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  1. The coaching simply has to be better, especially in the playoffs. If the game plan is failing, be flexible and fix it on the fly like other good teams do. I don't know if they're wasting Allen's talent, but his prime years are happening NOW and are definitely being wasted. He should've been in a Super Bowl by now. Yes, 13 seconds was the year. We had the best team, and coaching strategy blew it. As great as Allen is, he needs to button up his game a bit too. No reason he should lead all QB's in turnovers. That's crushing. Jalen Hurts has less experience, throws the ball downfield a bunch, uses his legs...and his turnover rate is way less than Allen's. Josh has to better understand risk/reward type stuff.
  2. This club wasn't good enough to play the season as the Super Bowl favorites. They're better doing the hunting rather than being hunted. As we get into Fall 2023, the Bills may be slotted high in the power rankings but realistically they will be in the Tier of AFC teams behind the Chiefs and Bengals. I think Buffalo will be in the mix with the Ravens, Chargers and Jags. Maybe without the super high expectations they will overperform in the playoffs.
  3. Sheesh, i heard about this on the national news this morning. Is there another small city in the U.S. that gets more publicity for weird/bad sh*t than Buffalo?!? It’s bad enough the region has to name all the devastating sports losses over the years.
  4. Actually, if i had to pick a flag football team, Huntley might be my first choice. He can run around and zing it to open guys. Definitely better than in the tackle game.
  5. Rooting for the Eagles but i think the final will be: Chiefs 31 Philly 27
  6. I’m pretty sure when those Bills uniforms trot out on the field for game #1 i will be All In even if Frazier is still the DC. If they make the playoffs, that will be the big test. Will Leslie have learned anything, can he adjust.
  7. Watched the last 30 mins of the “re-imagined” Pro Bowl. It looked pretty good. When the guys wore full pads and pretended to play tackle football the last few years it was a silly joke of a game. At least with flag football the guys were actually trying, they were competing and didn’t want to look foolish. The game ended on a Buffalo Bills defensive player penalty. how appropriate, lol.
  8. All valid points. And let's be real...this man is gifted at sports. If he wants to get really good at golf, and hang out on the celebrity circuit someday and Pro Am's, etc.. I'm sure he will with no regrets. Obviously, for him, hanging out with NFL'ers for a weekend of backyard sports competitions holds no allure for him.
  9. Oh dang, He has a swing and some serious power. I wonder if he will get tired of this football thing after a few years of getting beaten up and try his hand at golf full time. He seems to love it.
  10. For the money this clown costs the Bengals ($10M?) his production isn’t worth it. Except the playoff game vs Buffalo of course, his production was very solid in Orchard Park in that soft a$$ defensive game.
  11. I don't really have any issue with his journalism and articles...but his personality on Twitter is abrasive. He seems like a thin-skinned prick.
  12. Rooting for the Eagles. I kind of think the Chiefs will win. Both QB's are going to play with injuries so I think it's a wash. Mahomes is better than Hurts. I think KC is going to play a better game than the embarrassment vs Tampa a couple years ago and they will right that wrong.
  13. I've always liked Singletary more than most. He has good vision to find the seam and he doesn't get arm tackled very often. My friends who are non-Bills fans ask me why he doesn't get more carries? Anyway, hope he gets paid if not here then somewhere.
  14. Exhausted and out of gas? Gimme a break. More like unprepared and dominated. We are in the process of totally blowing our Super Bowl window. Meanwhile the Chiefs, a team we have beaten in their house for 2 straight regular season games are going to their 3rd SB in 5 years. THAT is taking advantage of the window.
  15. I get not playing flag football, but was wondering if Allen would show up, hang out a bit with the other NFL players and fans. Guess not.
  16. People are searching for reasons why a 13-3 club, with home field advantage in their weather, with the offense intact...got blown out. I think Cincinnati had a great plan and played with a chip on their shoulder that the game should never have been in Orchard Park. They were revved up and dialed in... the Bills went through the motions, blinked and once it was 14-0 early kind of panicked. The other night we saw the Chiefs, QB with a really bad ankle...lost their top CB like three plays in, lost 3 WR's during the game...and still gutted out the win. Their D made plays and the O made enough to win. KC>Cin>Buf
  17. McDermott is safe for one more season anyway,, but he should up his game on those post game lockerroom speeches. They are getting pretty stale. This year the expectations were the highest of anyone, and they grossly underperformed at the end. Next season the expectations will be moderate. And he better overperform big time.
  18. Coaching was certainly a factor in our game, but I thought, overall, KC dominated Cincinnati in the trenches on both sides of the ball. It was the exact opposite in the Bills game when the Bengals dominated the trenches. We gotta get better and more physical there.
  19. I get the Saffold thing and I too raised an eyebrow about the Pro Bowl invite...but what i don't get is why so many Bills fans have to run to every social media platform to comment on this news and blast our own guy as if he's the bottom of the trash bin. That's just not cool, but whatever.
  20. No doubt the offense failed, but you can’t go down 14-0 with zero resistance, before the snow even started to accumulate on my head. You just can’t, not at home in a huge playoff game. Can’t happen.
  21. When the pre-season hype starts in April (draft), the Bills may be lumped in there with the Ravens, Chargers, Jags, and maybe Mia/Jets depending on their QB situations. Those teams are probably going to be thought of as playoff worthy,, but on Tier 2 to start the season. I think the Chiefs and Bengals are on Tier 1 by themselves. I lost some trust in "the process" after this Cincinnati spanking. McBeane got knocked down a bit. I'm sure most NFL observers have lost some trust in the Bills as true SB contenders. So this will be an interesting off season to see how they respond.
  22. It was great watching those cocky a-holes get shown the door. See ya. Now i wouldn’t mind seeing Philly send KC home without a prize.
  23. Nah, the Cincinnati mayor did a total douchey thing yesterday. Very dumb and gave KC more bulletin board material on top of the Burrowhead nonsense.
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