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  1. Ha ha looks like you fixed it for yourself lol
  2. You should be roasted for not reading the prior 20 pages or so. Not your take. 😀
  3. You should be roasted for not reading the prior 37 pages. Not your take.
  4. I don't know about that. He's a player and would be depth.
  5. Think Dog. Like he's a dog. Better? Beane said he did go bpa on 4 of 7 picks.
  6. I'm thinking Josh is high as a cloud right now with everything that's been added and will be quite happy having the same group in front of him again. He knows their tendencies, strengths and weaknesses and can adjust accordingly. But I can't imagine him thinking about the line right now.
  7. I'm amazed thinking all of these picks will likely make the team! That's pretty cool and not easy considering the quality team we have. Kudo's to Brandon Beane. Fantastic job!
  8. Agree completely but he needed to be on tv more. That feeling had to exist from day one with him. The least excited I've ever seen a draft pick after being selected. He wore it well while here though. I'm not knocking him just sayin.
  9. Interesting read here from a Tampa Bay perspective and he was picked in the range he was expected. Why The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Need Gabriel Davis https://www.bucsnation.com/2020/4/18/21225889/buccaneers-nfl-draft-profile-wide-receiver-gabriel-davis
  10. I've had this thought also but then I get this nagging reminder, Gilmore really didn't want to be here at the end of the day. We'll see with this guy but I like what I heard from him and his style will win everybody over pretty quickly so lets make him feel welcome like we know how to!
  11. I liked this pick yesterday and like it even more today. Solid.
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