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  1. He is very good at that though and deserves recognition for igniting the sideline.
  2. I'm a grown ass man at 56 and feel the vibe. Fandemonium is making a comeback! Funny, when this dude was drafted, I thought he was too glam for BUF wearing so much gold chain. I was actively rooting for Dareus at the draft party in the fieldhouse. Happy to see the proper outcome from that draft all these years later. Is Dareus even still in the league? There is no humor in that jersey. That is a Pats fan infiltrating our set up. He deserves the overturning of the outhouse treatment when he visits it. Clearly he is not a BILLS fan. Dunk him.
  3. I saw that play again in a recent thread my god what a play Hyde made. Never seen a better pick than that and it gave me chills watching it again. Incredible play.
  4. I believe the NY Times bought The Athletic.
  5. October/November is what I've read as a likely timeframe.
  6. What the hell are you talking about with the California tan? Kelly's girl doesn't have as deep a tan as Josh's California girlfriend. I'm confused. And either way, they're both beautiful. And you do realize the other one is Jill, Jim's wife right? The ring thing, that would be cool.
  7. Apologies. I see there is a separate thread for Fitz joining TNF. What is my admonishment?
  8. I'm pretty sure everyone knows this but for any who don't Fitz is now part of the TNF show! https://sports.yahoo.com/ryan-fitzpatrick-joining-amazon-prime-video-as-thursday-night-football-analyst-182944915.html
  9. It sez here we wont. No need to with a cap increase. It also sez here we let Tremaine walk.
  10. Thank you JESSEFEFFER!! This made me smile! LFG!!
  11. Sure, but you can't say his last year wasn't his best and you can't predict the future with guys despite their past. Well, some guys lol.
  12. Sorry I just can't see us paying Edmunds what the market will pay him. He'd have to give up 30% or something of the market rate and I don't think that's likely. Beane's done a masterful job of keeping guys but you can't keep everyone every year. Harry was this years sacrifice. Edmunds is next years. And we need to get used to that.
  13. Well I'm half with you. I just cant see us paying and overpaying Edmunds, but Eddie, he's going to get paid rather handsomely on his next deal from us. I think he's going to have a balls out year and will get rewarded. Edmunds, I'm one of the meh people I guess. I'd keep him at a reasonable deal but that probably isn't what he has in mind. Let him play it out. Poyer, I can see McBeane trading before the season. Unlike Edmunds with us just letting him play it out, I don't see that with Justin due to his age. I love Poyer but have 100% trust and faith with what McBeane does with his situation. I can honestly admit I'll miss Rachel though.
  14. If I recall he is staying with the Athletic in some capacity but never said what exactly.
  15. He could. I would go get it for him and undercut that price including shipping. It would come to a grand total of $70 US Unless it's larger than a 2x. That will necessarily increase the price for material, shipping and duty. Take the deal dude.
  16. I mean I remember Sam Cowart. Never the same guy after and had a shortened career and probably fits those stats that the op threw out there. That was then, this is now. Surgical techniques have changed, assumedly for the better. Sam Cowart was a thick guy with a lot of pressure on his legs. Tre Dey Ain't Dat and I like his chances of coming back strong.
  17. And while Shakir has done it, it was not a regular gig for him.
  18. Well, as I am still awake and will be maybe, for while yet, I would say, watch the video.
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