the difference in putting it out of reach or at least being in control and having to listen to a certian crowd
  11. 1st page wahooo!!! I hope the Bills win tomorrow. This thread may get out of hand otherwise. That said. Maybe a good conspiracy theory will help take the mind off a loss. In the end, id imagine Bills wise itll be much ado about nothing
  12. Uuhhhh... its not often i wish for 3 sec of my life back. Its 3 sec - no biggie right? Then i clicked on this thread. I feel like i should get my 3 sec PLUS 5 bonus sec for having to endure this nonsense
  13. From wiki "Wegmans has incorporated DiBella's style sub shops into their stores, with consultation from the DiBella family, but they are not actual DiBella's restaurants. Top New York food critic Derek Ellis has suggested the Wegman's sub may have even surpassed the original DiBella's sub, though this claim was met with criticism from New York Times food critic Matthew Krush.[citation needed]"
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