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  1. I can't believe anybody signed Clay as everyone knows his history. He can't beat what his body is doing to him. None of us can. We knew it when we signed him and now it's the end of the line I would think.
  2. Opened this thread for the first time in a long time and we're talkin about Sammy Watkins. Sammy Watkins! Why? Because we're Buffalo? Cripes let's move on shall we. Sammy's got nothing to do with us now or in the future. Now maybe the exploits of Percy Harvin or even better Richie is someone we could talk about. 🙄 Onward gents. 2019 now.
  3. You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!
  4. So be it. It's time to take the training wheels off.
  5. They treat you like you're a wilding you think?
  6. Well, I've gone from knowing nothing about this guy to feeling it's a pretty good pick at this point. And perhaps more importantly, I trust the process.
  7. Really? Why? Not being a smart ass I just know absolutely nothing about this guy. He makes the team?
  8. Post *****. I say post w hore
  9. I accept them for what they are. Established NFL receivers and one who is a solid 3rd down move the chains player. Combined with Josh should be able to make something happen at least. You sound like all we got is practice squad players. Am I excited? Your damn right I am. GO BILLS! I think Kyle hangs around for free after hearing this stuff from Ed lol
  10. Uhh you might be trolling now. Beasly? Brown? Not saying they're the greatest but don't tell me they don't have credibility. Thank you.
  11. The slogan is Band Together and I just saw a really cool commercial for it on NFLN no link sorry. If you missed it you'll see it soon enough I'm sure. Maybe on their website. It IS worth seeing.
  12. I do that especially this year. And then do something to get back into the 2nd.
  13. Now this is smart thinking right here. I like that.
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