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  1. Im not saying rigged but fairly astounding that a patchwork Oline never gets called for holding. They must be technically incredible.
  2. Regardless of who is injured, you just can’t let the opponent play pitch and catch all day. The passes have to be contested. The QB had to be made uncomfortable. and the Bills did neither last week.
  3. Wasn’t 13-3 the score at halftime of last years AFC title game? or was it 16-6? i think the Bengals shut them out in the 2nd half.
  4. I hate em, but as I get older i can appreciate how hard it is to get to this game, and what 5 years in a row? and 2 for Cinci?
  5. Bengals just don’t make those game blowing mistakes. Sure a sack allowed here and there… but rarely turnovers and they play tough RZ defense.
  6. Mahomes on one ankle is a better thrower of the football over the middle than Allen. You can see that in just one Qtr and over his career. As i’ve said before, Allen is the better all around football player, but Mahomes is a better QB.
  7. You just know when Cin gets to the red zone it’s not going to be FGs. They will get to the end zone. So far the KC defense has been great but the O has left some meat on the bone (as Mcdermott has said before).
  8. Hurts’ shoulder is injured worse than anyone knows. you can see him wincing just walking
  9. If Chiefs get zero or only a FG on this drive they will prob regret it. Dumb play by Kelce.
  10. Cinci already has 2 penalties today. That was their “perfect game” last week. today is obviously not already.
  11. Still early but the Burrowhead nonsense doesn’t seem to be helping Cinci. The Chiefs D is dialed in.
  12. Wow, KC Dline came to play. Burrow doesn’t have time to sip a cup of coffee back there. amazing
  13. How was that ruled incomplete on the field? no way they could see that in real time. it’s close even in super slo mo. Refs should have called it complete
  14. We’ve seen Mahomes, Burrow and now Hurts in the SB. Makes me nauseous how the Bills played like such pansies last week. I lost so much trust and goodwill that was built up by McDermott and co.
  15. Philly is just going to NOT give this game away. Conservative.
  16. As the home playoff team in a critical game, this is what you do. The Eagles showed up. You make life a living hell for the opposing QB.
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