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  1. Seriously? If I'm not mistaken you've been on here for a long enough time you should have known that. Did you think it was a jehovah's witness? Loving what Frank Gore is bringing to the table for us!
  2. 28-24 Bills It's different now and we're about to stand up and show it!
  3. I'm cool with Lee Smith 2.0 Love him so much more than the first go round. M'fer caught a pass to move the sticks. Lee Smith my man.
  4. 1981 Stones at the stadium and the night before was Grateful Dead at the Aud. A weekend I'll never ever forget even though I didn't go to the Grateful Dead concert we were there outside on our way to the stadium lol uh, had to pick some things up prior to parking all night at a Hills in Hamburg. Included a visit by the cops about three am and they were very cool. Could have nailed everybody for everything but if you weren't causing a problem, then you weren't a problem. Never going to forget what I did and what I saw that entire weekend. Man on a wire for one thing. Guy bashing his head into a concrete wall for another. May have been something bad picked up at the Aud outside the Grateful Dead lol but it was the greatest Rock And Roll show of my life.
  5. Or maybe he just likes wastelands and found another good one to be in.
  6. Wow that was crap. Fortunately a loser won I guess.
  7. Me too. I'd be shocked actually if he doesn't re up here unlike Shaq.
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