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  1. Sort of like Manafort getting four years for multiple convictions. Poor guy gets decade for burglary?
  2. Wonder if the Pegulas will become villains and will sell both franchises.lol.
  3. As free agency goes. No wonder athletes want to get to free agency.
  4. Not a big fan of free agency overall. Old and overpaid for most part. Draft well or trade well and plug a hole maybe with free agency.
  5. I agree they were in playoffs but first six games of season opponents gave the ball away in abundance. Think that season was an aberration just like the Sabres ten game winning streak.
  6. Just more feeling than anything. Listening to both I like both personality wise. Just better feeling about Botterill being able to build a team we'll see. Wish them both success.
  7. For all the naysayers on the Sabres I have so much more confidence in their GM than I do Beane and co.
  8. The three guaranteed I agree with. Playoffs getting a fourth? Not sure about that.
  9. Running back or wide receiver in first round will be soooo Bills dumb.
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