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  1. I respect your comment based on your stated experience. However I would ask that you understand this is an house production right? Further, that this house has been completely inept at producing in house product for either the Sabres or the Bills. I'm hard pressed to find fault with this product. It's a look we've never seen from them and I think they did it in fantastic manner. I get your points but this is miles from where they started from. How bout some props for them considering they haven't had a !@#$ing clue how to go about something like this till now? Somebody new in the company must have done this production and to that person and whoever hired him or her I just want to say thank you and please continue to raise the bar.
  2. beerme1

    New FB Sam Rogers can play

    Favorite Kyle moment from last year for me. Well, other than the completion by Andy Dalton! and his reaction after that lol
  3. beerme1

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    I'm not saying that exactly. When he left and was drafted he was very highly thought of. Why would anyone have been interested in him the first year or so? Whenever I get a chance to bust your balls though, I will.
  4. beerme1

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    Badolbilz come on, you know he's our Jerry Sullivan.
  5. OK! Then it's on like a mofo starting Friday night. Can't wait.
  6. You think everybody's lying or stupid? It works on edge but not chrome for some. It works on chrome for some but not on edge. It works for some on android and for some they hear greatest sports moments on an endless loop. If it works for you well great. I feel better at least in off season pretty much never listening to Schopp or Jeremy White. But no worries, I'm willing to bet it will not always be working for you no matter how you 're listening. The thing has been that bad. Have they made it better sure. Still sucks though. Bully for them.
  7. Yep. But did you see the play where he stopped running? No quitters. Maybe I was being a little harsh but he's an udfa and I don't think he can afford to do that.
  8. Entercom does not want you to listen unless your using a radio. Evidently.
  9. beerme1

    Site News

    Scott? What are you talking about? This is why you're on probation diannand. Edit: And I think it should be revoked.
  10. This is nice to see people eating crow already after only one half with the 3s. I say this as someone who openly loved that we picked Josh Allen. That arm man. That arm. So I'm glad to see that Bills fans that were against the pick and there were so many of you, it's good to know that at the end of teh day you're still Bills fans ands will root for this guy who may frustrate you one moment, and then amaze you the next. That arm man. That arm. Personally I would have released Foster after the game based on his play. Harsh yes but giving up on a play deserves harshness. Hmm, more crow. I like that. But you have more history than most if you were really paying attention to him in college. So your comments are awesome to me!
  11. beerme1

    Josh Allen needs a nickname

  12. beerme1

    Josh Allen needs a nickname

    I mean, what part of Wyoming are you from?
  13. beerme1

    Are we now a pass first offense?

    Not so fast hater. He didn't look great out there. But if you see nothing to work with than it's your bias showing through. Maybe you like noodle arm qb's but I sure as hell don't.
  14. beerme1

    Josh Allen ain’t bad

    Well that's some scrutiny right there. But it seems the NFL has already blocked this video. You owe them $177,000.00 to show this here. Hurry up!
  15. beerme1

    Are we now a pass first offense?

    Uh oh. Multi quote not from this thread. But STL closed their Timmy's in anticipation of his arrival so he'll be a good guy there. And to be honest and take back the potshot he was a good guy here. But BYE BYE. Lets see here now maybe this is right. ☝️ Nope. But it is as close as I can get to the middle finger. I really want a thank you Daboll thread even though it's a PRE SEASON game minus shady. I think we have an OC that we will actually enjoy for the first time in twenty years or more. I agree as stated above but we've already seen creativity we haven't in so long. Shady is gonna shake and bake this year as he is on a personal agenda to get to 12K so count on that but it wont be ground and pound buddy.