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  1. I believe that Kyle Brandt's 'instruction' to Bills Mafia was actually a subtle way of making sure that everyone else would be aware of, or keep in mind, the injuries and debilitating weather conditions, since none of the others on the GMF crew had yet made mention of any of this by the time it was his turn to talk.
  2. Wasn't Gilliam an undrafted free agent? Even better, eh?
  3. As I remarked to my brother at the time, the 13-second game was a sort of mandatory initiation into Bills fandom for younger fans (including Josh Allen) who had not yet experienced a truly agonizing playoff loss. Now that we're all initiated .....
  4. I've been a fan since 1960, having grown up in North Tonawanda. So the four super bowls were not a factor in my fandom, except for the disappointment. Just to set the record straight, the Brown won four AAFL championships and, since joining the NFL, they have won four NFL championships. The last NFL championship was in 1964, the same year the Bills won their first AFL championship. (That would have been a great superbowl.)
  5. Drafting Richie Lucas in 1960. (I'm running out of time for that first Super Bowl victory. 😨)
  6. Perhaps he will indeed be "out of excuses" this year, but, truth be told, I have never ever heard him make a single excuse for himself in the past. Just the opposite.
  7. You have to understand that during the 1950's in the Buffalo area we had the Browns on one TV station every Sunday and the Giants on another TV station. So we all became either Browns fans or Giants fans. The arguments were great, by the way. In those days the Giants had a way of bottling up Jim Brown, and we Brown fans suffered through a few bad beatings by Sam Huff, Y. A. Tittle, Frank Gifford and company. Then the Bills and the AFL came along ... but we still rooted for the Browns or the Giants in the NFL.
  8. Maybe Zay was being featured for a reason against the Colts -- in the way that Sammy Watkins was featured in an exhibition game just before he was traded.
  9. Too bad the Stadium Wall wasn't around when Marv was hired.
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