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  1. I know its tough, but DONT PICK THE SCAB!!!
  2. Just take a min and find something on ebay thats legit and then change the name. DHGate is full of different vendors supplying product for a generic picture. Even the 300 jerseys can be found for a third by hunting a little. Dont forget, these knockoffs of the 94 teams that look so terrible look different because up until 2001 Bills jerseys were screen printed, not sewn. Knockoffs fall apart after a dry clean, and you shouldnt wash your jersey anyway so we wont even discuss how terrible they look after. Knockoffs, while have come a long way, still stick out like sore thumbs because their numbers are poofy, letters are way too big and thick, word mark is a weird font, and the material just looks incorrect. And thats IF you manage to get the right shade of blue, one that doesnt have black instead of navy blue, non patriots number font, and the name spelled correctly. The gist is, you get what you pay for. If you want to wear something to the game thats almost the right colors and spill mustard on it - then i guess you at least have an argument. Some people just dont care, and thats the best argument for knockoffs imo. People complain about the $100 nike game jersey cut. If you go to NFL.com you can get what they call a ProLine jersey thats identical to the old reebok jersey cut and it can be customized as well. This jersey is cheaper than the nike and looks better than knockoffs. Granted, i care way more than most BUT i dont want to walk around wearing something most people can tell I paid 40 bucks for that looks CLOSE to how it should.
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