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  1. Miami was underrated by many. I always thought Bills, Jets and Miami would be tight. Now I think without Rogers it's Miami or us for division and at thus point advantage Miami. Go Bills!
  2. I see it as a high scoring game. Still concerned about our secondary against Tua and his receivers. Our offense better be on.
  3. Agree but I see I'm getting some disagreement about Simpson being removed. Sorry but I just think there is more than on field to qualify one for hall of fame type of recognition. Look at Pete Rose in baseball. If he is passed over why should Simpson not be? Maybe football has different standards?
  4. First delete Simpson. Replace with Kyle.
  5. Hope you're right but you can't reverse aging process.
  6. My concern is our secondary. Safeties are getting old and don't think they're the strength they were. Frankly I have seen White digression even prior to injuries. Good quarterback with good protection I think is real threat.
  7. Said it would be a three team dog fight to the end. Even with Rogers out I still think it will be. Too early to pick the winner. Go Bills!!
  8. This whole reputation of fans craziness seems to be almost encouraged, jumping on tables,drunken behavior. I stopped even thinking about going to games ages ago and this fan behaviour a major reason.
  9. I said before season started we need to split our games with Jets and Dolphins. I look at both teams as not give me games. With Rogers out we should have won that one. Hope it doesn't bite us. This division will be nail biter in my opinion.
  10. I'm now eighty years old. Been a Bills fan from heir inception. If the OP is referring to mediocre then I have to wonder if he's been around the last few decades. Not counting age 0-18.
  11. This fn stupid. I'm losing it with some of this world renown fan base.
  12. Fair enough. How many games has he impacted largely to wins? How many games can we say he was major factor in our losses? Maybe my memories failing me but I think he's on whole a very positive effect. Monday night was I believe his worst game and did cost a win. I'm not ignoring his tendencies to turn the ball over. I'm also not ignoring that particularly in playoffs this can't happen. Still some on here seem to be almost writing him off. I'm not because if it wasn't for him our losses over the time he's been here would be much greater. With all that accolades given to our defense over past few years I've seen them look pretty average on many games we've won by our ability to outscore teams with Josh being a big part.
  13. Just as a reminder we've played one game. Monday night Josh was bad but can we give him a few more games please.
  14. Josh had four turnovers. Hard to win doing that for sure. My guess is with Rogers those turnovers would have put the game away yet we still got to overtime. Josh has taken personal responsibility for his play. I'm so so on McDermott and our coaching. I'm still bullish on Josh.
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