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  1. That really sucks... get Tre back just to lose Von. Losing Von and Hyde for the year is a really big blow. Groot and Oliver are going to have to keep stepping up in Miller's absence.
  2. 27-9 Bills We're a different beast when Poyer is out there.
  3. It is crazy how just a few plays sprinkled throughout the game can dictate whether or not its a blow-out or a nail biter.
  4. I said a few weeks ago in a different thread (perhaps after the Jets game, cant really remember) that by the end of week 13 the Bills would be the number 1 seed in the AFC again. We just needed to take care of business with our schedule. Granted, I thought the Chiefs were going to lose the game to the Chargers for that to happen and I thought the Fins would be riding into SF as the number 1 seed, rife for a reality check. But the end result will be the same. Go Bengals LFG 49ers.
  5. Great back to back wins overcoming a lot of non-football related adversity. Now we can get back into a more regular football schedule and we all can just sit back and relax on Sunday.
  6. A few things I have really grown to appreciate and look forward to on a weekly basis, The Just Jack "Karma" threads and your "Ok boys, let’s matriculate the ball down the field!" posts. Gets a chuckle out of me every time.
  7. Bills feast today at the adult table. Lions at the kid table. 34-17 Buffalo
  8. Just because I haven't seen his name mentioned so far and I want to be unique! Dawson Knox!
  9. I think that we will be the #1 seed by week 14. Play around with the playoff machine and you will be amazed at how close we are. Plus, we own the head-to-head tie breakers over the Titans, Ravens AND the mighty and invincible Chiefs. Miami loses a game to SF and then us. Chief's just have to drop 1 somewhere. Maybe against the Bengals, or Seahawks, or the Raiders or Broncos play them stupid hard one week in a divisional game. We handle our business from here on out and the 1 seed is ours.
  10. Unless they converted in which case they would have gotten 2. Or had the extra point been blocked or missed which would have resulted in 0. Or, on super rare occurrences the defense scores and then they receive 2 points. Ok... I think we covered all of the options. Can we move on now?
  11. Every week, the same thread with a different name. Same tired argument. Not this week. I refused to get sucked in. It's Thanksgiving week. A week to be thankful for our 7-3 team. To be thankful for our league leading point differential. This week I am thankful for our offense that is in the top 5, if not #1 in multiple categories. This week, I am thankful for our Offense that still scores 30+ points on days where they are "off". Nope... not this week. This week I am thankful.
  12. And all of the sacks he was able to work his way out of. Brissett played really well.
  13. I did a lot this week actually. I have a two sided Bills blanket that had been one-side up the previous two weeks. I flipped that back over to the Blue side, vice the red. I changed my lock screen on my phone back to a picture of my wife and I at the Patriots playoff game from last year. It had been Josh Allen stiff arming that Ram in week 1, since week 1. I wore my fancy Buffalo Bills & chicken wings socks I got as a gift years ago under my work boots. Finally, as a reference to last weeks Karma thread, I found my old desktop monitor for my work desk and swapped it back. They can just put "GTW3 from 2BD" on the Stadium's Ring of Honor. Preferably right next to "12th Man". You're all welcome.
  14. The turn-around and second half run starts today. Go Bills
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