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  1. I agree. Beasley made HIMSELF the issue. Now that the Bills can gain almost a foot in height for the cold, windy, snowy half of the Season at O.P., I am delighted. Get er done and see you, anti vax fool!
  2. Just the precursor. When the Glory Years started rolling in half a decade later, you can guess how many times Marino beat Jimbo in the Playoffs! That’s right- NEVER!
  3. Pegula should talk to Kraft. Always wanted to know how much of the Patriots, the GOAT owns now! Cause he sure wasn’t genuflecting every year for nada. That would be pre Marvin Miller idiocy.
  4. AND... Jays fans can’t cross the border yet, which they sure as you know what... would! The whole thing is absurd- playing on the Road for 2 Seasons.
  5. Well, first...some of us would have to be able to cross the border, to get to the game! 🙄
  6. A complete and total clown, with the intelligence of a gnat! loved what happened to him @ Cinci! NO CHANCE!
  7. GREAT!👍 That’ll cement getting those 6 Division Ws as the floor to 12/13 and the first or second rank in the Conference, playing at home in the Playoffs.
  8. I’d prefer he continue to learn how to kick Converts!
  9. Hmmm... let’s see. NOT considering the quality of the football team, which CITIES would I want to de Drafted or Traded to: * Las Vegas * Nashville * Phoenix * Miami * NYC end. All the other NFL cities have issues (some of the above have a few), going down to Dresden (1945)... errr Detroit... which is just beyond horrific, for every liveability metric! (Before they moved... San Diego... by FAR the best)
  10. FYI, I need to make a correct selection to win a pool. 1st. Prize is $1700. I am definitely taking the Chiefs -3. There is another component, but getting the correct winner ATS assures me of victory. So, have your brother bet $100 on the Chiefs. He will get back $183, because the line is today KC -120. Now, with the other $100, let him have some fun. Bet about 5 x $20 Prop bets. Look those up on the Westgate site in Las Vegas. Obviously, you can’t bet them there, but there are many safe, fine Internet sites to do so. e.g. If you want to bet an MVP- DON’t take Mahomes! H
  11. I agree totally with the OP. I wish, after these beat downs, you could point to ONE deficiency and say- fix that! But, it’s always a 1/2 dozen. In no particular order- a RB who can uhhhh run AND catch a football, a LARGE TE who doesn’t have Stone hands, LBs who can actually provide Pass coverage, much bigger Corners and Safeties against the hulk Receivers, LARGER WRs, an addition on the OL.
  12. Thought the same, going into that weekend! Still, the Clowns and Faker Mayfield had 1.5 Quarters to score 2 TDs against the Mahomes less Chiefs and choked badly!
  13. I’m far, far from disillusioned with Josh. But just like Paddy has the blinding speed, little thug and King Kong, plus others, Allen needs more weapons- LARGE target ones! And not of the Stone Hands variety!
  14. You can point to Stone Hands Dingleberry or McFG to say that the Bills were right there or competitive. THEY WERE NOT! Evidence? From Q2, the Chief Drives: TD TD TD FG TD TD The Swiss Cheese D got blitizkrieged! They were horrifically unprepared and lacked the talent to deal with that little thug and his King Kong sidekick! The better team won easily, handily and exposed numerous Bills’ deficiencies. And McD was badly outcoached and not ‘WTF Lafleur’ moments, but far from being wise decisions!
  15. I don’t want to post much in anger. As far as the Season goes- HIGHLY ENJOYABLE, during this very strange year! Allen & Diggs are stars, 11 is a hard working stud. On the negative side, Running game is invisible, but unless there is a Tyreek Hill available- DO NOT Draft one, early. TE is average. Just average. Will he get better? If not, look for a yuuuge stud like Kelce. Brown is out! Not big enough, brittle, no assistance! Draft a WR. Davis, I’d keep. Let’s see if he can be better in September. OL Drafts needed. Multiple replacements ne
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