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  1. ONLY thing, I wanna know. When #17 fires you balls, will you catch them all?
  2. Dunno. #1 Super Model on the planet OR Some FloReeda Beach Trailer Trash ? Tough call.
  3. BRAVO! Simply one of the Top 5 greatest one liners EVER- on this forum! So perfect, unless you were born 2 years ago. Everyone else gets it.
  4. Is this under the NO ***** ***** CATEGORY? 🙄 Gonna be the least of the Fish Fry worries! They announced DURING the Bills game that he was out to a head injury! Then, they changed that around after Dr. Nick (he no longer with the NFL… but will be called for any litigation) said his holding his head was a Back injury!😂🤪
  5. For sure, there was a hold on the left side on the 4th. Down INT! I believe that was in the first pic. Seen the play many times- obvious out in the middle of the field play.
  6. Cook is not helping himself! Aside from one rip for 33 yards, he has contributed nada! Perhaps, it’s unfair to have the spotlight on you for rare chances. But this is a Championship team! It cannot afford spot fumbles and drops! Perhaps, the answer is to design RECEIVING plays for him.
  7. The run game is concerning because after Singletary we have nothing. The OL, especially the interior line, does not get any push and that is a real liability especially in short yardage situations. THIS is the key factor in making that argument. Moss is dead weight, Cook is awol and Singletary is best on the receiving end- by far. This is a problem if the Bills don’t want #17 to throw 50x per game! And Allen, if it’s not going well- the norm, takes it open himself to be the Bills best runner and todo that to win the game. He cannot prevent the terrible drops yesterday and v.s. the Fish! Gabe Davis… we’re looking at you. Definitely- NOT 100%. Since they should destroy the Squealers at home next Sunday night, I would leave sure hands Shakir in there and give him more mend time for the Chiefs!
  8. The Walrus wasn’t at all happy about that clang!😂
  9. Obviously, I didn’t take the Cheats. This is a 2 loss leg Elim. I was one down going in today and won both. Everybody else lost but two- both of whom have the Pack. One would be eliminated and there’s an auto payout of $2400/2. Btw, a tie is a W in this pool.
  10. As I said last week, a Catch involves catching, having control, coming down with both feet/ toes… GOOD ENOUGH! The fact that you put 2 more steps down in the End Zone is good enough! The fact that you then hit the ground and lose it, should not matter, at all Just like a RB!
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