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  1. Do not ever speak ill of T McGee who has one of the ultimate Bills plays in history. That of course just fell short. Loved T McGee! Was a great Bill but would agree his first couple years had some struggles. He sounded great and looked great though so that is great to see.
  2. Especially as it will be years in the making but it will be our Christmas present.
  3. This was awesome. I think it's really cool that a new teammate can work his into favor real quick with ***** like this.
  4. I think you can blame Ralph, every County Exec, any Governor and Buffalo city council for all being to short sighted to come up with a plan that would have moved them. The needed infrastructure will take years to accomplish. Why should Pegula have to wait for that? You can lay some blame at Pegula's feet for not getting this started earlier under his tenure but at the same time you can't blame for being too impatient to build it right now on that empty lot. Their concern is selling football tickets. Not theatre tickets and having restaurants but they are not against any development that may come with a new stadium and would in fact welcome it. They are not trying to be real estate developer beyond what they have. No fault in that. It's pretty much the way he described it so I'll take that bet if you care to make one.
  5. I'm thinking it means the entire concourse area will be fully enclosed with a lot glass looking over the field. But you will have to go through some type of door to get into the seating area. Does that make it better for you? So when it's hot at your seat you get to go inside to a/c to get a beer no matter what section you sit in. When it's cold you go inside where it's heated and grab a cold beer. That's my interpretation of what Raccuia said. Far from spew, I think it's gold if it's what I'm thinking.
  6. He is very good at that though and deserves recognition for igniting the sideline.
  7. I'm a grown ass man at 56 and feel the vibe. Fandemonium is making a comeback! Funny, when this dude was drafted, I thought he was too glam for BUF wearing so much gold chain. I was actively rooting for Dareus at the draft party in the fieldhouse. Happy to see the proper outcome from that draft all these years later. Is Dareus even still in the league? There is no humor in that jersey. That is a Pats fan infiltrating our set up. He deserves the overturning of the outhouse treatment when he visits it. Clearly he is not a BILLS fan. Dunk him.
  8. I saw that play again in a recent thread my god what a play Hyde made. Never seen a better pick than that and it gave me chills watching it again. Incredible play.
  9. I believe the NY Times bought The Athletic.
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