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  1. Been going down hill for awhile. They miss the obvious at this point weekly.
  2. I continue to believe what I did draft night. Arnold,Mayfield,Allen in that order. Not sure Rosen is even number four.
  3. Certainly. I've always believed he was the best quarterback in that draft.
  4. 1. Just don't see a chance that I can register. That would go to a five or six without Brady factor.
  5. Never, never mix alcohol and watching a Bills-NE game.
  6. Honestly if there would be one thing that would make me stop watching football games it's all the commercials. I mute my television.
  7. Don't be so hard on yourself. Take comfort knowing there's a lot of us here keeping you company in your problem.
  8. As a member of the Trump cult you should seek help from qualified people experienced with cults.
  9. My game plan? Hope we don't lose anyone to serious injury.
  10. You hope. I'm not all that confident we score 25-30 pts.
  11. I'm really looking at the Pats game. After that we'll see how we feel about our defense. I think their good but possibly the stats look better than they really are. If they can stand up well against Brady and company then they will really make a statement. Don't have to win the game but can't allow a big loss either.
  12. We will see where our team is Sunday. They have played three pretty easy teams so far. I think we're heading in the right direction but unfortunately I see this game a blowout.
  13. Wow, I think your fandom has gone overboard here. A sad story but after all unfortunately a story lived out daily. He was a Bills fan and touching story but way over blown at this point. Lost my dad at fifteen, mother from pancreatic cancer, my brother in law at forty seven years old. Life has it's tragic stories for most of us you just don't hear about it.
  14. Bills fan nothing to do with it and yes to thispoint in time Allen would be higher. . As time goes on who knows.
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