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  1. Just give me a quarterback and game plan to just keep moving the chains. The long ball is fine but most quarterbacks I like the most just read and take what's there.
  2. In this depressing time this board is certainly keeping pace. We judge and will be rightly judged by our own standards.
  3. Thurman was way better than Gordon. Not even same league .
  4. And if we have as well. This will be huge year in determining it Josh is the guy we hope for. We're facing a much harder schedule this year hoping Josh develops and the team is up for it.
  5. You cut Murphy and replace with a guy you don't know his name??
  6. Sometimes we look only at personnel which undoubtedly is very important but must also look at schedule. Bills had maybe the easiest schedule last season and this year looks much tougher. Could make equaling last year's wins tough.
  7. Pats one and done? Don't think so. Bills one and done?Think so. Don't bash me I've followed the Bills since the old AFL days.
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