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  1. I'm 56 years old and I'm just here to say, after what I've been through with this team and particularly the last 25 years anybody criticizing McBeane to the point of firing them can just ***** off. How quickly you forget how mismanaged this team has been for twenty + years.
  2. I think he played the either the first play or the first series and they didn't throw at him. But I never heard or saw him again after the intro.
  3. You can't be serious. Neither is good. Both are beyond, *****.
  4. Aw FFS you know outside of 13 seconds we've beat the Chiefs two out of the last three games? Andy Reid can kiss my hairy ass.
  5. Tank? Get er done Beane. We can always use another rb we won't use. I kid.
  6. I watched this game just to see what others are like in our division with NY getting so much hype. Awful, awful football is what I saw. Horrible qb's and it gave me confidence that it's four W's for us from these two awful teams.
  7. LOL Pats gonna be stuck in backup qb shuffle for years probably. You love to see it.
  8. Trust me, there's more than one. And did you decide to overlook what I fist said? I've thought highly of Leslie Frazier.
  9. I've thought highly of Leslie Frazier. However, I won't forgive him for 13 seconds unless we win a Super Bowl. A defensive wizard would not have that happen.
  10. Not so sure that's true anymore according to what they're saying in 2022
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