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  1. beerme1

    Raiders now Shopping Derek Carr (?)

    Well that would make sense for one of the two teams involved then lol
  2. beerme1

    Here comes Rosen

    Wait. I think he had a td Sunday.
  3. beerme1

    Here comes Rosen

    This is mostly me feelings also. I never got the feeling the guy has what it takes to play the position and the role in the NFL. I don't care if he succeeds or not but am grateful he's not my quarterback. Don't think he'll rally a team and get everyone on the team rooting for him. Josh Allen does things like that we can see already. A take charge attitude and mentality, leadership ability, physical attributes are some of things that I don't think that scrawny little puke has.
  4. beerme1

    McDermott got angry!

    Well if you're talking bologna try Federal Meats bologna. Made for them by Sahlens.
  5. beerme1

    Matt Milano is making a difference for this defense.

    At the start of last year I thought Milano was a complete waste. I love how wrong he made me look last year and it's great to see him continue this year to play at a high level. Something that stood out to me today from Micah was his tackling skill. He brought guys down in open field smoothly and quick. We have a lot of guys that poor tacklers that should learn from him. He is excellent at it.
  6. beerme1

    Leslie Frazier gets post game ball

    I too think it was a class move and it certainly helps the bond between coaches, and coaches and players and being all for one kinda thing. It wasn't just a classy move it was great messaging from McD. Well done. Very well done.
  7. beerme1

    Sign Michael Johnson and Kendall Wright?

    Why merge? Just stay right and take your deserved abuse.
  8. beerme1

    How Many Bills Wins in 2018 Reg. Season?

    18 in yet another coming up short season.
  9. Would you not have wanted Bruce Smith? Seems to me this was a regular occurrence with him if I recall. Always felt he was worth more than he was getting and would hold out a little while from camp or preseason.
  10. beerme1

    Daboll presser 8/23/18

    So you're saying we should have kept Taylor then right lol.
  11. beerme1

    Kelly/Marino = Allen/Darnold

    Big body, stood in the pocket once already and took a shot on the chin and got right back up. You don't see any comparison yet? Obviously premature to say it but will you agree if someone says Josh Allen is built like a linebacker lol
  12. beerme1

    Bills will start 2-0 if Allen is the Starter

    I hope it will happen.
  13. beerme1

    Sal Carpaccio: Corey Coleman Is In Trouble

    Tune in Sunday for the answer to this and many more answers.
  14. beerme1

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    Well I'm worried. I wonder if I'll ever see him in a Bills uni at this point. Hyperbole maybe but can't judge someone I've never seen as a Bill.
  15. Well, I disagree and I used to love Sully but I do believe he has sullied his brand. No sunshine from him in at least the last five or ten years and certainly not enough to know that if you're going to read his column you know you're going to get a Negative Nancy read. I mean come on. All the time bashing? Bucky being at The Athletic is the same thing but I will say I will miss his GM for a day annual article. This year would have been fun with that too as he likely would have said the Sabres should trade for Jeff Skinner from Carolina. AND THEY DID LOL! But his style sure as hell doesn't fit The Athletic. I will say when I do read the Athletic I love that it's clutter free. No pop ups no advertising just the text or print (lol) of the column. I'm certainly happy at this point and look forward to what they provide in season for both local teams. And the chance to look at opponents with the same quality even if I don't know the writer. No, Jerry and Bucky will never fly on The Athletic. Dinosaurs they are. They have a place certainly and I hope they find it but The a ain't it. Sorry if you disagree with me.