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  1. Not even considered bread lol just sugar or something. Bro, it's only week one. We're gonna be ok. It was funny. Did you see Rogers and the Packers? Or more importantly, the Rogers commercials? 😁 Talk about sucking! Agreed but holy ***** I needed to drink ten glasses of water after eating the salt fest I got last time there. Processed meats, mmm, mmm.
  2. Gotta give it up to Brady and Subway for the commercial that instantly pisses you off with the Brady cologne ad crap but ends with the whisper, but you don't eat bread LOL! Well done. Football season is definitely back!
  3. If I ever make All Pro it will only be due to my longevity in the league. Not because I was an all pro. So be it. if I should ever reach that level, you'll know who I am then MF'ers. Eat dirt.
  4. You're what? Does he even have a job now?
  5. Well, what about the covid dishambles?
  6. I had pre game on field access probably about 8 years ago and I'll never forget it. Cold foggy day and that song booming. Cool time. More respect for the song in hindsight because of the experience. Perfect for warm ups. A slow build up and the weather that day was just right for it. You're the only one. The train horn is fine if they only use on opponents third down. It shouldn't be anything more than that. It's annoying as ***** any other time.
  7. I don't doubt that you could make them. But can you tell me who does make them? Or show me a heated seat that they could replace and plug into the existing receptacle and the seat bucket matches all the rest. LOL this is so true!!! After eight beers though you kind of start to like it.
  8. As a former club seat ticket holder I can tell you this is not BS. Nobody makes the parts. That means when your seat heater element wears out, they don't replace it. Grass for me please. So done with turf.
  9. I don't think stadium design comes out until the funding is finalized. Rust belt cities Cleveland and Pittsburgh say hi!
  10. Any fan of Fitz this is a must read. Fitzmagic. Will always love him and he will always love us.
  11. This is stupid. There are no comparisons between these two. GTFO with this.
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