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  1. I signed up today and in part because it's ad free. The biggest reason for me signing up was Sabres coverage by John Vogl. He has been covering the team a long time and was the best writer at the News. Fairburn is a bonus. Timmah is a simply a dick.He does do some decent work though from time to time. His post showing the Harrington thing well that's super douchey. Makes me wonder how toxic the sports desk was at TBN. I'll try it and see for a year. Their app is actually pretty damn impressive.
  2. beerme1

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    This makes me think he has The Athletic gig wrapped up.
  3. What's that? You say you're resume is laminated? You're hired!!
  4. I don't know for sure but am guessing the play in question with Hyde was not 30 or 40 yards away. Again guessing 15-20 maybe.
  5. beerme1

    Make 3 predictions for the 2018 Bills.

    1. Someone gets arrested 2. D is top 5 3. A game gets flexed to SUNDAY NIGHT! Bonus: Trust the process.
  6. beerme1

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    Miles better than any Piggly Wiggly I've ever seen. On par with some Krogers! 😀
  7. Fresno's not Buffalo. It made news here in print, on tv and the radio that people were pissed off about it. If it was an extreme reaction as you say so be it. It happened though that's all I'm saying.
  8. beerme1

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    Thank you E Wood. Stay active as an alumni please.
  9. It achieved nothing other than making proud locals feel like they were just slapped in the face. Like I said there must be a better way of going about this whether it was for recruiting purposes which I believe, or raising the profile nationally of the school that you believe. Wait a minute wait a minute. We're talking about the same thing aren't we!
  10. Name that school. That's what should be on players jerseys and logo's on the courts etc. UB not NY. I think there had to be a better way of recruiting than than that move.
  11. Jeff Miers is a tool. Although today in Gusto he was great! We want you to take the buyout.
  12. If bananas are yellow why is my Wegmans stand loaded with green bananas? Just sayin. 🙂
  13. beerme1

    Stadium Construction Facts & Figures

    I would disagree with you a little bit on this. Our three club sections are quite busy inside with fans choosing to sit inside and watch our game and all the others on tv for long stretches during the games. So we do it to but we don't have the quality of clubs that an Atlanta has in their new digs. Drives me nuts that folks spend so much time in the club rather than their seat actually lol. Corta, your post was an outstanding one. Great job! Thank you