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  1. The rushing totals for Philly tonight are insane. Some good QB runs and Oline opening holes
  2. They said on all the preseason shows that the AFC West might be the strongest division ever in the NFL. It isn’t, but the AFC East might actually be! that’s pretty crazy. As explained on TV, any portion of the leg above the ankle touching in bounds in the end zone = two feet.
  3. Just be happy the Bills pulled a close one out on Thursday. That was a huge W
  4. The AFC West was billed as the best division ever…. and reality is that could be the AFC East.
  5. God***mit Tennessee. Stupid penalty. Cincinnati wins and ruins my bet too.
  6. I have a decent amount on them too. Thought Tenn was a solid pick today.
  7. Without Mixon too. their D is very solid. This would be an impressive win if they get it.
  8. It’s hilarious. but i am convinced on this board that Jets/Miami have endless offensive talent. meanwhile the Bills have 1 Qb, 1 RB, 1 WR, and basically any starter that’s injured the depth player is abysmal.
  9. People bring up those 13 seconds for a reason. We all knew we had the best team last year except for a screwball ending. I feel like this season we’re playing w house money. People kinda jumping off the Bills and onto KC, Miami, etc. That’s fine. Assuming Buffalo gets in, they will be one of the teams no one wants to play.
  10. Fyi- for the uniform crowd…i saw a video online of Patriots practice today and it looked like they were wearing white helmets with the old Patriots logo, the guy hiking the football.
  11. Is this the same Browns team that rung up about 400 yards on the Bills? sheesh
  12. I hear you. and i think SF will beat them. But people just assuming Miami won’t move the ball or McDaniels will call the exact same plays that Shanahan knows, is kind of reaching.
  13. KC moved the ball on SF like a hot knife through butter. Hopefully the 49ers study up.
  14. Thanks for nothing Shudak. Probably will cost me my Tenn bet.
  15. What’s up with that Jaguars mascot in the end zone wearing a speedo?!? now that’s funny.
  16. Brissett to Amari Cooper looked like Montana to Rice last week against Buffalo …and they aren’t doing much today at all.
  17. The Bills were the team last year that ended the Mike White experiment. So we can handle him.
  18. and against Miami the spotter inexplicably said Bridgewater could not play anymore so They got to play against a 3rd string QB.
  19. The Jets drafted some good young offensive players. dang it.
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