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  1. beerme1

    Bills fire OL Coach Juan Castillo

    He seems to have a good year followed by a bad year, good year, bad year, bad year I think it best we part ways.
  2. beerme1

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option on the table

    I think McBeane appreciates the development curve of Shaq Lawson more than most of us. I expect them to figure this out. Lets keep our own please. As long as they show the ability.
  3. beerme1

    Brian Daboll: Comments On Head Coaching Opportunities

    He's in the clique. He'll be considered for everything forever.
  4. beerme1

    Jags in 2019

    Lol now you're pushing it!
  5. beerme1

    Jags in 2019

    I don't think it was a joke. The reason Coughlin signed up was he knew if St. Doug blew it the job would be his. I believe his plan is about to come to fruition. TT is a joke though and I would think you're right about Flacco but I would be more shocked if Coughlin doesn't put himself into that role.
  6. beerme1

    Marcus Murphy: dislocated elbow

    I thought it was a Achilles and said to the wife, well his careers over. She 's not scorned me yet. I will never forget Sam Cowart and what a beast he was pre ACL tear and what he was post.
  7. I wanted him cut right after one of the preseason games where it just looked like he had no heart to finish a route. Glad he is coming back to prove me wrong.
  8. Who are we taking with the 5th pick?
  9. Alriight but I guess I say check back next year before you throw McBeane out. If i'm pissed at the organization right now it's at WR position. But that matters not if we don't have capable OL and yes they traded away talent but if said talent doesn't accept the edict from the top down, adios. We'll move on to the next stage. Mahomes really pisses me off. Brady pisses every single team in league off times 5 no? Richies great. In between arrests and psych evaluations if that's what you want. Wood is my favorite player in a long time and there's NOTHING you can do about how his situation developed. McD didn't take away Frasiers play calling. Fake news.
  10. Agreed. No issue. But the hockey team is showing significant signs of improvement at this point. Nathan Peterman is not our qb and I fully expect improvement over time with the Bills. You know, it's a process!
  11. You too? The guys statement was "He’s a ***** idiot. Terry Pegula clearly isn’t a good owner. I believe the likelihood of the Bills ever being good again is non existent." Do you really subscribe to that thought? We will never be good again? Stop it. This is just crap. "Non existent" C'mon man
  12. Well ya. Please ***** off and root for some other team.
  13. While Terry may very well be a ***** idiot (although I don't believe so) He is a bumbling public speaker no question, but if you truly believe the likelihood of the Bills never being good again because of him you should resign.
  14. beerme1

    Raiders now Shopping Derek Carr (?)

    Well that would make sense for one of the two teams involved then lol