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  1. 4th. & 2 , down 14, with 7 minutes to go and these pathetic clowns Punt? 😂😜 paging Dick Moron!
  2. Somebody knows what they’re doin! (Have done the same many times over the years!) 👍😊 Bills are 9/1 to Win the Division today. Cheatriots EVEN $. Bills Conference? 19/1 SB? 34/1
  3. The ONLY time to argue this nonsense, is post success! This millennium has been virtually nothing but stumbling, bumbling, fumbling failure- from top to franchise bottom! You don’t get respect, until you do! Why Bills fans concern themselves about this nonsense, is beyond me. Focus: Keep Winning! Make the Playoffs! Win a SINGLE Playoff game- this millennium! 🙄 THEN and only then, can you complain.
  4. Parking Note to OP: For over a generation, I’ve parked on Sheldon Road, near Abbott. I use the lots in front of the two Condos, but there are many alternates. It is a max 10 minute walk to the Stadium along the main drag- Abbott Road (which for security reasons you can’t drive all the way through, anyway.) You are surrounded by Bills’ tailgaters and Booze is close by at the corner, if you didn’t get it and Coffee at the Tim Horton’s 20 yards away- post game! Also, waaaaaay easier to get in and out. Oh yeah... ALWAYS dress for Cold from October on- no matter what the Temp says. This is an outdoor stadium, with cold wind. 😝
  5. No shite! Time to stop the trend to showing Bills Fans to the universe, as brain dead, drunken, Cleeti!
  6. I’m on Punters. At least FG kickers have to kick a ball between uprights, from normally 40+ yards and have to account for wind, snow, etc. A Punter can stand on varied spots on the field, where he is likely to be kicking from. Why TH can’t he hone in on small 5 yard zones near the sideline Goalline and not through the freaking End Zone most times? 👎🏻😡 Go to the Stadium in off hours and kick them by the hundreds until it’s the same motion, every time.
  7. Absolutely! They have beaten a grab bag of NFL stiffs, thus far and failed (not miserably- but failed) in their only significant test! Don’t get me wrong. Prior Bills teams would not have beaten these teams they should. They need much greater improvement on Offense to compete with the elite. The games against the Cheatriots, Philly, perhaps @ Dallas are the remaining mile markers! They should make the Playoffs. Let’s see if & how they improve weekly.
  8. Played like a dropsey Clown- far, far from a reliable #1 or 2! Acted like a Clown off the field! Begone!
  9. The Clapper! 😂 looking to be gassed early!
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