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  1. I've said it before. I'm a veteran and I think the flag is a piece of cloth. It's what it represents that is meaningful. If you you feel you're not afforded the rights that this nations constitution and it's laws are meant to protect while others do then kneeling is your right and I support you in doing so.
  2. Not being a stick in the mud at all. I served in the Navy from '61-65 and was aboard a carrier in the war zone. Always refer to myself as serving in the Vietnam war era and not a Vietnam veteran. Memorial Day indeed should be for honoring those who have lost their lives in service. I'll go one step further. I see no need for a veterans day. If we're going that far how about police officers, firefighters and first responders day. Many of those were and are at greater risk than I was aboard a carrier.
  3. Problem is by the time you get a positive they've already spread the disease.
  4. And we paid two first rounders for him. I was not happy at all at the time but this really puts an even blacker mark on it.
  5. 11 wins. I think 10 more likely and get into playoffs.
  6. I'll be elated with that given our schedule.
  7. I think our fans underestimate the Patriots. Yeah Brady was elite but their defense is very good. Still think they are equal to us in that. Offensively we are counting on Josh coming up big. We're facing a much harder schedule this year as well. Not being negative but being objective I believe.
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