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  1. unclepete

    Derek Anderson injury - in concussion protocol

    But, but, but I thought Tyrod was the problem with the offense. Trust the process, right? Josh Allen will lead this team to the promise land next year
  2. Any rational person would agree. Except they should have picked up Bridgewater or Derek Anderson in the offseason instead of McCarron.
  3. A guy who struggles in the Mountain West
  4. Sub 60% completion percentage + Small School = Red Flag at least Rosen, Darnald, and Mayfield played against high level college competition. It was such a Bills move. And still people will justify it. Some of us have been fans enough to remember ill advised picks like JP Losman and EJ Manuel. I hope he works out. But I could see him getting beat out by a veteran next year and him fading away into obscurity like EJ if this keeps up
  5. 9ers we’re struggling this year. Last year jimmy put together a string a wins but they were fr from contenders. Their offense is better for sure but Beathard still looks worked bette me than Josh Allen.
  6. Peterman gets rid of the ball faster. Guys are open with Allen but he’s a lot slower to make a decision.
  7. I stated this perfectly. QBs are greatly a product of their supporting cast and coaching. The Bills have a decent supporting cast (defensively) but we went about t the wrong way. We should have brought an established vet in or keep the established vet in while we groomed a QB like Josh Allen. Who had very little college success to support what he showed during the predraft buildup.
  8. We used to have a Qb who put up stats like that. But he wasn’t good enough. 😁
  9. unclepete

    Allen not showing progress

    Accuracy and pocket awareness are probkems. Some guys are decisive. You watch Baker Mayfield and you instant understand he makes quick decisions and csnnread the field. Hell, even Peterman is decisive. Josh Allen reminds me of JP Losman, Tyrod Taylor or EJ Manual. He seems to wait to see someone open rather than anticipate.
  10. Cam Newton was a winner in college in a major conference and on a national scale. He also won at the JUCO. I beleive he threw for almost 400 yards in his first start. WHy are we comparing Cam Newton to Josh Allen?
  11. McDermott and the talent evaluators are terrible at identifying talent on offense. We traded for Kelvin Benjamin? We made the move to start Peterman last year. And ma made the same decision to start him and cut McCarron. We drafted Zay Jones. There's very little reason to believe that this staff identified something in Allen that many other scouts didn't.
  12. unclepete

    Allen not showing progress

    If you can't complete 60% against the Mountain West, why would be able to accurate in the NFL? He has size and arm strength but he needs to be developed. We should have sat him for a year to get acclimated to the game.
  13. unclepete

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Hahahahaha, you gotta love it. Just as much as you have to love people who try to justify Allen’s struggle this year
  14. unclepete

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    Bwahahhaahahhahaahha, Peterman is a joke i really feel sorry for the kid. Stop throwing him out there. It’s embarrassing
  15. I don’t understand how you draftba Qb in today’s day and age with under a 60% completion ratio.