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  1. there was a couple plays on that last drive that only JA makes
  2. Allen is so clutch on late game drives, made some incredible plays as usual
  3. 20 to 10 after all that suckitude Bills gotta feel pretty good
  4. Baltimore on their A game Bills better elevate play quickly or this could get ugly
  5. JA already "won" a few one score games but has been derailed by Hail Murray and 13 seconds. I will give you Mcdermott tho has to show he can win one score games
  6. Well you right, I am showing my age lol was thinking more of the 70s, probably romanticizing it a little, didn't seem like guys were trying to take someone's head off every other tackle
  7. when i watched football as a kid, (and i know players were not as fast and strong) tackling seemed much less violent. maybe i am misremembering
  8. i swear twobillsdrive has the some of the most well researched and knowledgeable posters with all things football and other topics, well done sir
  9. so who is gonna be the first announcer/analyst to say he should have not been out there to begin with? you know they all thinking that
  10. Hate to see that injury looked bad, Tua seems like a good kid
  11. I wouldn't play for the Bills all this respect the process crap etc. I be with the Chiefs so I can break vacuum cleaners and keep my b***** in line, and i could ride around with Uzi's in my car
  12. without injuries Bills 35 Fins 17, with injuries Bills 42 Fins 27
  13. he looks a bit hobbled in this video to me
  14. looks like Johnson/ Hamlin time is coming sooner than we thought
  15. hard work in the off season usually pays off, he looked good to me in person Monday night, looked strong and physical and good in pass pro. We sometimes too quick to write a guy off and anoint the shiny new rookie
  16. I don't really get all the Moss hate, so far this season he has been solid and its well known he was dealing with nagging injury last year
  17. ok f*** it i am going on Finheaven and starting a Gene1973 profile and trollin... oh wait nobody got time fo that
  18. I can't hate Gene for that, reminds me of my Grandpa when i was a kid. He would come visit every Sunday and if the Bills not playing well he would sit in the living room and pick on us and enjoy himself, as soon as they started doing better he would be suddenly gone pulling out of the driveway in his old Chrysler. I miss that old codger tho
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