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  1. gobills1212

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    I was going to ask if you were new... but seeing you actually are takes away both the humor and satisfaction Id still do that in that time and place.
  2. gobills1212

    Kipers predictions for last year Round 1

    I gotta agree. When you take a guys 2nd mock and so much is still yet to happen??? Jets were still 6 here!!
  3. gobills1212

    why a vet at the backup QB position is so important

    OP has a valid point, as everyone has come to learn as they saw this 1st hand. However, this dead horse carcus is getting so hammered we might need to bring in a new one!
  4. gobills1212

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    Well ya, but in a way thats like saying id buy a winning lotto ticket if i knew the winning numbers. Easier said than done is all
  5. Not to mention one is a rising star in the nfl, while the other is toiling away in the CFL.... Seems like a bit of a reach- simply for the sake of conversation- to a question no one asked.... but thats just me
  6. gobills1212

    Beane should put a claim in for Vallejo LB

    freudian slip as i went to school with a matt. Someone cant be right 100% of the time and when they arent, they should get called on it. Just as you did. That said An arrogant what? If your going to call someone out maybe you should at least get what you want to say right. I didnt pussyfoot, neither should you! And if you took that as arrogant then your arro-dar is off. That was simply being real and providing a truthful explination. If peoples feelings were getting hurt and it needed to be spelled out - there it is. It wasnt intended to offend, but yet inform. Like it or not, its the nature of the interwebs
  7. gobills1212

    The future of the AFC is KC, Cleveland... and Buffalo!

    Nice read. I honestly hope it becomes more than just fan fiction but who knows. Hey, a guy can dream!
  8. gobills1212

    Beane should put a claim in for Vallejo LB

    Simple - accountability. To a degree its about knowing your audience as well. It might sound silly, but this was the primo place to discuss Bills stuff for a decade. People who already didnt know (beginners per se) would google buffalo bills message board and would litterally get the BBMB and have at it. TWDSW was a little more advanced perhaps. Im sure this reeks of ignorance, but the convo really was a bit more advanced or next level. There were no threads about how Josh Allen looks in shorts or silly threads about bad hires due to Carolina connections. If there was, it was snuffed out real quick. If you didnt have to ignore stupid threads before and now you do, some could find it annoying. Some say something mean, some poke fun, and some simply ignore. Some simply move on, some dont. In the grand scheme of things are you really that much better complaining about the people who complain? Policing the police as it were? Prob not. Not to mention, its also how people learn. All you have here is your handle. If you wanna gunk it up by publicly posting stupid things you are entitled to - but people remember that and next time you post something you will also be remembered as the person who thought Matt Vallejo was the answer. Rough, maybe... but if we are being honest in general this isnt the best beginner board out there. It may even be a small reason why newbie posting rules were just put into play. It is what it is man...it is what it is
  9. gobills1212

    My Hypothetical Julio Jones Trade....Yes or No?

    Flawed on multiple levels
  10. gobills1212

    Beane should put a claim in for Vallejo LB

    To think, people on facebook are being robbed the chance to discuss this bc it was posted here instead...
  11. gobills1212

    Non-call affected Super Bowl too

    The amount of times games can ACTUALLY come down to one play is pretty seldom. Its a slippery slope and i dont think its even necessary in this instance. IMO, this game was won with coaching. Brady may be responsible for the majority but this one is BBs.
  12. gobills1212

    Jarod Goff is a Buffalonian...

  13. gobills1212

    We deserve to see a terrible Brady

    What we didn't deserve however, was this this thread
  14. gobills1212

    Dolphins expected to cut Tannehill

    I suppose anything is a possibility but he just always seemed really enamoured with being a starter. Some guys are and some aren't. It could very well be the difference in playing for a winner and playing for a loser. Thats the trade off with these guys and seemingly why guys who dont necessarily deserve second starting gigs get them.
  15. gobills1212

    Dolphins expected to cut Tannehill

    Poor TT. That was my 1st thgt as well. Kind of a one eye man is king in the land of the blind type situation BUT if the name of the game is to start ya take it where you can get it. Hed full well know the deal by taking that on.