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  1. Watson wants to stay in the south where its warm, you can't wave your wee wee around when its snowin out
  2. Bills got the jack jack jack jack jack jack jack Bills got the jack
  3. yeah wait for the right time so 13 seconds doesn't get put all on his shoulders
  4. I wouldnt be surprised if Frazier retires/steps down and Washington assumes DC duties
  5. sit tight Yolo we almost have a trade worked out, there is a guy on jags board who breaks news .003 seconds faster than you and he is younger and cheaper, we gonna have to throw in Chandler81 tho too
  6. so would have Mckenzie signed this deal if he had known what Christian Kirk and Zay Jones were gonna get the next day?
  7. And i feel Brown is gonna make that leap, at least i hope i really like that kid
  8. The way Beane thinks Saffold day one starter but as year unfolds and a young guy (draft pick) emerges Saffold then quality depth
  9. offensive line signing borrrrrrrrrrrrring give me a high priced big name diva WR signing or i ain't hittin refresh anymore 😁
  10. yeah wasn't this the guy you didn't want them to sign, i thought i read that in another thread
  11. Adams Diggs Davis Mckenzie Knox, Bills 5 wide wow thats scary... a guy can dream lol
  12. F*** it I am unretiring too, hello welcome to Wal-Mart
  13. ok f*** it, i will pay for the damn stadium, but its not going downtown and no dome
  14. All we gotta do to get Gronk is get him that USAA insurance policy, man i hate that commercial
  15. cursed cuz we named after the guy who massacred all the buffalo
  16. Its clearly Bills Mafia's fault, we are a bunch of negative nancy's who don't create enough crowd noise at games, whine because we don't have a dome, do stupid things like jump thru tables, and sit around getting fat eatin chicken wings, beef on weck and friday night fish frys, cmon people lets get our s*** together and maybe one day we can be as great as Chiefs fans😁
  17. and meanwhile Beane is asleep at the wheel.... just kidding just thought i would say it before someone else did
  18. He has done a good job finding talent at most positions, but you right hasn't had much luck with DE and Guard, but i feel we nitpicking a bit the guy did draft Josh Allen
  19. Wait.. he is waving it around again already? Dude just got outta court
  20. If another team signs Jones I'm afraid this board is gonna burst into flames and implode
  21. I agree but maybe not Mack, he was on season ending IR by November so he wouldn't been gettin anybody on the ground and i don't understand this super bowl window is closing crowd, we have Josh Allen for quite a few years, we gotta find up and coming players that are ready to bust out (like Gabe Davis) not often injured high priced vets with declining production.
  22. Go all in but with the right guys/moves (tall order) cuz if u go "all in" and the moves don't work, now you in cap hell AND no Super Bowl and wasting quite a few of Allen's prime years
  23. an aging overpriced DE doesn't make or break your season... what does? having the league's best QB oh wait we got that already
  24. i've heard worse ideas, him and knox on field together would cause big match up issues for defenses
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