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  1. Complete agreement and I used to look forward to these but this is just flat out crap.
  2. What section are these tickets in? I saw a lot of empty seats yesterday so you better be reasonable.
  3. Like Sammy? What a way to get acclimated here. Super strong day for Diggs. Welcome to Buffalo Bro!
  4. Ohhhhh I'm tempted lol but I would have to acknowledge a warning from Chz from four years ago. Nope.
  5. Parking lot sex? Really? Pretty sure we have video of in stadium sex! See what I mean!
  6. I'm with GoBills808 on this. No way do I see Matt Milano banking $14 mil per from us. None, Where did this ***** start?
  7. What??? Did someone actually suggest Milano would get 14 mil per? No Fing Way.
  8. Antoine Winfield, Nate Clements, Donte Whitner...
  9. Got no problem with TT. Solid guy. But I can hear their fans reawaken my voice. THROW THE DAMN BALL TYROD!!
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