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  1. Nah. I mean maybe there are people out there who feel that way but ive actly been impressed w the answers. If someone is upset about a chick announcing in this day and age where each and every network employs chicks then its a much deeper issue than not liking her bc shes a woman
  2. You asked me a question, i answeredπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‰
  3. 4 words. Nails on a chalk board. Its nice if she wants to be a play by play announcer, and more power too her. Fouts and his Maddenisims are one thing, but that just has me rolling my eyes. Beth on the other hand is just hard to listen to. Like literally difficult. You may not agree, and thats fine. Everyone has their opinions. The above is mine and im equally entitled. And fwiw just incase this illicits some female/male job debate - we passed labeling MAN and WOMAN jobs a lone time ago. Be what ya wanna be. As far as she goes, i wish she was narrating braille in braille.
  4. You are both wrong, that Beth M chick that sounds like a dude is the wost!!
  5. Fixed. Someone needs to brush up on their 'The Coasters' music history/lyrics..;)
  6. Color Rush Week!!! I uni fans favorite week!! Normal people, prob not so much lol
  7. Why do people do this to themselves? Its like picking off the scab just so you can put salt on the wound. Points might not be bad, but why?!
  8. Ahhh bye week material. Sadly, only Sept - Dec is considered 'normal' so maybe thats actually the outlier and THIS is the normal... uh oh...
  9. Great example, we may not win last week without a gadget play to jumpstart the drive! I forget who i got into it with last offseason, but they were adamant that Foster would solidify himself as a true #1 this year and the sky was the limit. I HOPED he would, and i suppose anything is still possible... but it was an instance where i actually hoped I was wrong. I (i guess how some people refuse to put faith in allen being 'the guy' to be fair) just didnt see a game breaking true #1 WR as that poster did. We argued for a few pages before he eventually said something to the effect of 'i guess there's a chance he doesn't become that' but man... i wish i cld remember who that was so I could follow up. I guess thats what screen shots are for;) I thought the same thing digging through the various forums earlier today... like, i guess whatever ya gotta say to make yourself feel better - but holy hell, thats one out of touch take
  10. No doubt discussing hand placment on the trombone
  11. I guess, Norwood gets a bad wrap, but he was a hell of a kicker for his time. Pro Bowl in 88 (89) and the Bills dont make it to the 2nd SB w/out his clutch kick. Fans back then gabe him his due, now days people just assume wide right was it.
  12. I was just about to tell you technically the other thread was 2 months old and about something different... but then you locked it...πŸ˜‰
  13. Ummm... did you fill the Kegerator with koolaid!? Love me some Bills, bit 2 seems a weeeee but high no? Unless.... you werent one of Marcell's 2 friends were you?πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž
  14. Shame this wasnt being discussed in another thread. Maybe its just me, but 2 threads about Kay?? THAT would make the bye week imo!!
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