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  1. Lol. It was funny then - but why is this a thing to repost a year later?
  2. Ask the dude who knows more than Chris Brown. Im sure hed be happy to tell ya!! Just a guy people recall fondly from the SB era. Never screwed anything up, and is the poster child for hustle while chasing down Lett. Legend is a bit much, but Topps has a series they call HOMETOWN HEROES that features the guys who were more role players than the superstars - which Bebee has been in and that, Id say, fits him to a T.
  3. So... this is a round about way of saying you should be on the radio? You know more than CB? Sometimes life is about who you know! If it was simply as simple as the above, congrats? Color me impressed!!! Lol Ive seen a lot of misplaced complaints, hate, and jealousy on here - but this might take the cake! SOMETIMES people with extreme intelligence have trouble in other areas such as social skills etc.... hhhmmmmm....
  4. Dig Beez and the all blue. Much better than the EJ blue sleeves on white jersey. All blues get a lot of hate - i personally dont mind it. Itd be interesting to see the red pants tossed in somewhere else. Cool to see the NFL 100 collars too!
  5. Weak sauce... we bicker amongst ourselves and have blind optimism like the best of em!!
  6. Listen Johnny Sr, ya gotta let it go!! Its been 3 years!!!
  7. Its a tricky thing, and a slippery slope. On days im not playing im umpiring and the difference in kids and parents in the last 5 years is shocking. For example, if a pitcher keeps hitting a corner - im going to give it to him. Im impressed when a kid see it for a called strike, shakes his head, learns from it and when he gets the same pitch he goes w/it and drives it to oppo field. Its scary how many kids will B word about the 1st one and then watch the same thing 2x and complain about the entire AB rather than adjusting. On a seperate note, the parents. Younger and younger they get more and more involved in a bad way. The worst are the ones (that the coach has obviously cultivated the atmosphere) when the coach is timid but the parents complain about EVERY pitch, call, play. Im behind the plate but johnnys dad had a better view of if it was outside 175 ft down the right field line.... and then we wonder where the kids get it from. Its just disgusting, and it makes you appreciate it kids who do it the right way. The snotty kid used to be the outlier, now its reverse. Obviously this isnt what the article was about as the Marinavich way has changed a lot through the years and this is a morphing of that - but even parents who dont think they affect they way their kid plays the game hc they arent hands on to that degree should look at it a little differently IMO
  8. So, what you are saying is you decided to read some pretty common knowledge and in turn let us know it made you feel warm and fuzzy? Got it
  9. They change them on each, and sometimes the factory makes a run of errors as well. Sometimes they get shipped out like normal, other times they head straight to marshalls or burlinton. My work bought out all the closeout reeboks in 2010 when they switched to the new style. We ordered them to be screened to stevie and freddie. When they showed up, reebok had accidently made the number outline red rather than blue. What can ya do? I still chuckle when i see those at games or thrift shops. Nike has 'game' replicas that are similar to the cut of baseball jerseys for $100. Then they have the limited/vapor for $150-$175. Lastly, they have the $300 elite which are the same materials as onfield jerseys but are cut different. These either have smaller numbers (from nfl shop) or larger #s with thick outlines for tv that the ones that originate from the Bills themselves that are generally autographed (as explained in my other post earlier in the thread). They also have sublimated low end color rush replicas which are around $85. The 'game' jerseys are trash imo. Id much prefer 1988- 2011 jerseys as far as replicas are concerned. That wont ever change though, or at least as long as nike has the license. Pro Tip #2, if you dislike the aforementioned nike game jerseys, nfl shop has NFL EQPT brand on their web sites that closer resemble how replicas used to be - the actual 'jersey' style that the packers still currently wear. They look sharp, but arent NIKE so if that important to you, your SOL. If not, that might be the best way to go
  10. Then dont start nonsense. You obviously agreed with his post bc you liked it. Man up or dont get involved. Dont 'like' something like a passive agressive creeper and then cry bc you were called out on it. At least have the stones to to stick up for your opinion. I dont agree with yodas take, but at least he steps up and explains himself and doesnt act offended when someone disagrees. He dishes and understands that it means taking it too. But again..common'cents' BTW, how bout them 2019 Buffalo Bills??
  11. And thats the thing, he can SAY he has trade value all he wants. But, as he is now on the roster- we have nothing to lose. Maybe he regains his form, maybe he loses a step but still has value elswhere on the roster for other reason. Only 1 way to find out Thats the thing Doc, and i 100% agree. There is a contingent of this fan base that is 100% convinced he is cooked (most based on last season but apparently at least one based on the type of person he is?). Tossing aside a bonafide weapon from a year prior to last season where no one really had success with out being sure he is toast ESPECIALLY when the only thing that actually matters is a roster spot isnt something i understand. Hes ours, if he returns to form great! If hes a shell of his former self - then he doesnt have to come back but if a roster spot is all thats at stake then might as well give it whirl!
  12. I babbel? Dude, this has tool response written all over it. You and common cents (his handle is almost as poorly chosen as yours) apparently share the same thoughts, which is fine, but you onviously just dont like the guy and have an ax to grind. I have no emotional ties to the dude other than im not the idiot that wants to run the guy out of town for things that arent even football related. Who cares where you live? I dont even care enough to look, as its a moot point for the argument but if you feel the proximity to where you live means something either way then congrats? The interwebs seem to do a pretty good job of keeping the rest of the world informed by being able to read the news for pretty much wherever youd like. You would have saved everyone plenty of time by simply saying ' i think shady is a dirtbag for things that dont relate to the game of football and cant wait until he is off the team'. At least then no one can argue with you because no one can change the way you feel. At the end of the day, the cold hard truth is you dont share the same thought process as the people who are deemed smarter than you at OBD. Apparently rather than dealing w it like a grown man your preference is to come to a message board and slander the guy like some keyboard warrior. Unless he happened to steal your partner/significant other (bc maybe you live in the same area?) Your beef seems petty and displaced. Maybe go root for a Shadyless team like the Raiders. I hear they are all a bunch of chior boys. Good luck w ur crusade dude - youll need it.
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