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  1. Correcto! The Bills have simply avoided drafting that huge beast TE with hands prototype this entire millennium . The likes of Kelce or Kittle that you’ll see on Sunday! The Type who catches for 7 & bulls for 9 more or has a huge wingspan and an extra 18 inches of height coming down in the corner of the End Zone with an Allen Jump Ball.
  2. I’m on Tee Higgins, Bills First Round choice.😂👍🍻🏈 (But bet LSU -4)
  3. I disagree. Thought it was a brilliant touch. It was a no lose, with 9 seconds to go. In the 1% chance that Brady was going to need to drive anywhere from 80-90 yards for the TD, they would line up for the 2 Pointer, like the Convert, which are no longer automatic. Make their 2 Pointer and that 1% is zero. 9 seconds was the key. Just like punting with 25 seconds with the League’s best Punter was also! You are correct about falling down, however. Players overcome logic, given the easy circumstances. That’s why Vrabel went for 2.
  4. Whaaaaaat? There are times you question the 4th & 4 Stupid decisions from the opponents 40 or less, with time left and you are behind. Multiple variables, but imho- it is almost always correct to go for it! This was not the case with the Bills. They were up by 2 scores and clearly have an eedgit Punter, who punts into the End Zone, gaining you 20 or less yards! Vrabel on the other hand, has a league leading Punter, who proved his worth there... yet again. AND Vrabel thought through that there were going to be less than 20 seconds and ZERO TOs left for the Cheatriots to drive... say 60+ yards!
  5. Gawd, how I loved that! 👍🍻🍾 Especially, the Little Fuehrer ranting and raving on the sideline as many, many precious seconds bled away from his old as dirt, about to be retired, QB! Hey... live by the sword and people WATCH or the very good HCs sure as shite do- to use against YOU in the future. Never saw that before. There must have been that change of rules thingee to allow it, prior to the 5 minute mark! Romo was right on it. (Here is what I sent to my buddies on Thursday about this matchup... pretty close... “Titans- to Win. They’re not very good, but Tannahill (7-4) has resurrected them since I watched the Bills take them down in Chattanooga in early October. They have a star RB and, at least one decent Receiver.The Cheatriots? Not good at all... in free fall, when Fitzy shredded that supposedly decent D with 27 points, in a game that counted, big time. They have that little cheating weasel Edelman & nothing else. Gronk or Moss or any other yuuuge target that Brady needs, won’t be suiting up on Saturday. And Brady has finally reached his BBD. I even wonder whether the on the pad, Foxboro Refs, will finally decide it’s time to screw them with the missed or added calls, they’ve got throughout the millennium. Time to put a stake through them!” Helped clear away my tears of rage, from the first game.👍
  6. For THIS game... #1 Dumball, with his bizarre play calling, especially as time collapsed in the First Half Further down... #2 The conservative Mr. Hyde-MCClapper for the above, including yet another ‘4th. & 1/stupid’ Punting decision from the Texans 37 and the inexplicable No Blitz on 3rd. & 18 in OT. Further down... # 3 Josh Allen, for the same witless sacks of the Season, at the worst time. # 4 WRs who can’t catch critical passes that they have in their hands, nor have the ability to time a Jump Ball. # 5 The eedgit Punter, who completely lacks any ability to pin the opposition inside the 10... hell, inside the 20! # 6 Terrible, untimely Penalties.
  7. NONE- of course! But delighted that the closing game ousted the Evil Empire! 👍🍻😜
  8. Gawd! Yet another stinger from the past, that goes into the Bills Hall of Infamy... forever!
  9. Thanks for what, exactly? Beating some Division 3 stiffs in their weakest sked in a generation? (THAT gets remedied next year against the toughest- NFC-W!) Shatting the bed up 16-0 and adding another horrible Chapter to that 'Billsy way' tag? Wondering whether your HC, certainly your eedgit OC & your uneven young QB are good enough to lead them anywhere?
  10. Obviously, they did not! But, they sure as hell, had enough to beat that average team! And then the horribly conservative side of Dumball & McClapper came out of the closet to ***** defeat Away! That idiocy at the end of the First Half was the start, then the 4th & stupid Punting affliction from EVERY prior idiot HC this Millennium reared its ugly head, followed by other baffling calls! They played their cards to protect a 16-0 lead, instead of what Champion teams do- press for 32-0 and it bit them like Chumps.
  11. Totally agree! The bar is soooo low here. Making the Playoffs twice in a generation, isn't a goal; it's a disgrace! And whiffing in both Playoff games, including this one, where you were leading 16- Donut w 5 minutes to go in Q3, isn't something to applaud! Raise your standards, indeed!
  12. Tis. I watched the Bills beat them Earlier at Whacky Wings, Chattanooga!
  13. I’d like to go to the Knoxville Airport, to swig some Champagne and congratulate them for knocking off the Cheatriots! Ding *****, the Brady Bunch is dead! And how about trading for this Kern dude? 👍😝🍻🍾🏈
  14. Have fun!🙄 Give McD & Dumball your Participation Trophy for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, when up 16-0 late in Q3!
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