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  1. I mean that "Jehovah" was contrived from the consonants of YHWH and the vowels of Adonai (and dragged through a couple languages other than English). It's now a "word" ... but it literally does not appear in the original languages.
  2. Adonai is actually not the formal name of God that the Jewish faith refuses to say, out of respect for His name. Adonai is actually the name for the Lord that the Jewish faith substitutes for the name revealed to Moses at the burning bush. What we have in the book of Exodus is simply the Hebrew letters that transliterate as YHWH (often anglicized as Yahweh, but we literally aren't sure how it would have been pronounced as the vowel points have been lost to time). Another word, Jehovah, was the rough mixing of the consonants from YHWH (JHVH) and the vowels from Adonai. Jehovah is not a "real" word but has been used as the "name" of the Lord. Y'all are all good using Adonai.
  3. I'm guessing they didn't want Miami in that slot two weeks in a row ... Saving it for week 18
  4. I read this morning that he will have to pay back the five game checks for time served
  5. Then buys a Norwood jersey from Scott Norwood at the end ...
  6. Let me address a couple of points, since I am an ordained pastor in the Wesleyan Church (the same denomination as Eastern Hills Wesleyan). First, Kim (Kerr) Pegula's family has a long history in the Wesleyan Church denomination, especially in WNY. Her dad has served in lay leadership positions for many years and Kim graduated from Houghton College (now University) which is one the five Wesleyan Church denomination schools for higher Ed. Yes, it is from the Methodist line of churches, definitely not prosperity gospel or super charismatic. While some larger churches have more revenue, typically our denomination sets the basic budget for pastoral salary, and it is not exorbitant (typically think around $600-700/week). I don't know any Wesleyan pastors that are rich according to American standards. Now relative to the rest of the world, we're all extremely wealthy ... Secondly, it is not common, but also not unheard of, to hold a prayer service for those in serious health conditions. My church held one for a member who was intubated during the worst of COVID. She recovered and the family was supported through that time because of that service. Lastly, why would we assume we pray for someone after they pass? From a Christian standpoint, the time that God could typically intervene is before they pass. King David, in 2 Samuel, fasts and prays fervently for his newborn son. When his son passed away, he got up, washed and ate some food. His servants asked why he was no longer "mourning" (by fasting and praying) ... David's response was essentially while the boy was living there was still a chance that God would show his grace and heal his son. Once he died, the matter was settled.
  7. Let's just call this award "best statistical QB award"because that is what it has become. MVP talk should have ended when Chad Henne marchrd 98 yards for a TD against Jacksonville when PM was hurt and out of the game. It is obvious to anyone watching that PM is not the MVP if his backup can accomplish what we expect PM to accomplish.
  8. In one of the games this weekend (can't remember which one), there was a no call on delay of game (clock showed zero) but they called encroachment. The defensive player jumped once the clock hit zero, timing his rush to the play clock. I couldn't believe that they ignored the delay of game in that instance.
  9. So ... I wonder if Maher had a history of cheating before last night
  10. All I could think is that the sideline called a TO? Can you do that to stop a play?
  11. Amazing that the whistles always blow right on the 2:00 minute warning, but they can't do the same with the play clock ...
  12. Been done before, just not by the Bills https://www.arrowheadpride.com/platform/amp/2015/1/28/7927399/how-many-times-has-a-team-beaten-both-super-bowl-teams
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