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  1. The American Election summed up in an ad 3 days ago… “If you feel that a “choice” between Biden or Trump is like a “choice” between the gas chamber or the electric chair…”
  2. I set the Over/Under for Rodgers games at 6. Forget that he’s a self absorbed #######. Can a 40 year old football player, who needs to move on every snap, come back from an Achilles injury? ’I don’t think so, Tim!’
  3. As it should! Because the Bills never have an even, upward trajectory. They can FUBAR a trip to an AFC in… 13 seconds!
  4. Forums…especially Sports Forums have fans (fanatics). Most fanatics are fans because… they have strong opinions about sports and/or the team. e.g. I tend to believe OBD couldn't find their arse with both hands-for most of the Millennium. Since the Allen era,bit has been very mixed with very few slam dunk Draft picks. To be charitable, I’m usually disappointed on Draft Day. In particular, this penchant to select RBs throughout the reign of error,but even this year… is wrong, wrong and wrong. They are a dime a dozen. Could care less whether anyone else agrees with me. When they go to Canton… let me know. Like that…
  5. Correct. I watched them in my 20s. The year you mentioned, they had a 60-8-12 Regular Season with 387 GF & 171 GA. The first time, a team had scored more than twice as many as they gave up! They won the Stanley Cup 4-0, 4-2, 4-0! Their 1950s team was the NHL’s greatest. 5 consecutive years, featuring numerous HOFers from 1955- 1960.
  6. I have 3 goals for Bills’ WRs: 1) Catch balls; 2) Catch balls deep; 3) Catch contested balls. NO projects! NO learning curves! Get on the field and do it.. consistently! Who does it? Could care less. JUST DO IT! The meter is running.
  7. Meeting Ralph C at the All American Sports Bar post game, where he simply joined the fans to watch the 4p.m. games! got his autograph, natch.
  8. It wouldn’t be a LOSER Bills Draft Day, until they wasted a pick on a dime a dozen ***** RB! comgrats Beanie Boy! Welcome back.
  9. Critical WR Requirements: 1) Catch the freaking ball; 2) Gain separation and catch the freaking ball; 3) Have the size and ability to catch the freaking contested ball. 4) See 1-3.
  10. ALL OF THE ABOVE! This was a rube move made by a Rookie GM. Gap Diggs? okay? But don’t give him away for a few used GOAT deflated balls, cost your team a fortune, get nada in return and most importantly- do it BEFORE the Draft, rather than disguising it during! Thereby getting the entire NFL to laugh at you when you come calling to move down for Odunze! And you better be getting an Odunze type after this situational FUBAR!
  11. At this juncture? D. we shall see if it improves or whether #17 is looking for a Trade!
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