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  1. The Print media, TV media, Social media, Fans from every team in the NFL...many Bills fans, etc.. How can anyone forget the massive tidal wave of pressure to cut ties with Araiza. He was tried in public opinion court and found guilty instantly.
  2. This thread is funny. The punt god will not be the reason the Chiefs win another Super Bowl or be the reason why Buffalo fails to win a Super Bowl. When the Bills were pretty much forced to move on from him...there is no going back. If he was to get a 2nd chance, it had to be somewhere else.
  3. Bills were in a no win situation, they had to release him. The media mob and fans were out in force at that time. As for Araiza’s comeback. The Bills care about optics. The Chiefs care about winning.
  4. Any chance we can grab a super versatile RB in the mid rounds? this dude’s comp is McCaffrey. Not saying he will be that but not a bad comp. He had no problem killing it vs Power-5 players in the Senior Bowl practices o
  5. Don't the Chiefs already have one of the best punters? I could be wrong. I thought the guy they have is good. Maybe we can sign him if Araiza beats him out.
  6. My personal cell phone is AT&T and there is no service. My work iPhone is on Verizon and has service as normal.
  7. I like Gabe but I'm OK if he leaves and gets paid or overpaid somewhere else. I think it will be proven out that having Allen as his QB, really maximized some of his big downfield plays over the past few years.
  8. To give Allen the same grade as Minshew and Browning is absurdity. He’s simply held to a different standard than Lamar and everyone else. And the turnovers for Josh are magnified times 10. If Lamar had 10 more rushing TDs added to his 2023 stats media would be gushing.
  9. Josh was ruled out early on with the 6-6 record and his INTs. You hit it when you said 12 games, that when they narrowed it down to Lamar vs the field and ignored everything Josh did the rest of the way. And then the Ravens killed the 49ers and embarrassed Miami to get the #1 seed. The criteria is set. The MVP is going to be the QB on the #1 seeded team with the best record. That's it. And Lamar's team beat Purdy's team head to head to make it even easier in the voters minds. In my personal opinion,,,if not Allen (the most TD's and great stats leading us to the #2 seed), then I would've given it to CMC or Tyreek. Both were hugely important and made their respective teams what they were.
  10. While your point is taken, don't leave Kelce out of the receivers mix. He had a great playoffs. The All world Coach, QB and TE has been critical to dynasties. Belichek-Brady-Gronk Reid- Mahomes-Kelce McDermott-Allen-Kincaid/Knox? where's our dynasty
  11. I heard somewhere that over the past 4 years Josh has something like 73 more TD's than Lamar, which is an outrageous number even if Lamar didn't play a whole bunch of games. Being available is also very important, which Josh is. Can you imagine if Lamar and Josh's numbers were reversed in that timeframe? Lamar would have 4 MVP's by now.
  12. These crazy Josh stats just reinforce my feelings on one thing that i harp on. Lamar is a fruadulent MVP who was carried by his defense and special teams. He won the MVP based on taking fewer chances and fewer mistakes since they were often ahead or set up with great field position (in large part thanks to the D).
  13. Mahomes takes the layups. He takes the easy throw when it's there. Only one pass greater than 20 yards in the Super Bowl. He limits mistakes. Couple that with a defense that keeps them in the game when the offense is struggling, that is a SB team. Obviously Mahomes can be great when he needs to be late in games. Josh has been good to very good in his playoff career. Just need a defense to compliment him...when the O goes into a dry spell for a few series.
  14. Gun violence is more of an inner city violence thing. Yes, there are shootings everywhere but I live near DC and the gun usage and deaths in certain areas is off the chain...and it spills over. They track down some of these violent lunatics who do crimes in the suburbs and many come up from DC to rob, car jack and kill. I blame the people doing these acts and the glorified culture of violence more than the actual guns.
  15. Unfortunately Mahomes/Reid rewrote the legacy’s of Allen/McDermott.
  16. I think it could be Burrow’s year this upcoming season. Assuming he’s healthy, they still have a really good team.
  17. Josh recently beat Brady and Rodgers in golf for the first time. He loved it. The sign for his NFL exit ramp is just a few short years ahead.
  18. Both are idiots and should be called out for their behavior. To continue stuff after the game and getting other family involved is absurd
  19. No they think the two time MVP is going to slay the Chiefs and win it all. Because Lamar is amazing ya know.
  20. - Disagree - Agree - I'd like to climb that mountain and make a determination.
  21. On FS1, Keyshawn and Richard Sherman are baffled that the Bills have the #4 Super Bowl odds for next season. They can't believe it and are both laughing. Skip thinks if the D is healthy the Bills are still a threat.
  22. I remember watching a YouTube video of the Bills being interviewed in the lockerroom directly after SB25. The WKBW reporter was talking to Norwood. He was talking about the missed kick and the mechanics that went through his head. This was probably within 30 mins of the game ending. I just think, wow you miss a kick that big it has to weigh on your mind for every future big kick. That's what worries me about Bass. That miss vs KC cut him deep. Will he overthink future kick? Will he improve or decline as his career goes on. Must be nice to have a kicker like Butker who never seems to miss a big kick.
  23. Trade Josh for Brock Purdy + assets and start over lol. Maybe he can win one for his home area.
  24. Like the Chiefs, the Bills need to hit on some defensive guys and McDermott not be afraid to start them on day 1. KC just won a SB with young draft picks and an efficient but certainly NOT great offense. We have the QB, give him some talent to work with... but in the end the QB can get you there but defense wins championships.
  25. I’ve thought that since the mid-90’s. Don’t want to be in it unless we have the team to win the thing. I don’t think the Bills would’ve beaten Baltimore anyway. We didn’t have the D the Chiefs had. I have relatives from Baltimore and they agreed the Bass missed FG and Bills loss ultimately cost the Ravens a SB appearance.
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