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  1. Yeah the mayor did this whole proclamation thing yesterday on Twitter. silly. Said something about a paternity test being in order to prove Burrow is Mahomes’ daddy.
  2. Crazy that the Bengals and 49ers won a combined 22 games straight until today.
  3. Perfect result. Perfect. Now if Philly can crush the Chiefs soul in the SB i’d take that.
  4. Will the Cincinnati luck cause Butker to miss a long kick that he would nail vs anyone else?
  5. Chiefs fans will be in a massive depression if they lose and that will be pretty cool. or Bengals fans will be crushed. either way a win: Go Eagles in a couple weeks.
  6. If the Bengals win on this drive, starting that deep, they can truly call it Burrowhead.
  7. i’d be freaking out. Nice to be relaxed at least watching other teams.
  8. Man, starting to feel like Cincy gonna kick the late FG or something
  9. Chiefs Planet is melting down like a nuclear reactor. lol. “ Burrow is the new Brady with all that luck”, etc. so funny
  10. I know everyone is enamored with these catches, by Chase and Higgins earlier, but these throws are outstanding. Perfect locations.…
  11. Hopefully Hurts and Mahomes will be closer to healthy. Both are nowhere near 100% today. but maybe Mahomes won’t be there after this fumble!
  12. With all their injuries it feels like KC will have to hang on. But Mahomes is playing sick.
  13. I mean the ball placement by Burrow. just so darn good. so often.
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