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  1. Not one national sports show (that I've heard) has mentioned anything about JJ Watt being interested in...or being a fit in Buffalo. It's the offseason and Buffalo appears to be irrelevant nationally.
  2. It's funny, a friend of mine from Tampa said even late in the season and vs. Saints and GB, the fans weren't all that into it. The city and sports talk were not abuzz. He said it's much more of a Tampa Bay Lightning town. and when they were going for the Cup the entire city had Lightning flags on cars and that's all anyone wanted to talk about. Bucs not so much. But good for them. It amazes me how we're dying up here for a Sabres playoff game let alone a Super Bowl victory. I just can't imagine how great it must feel to win Both the same year.
  3. Talented QB's like Russ are seeing the way stars like Brady and Lebron are orchestrating player signings and want to get in on some of that star power clout action. They want a voice too. It doesn't work like that in the NFL but players are gonna try. Brady is an exception. He's earned the right. And he's also taken team friendly wages too. Doesn't hurt that his spouse is worth like $300million at least.... a little bit easier to take less if it helps build a winning team.
  4. Sad really. Lost opportunity. The guy was really hurt and our defense couldn't exploit it at all. Looking back on it just a horrible job by the D and coaches there.
  5. From a 30,000 foot view, I would expect Buffalo to field a more stout defense in 2021 and a better running attack. I think the Bills will be less explosive on offense but will be better suited to win an AFC Championship and hopefully a SB.
  6. This game reaffirmed one thing to me (in over 50 years of watching football)... that a solid defense and good coaching schemes can take away or minimize the biggest offensive threats. The Bucs neutralized Mahomes, Kelce and Hill. That was the plan, and they executed it.
  7. No chance. would’ve been our 5th SB loss and in embarrassing fashion. So glad we didn’t have to suffer through it. I want to make it back when the Bills have a complete team and ready to win it. There are some obvious areas they were lacking in this years playoffs
  8. I know Mahomes was hobbled, but he looked terrible under pressure tonight. Just awful. In my eyes he has lost that magic quality that i thought he had.
  9. I felt that way going in. Really wanted the KC fans to go to bed tonight depressed and angry. This is more than i could ask for. KC was dominated. i don’t care about Brady in the NFC. he’s fine there. a legend. as long as he isn’t in the AFC East anymore it’s all good.
  10. The KC receivers were wide open vs Buffalo. Mahomes had all day. it’s just the complete opposite tonight. He has no time and the receivers are blanketed. We had zero running game. our oline sucked run blocking. I feel like we are so far away from winning the Bowl.
  11. we would’ve been out physicaled by Tampa. glad it’s KC getting whipped in the Super Bowl. Tampa are the team of destiny for sure
  12. i’m sure it was. but the awful Bills gameplan and execution didn’t exploit it
  13. from twitter “referee Carl Cheffers. He worked two KC games this season and assessed 10-plus penalties against the Chiefs in both. KC had only four double-digit penalty games all season.”
  14. Clearly after AFC CG, the league told the refs to enforce KC holdings
  15. in slo mo that did not look like a PI. Evans felt contact, knew it was overthrown, and he went to his knees
  16. Saw player rankings earlier in the week that KC had the 3 best players in this game (Mahomes, Hill, Kelce). But Tampa had the next 10. Not surprising that Bucs are playing well as they have the deeper club.
  17. if that was McDermott the fans would roast him for not going for it. but the FG is the right move
  18. The Kelce drop was enormous. you never see him do that in a big game
  19. it’s good for the rest of the AFC if TB can provide the blueprint. Still early though and Reid/Bienemy should be able to scheme stuff open.
  20. Not sure he was at his very best. His toe was worse than it is today and he was coming off concussion. Bills D coaches were outmatched and the players didn’t play to win. they reacted instead of dictating
  21. Mahomes too. He had some crazy Big12 stats to his name but there were all sorts of naysayers after he was drafted. Like Allen, he’s turned out Better in the NFL than he was in college.
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