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  1. If we call the offense like against the Raiders we should be fine. We have 3 good backs. Two TE’s if we can’t air it out.
  2. I wonder of Klein will be active and in on running downs vs. teams like the Jets that are run heavy? At any rate AJ coming back is good for depth at MLB.
  3. wonder if we see more Murray this game also. He can block and release also. A couple intermediate and short options with Diggs or Davis long.
  4. love the reactions. Not much different than a field coach jumping up and down after such a pass. Like the passion, and Dorsey finally had a great game plan that was perfectly executed. Everyone should be pumped about it.
  5. interesting. Whatever he was doing was likely only done at home, IP addresses should ping a work computer at Halas Hall otherwise.
  6. Good points here. A computer is ALWAYS impounded as most people use one to communicate and it's a treasure trove of evidence for many federal crimes, particularly those involving tax, financial crimes, or, well, you know the others. But it doesn't mean its' the others, but Eberflus crying is not great sign. Most people don't do that over hearing so and so is accused of tax fraud or embezzlement, but who knows, perhaps he stole from the Bears?
  7. Yikes. Whether health or what the original X's (is that what they are called now?) make it sound like, not good for that team. Team needed stability and they aren't getting much of it. We should see if they want Frazier for a 3rd.
  8. I had location issues as well, was infuriating. Followed all the steps, worked on my phone but nada in the TV for a while. Also started buffering at certain points, no other streaming service has this issue for me. Overall B-
  9. lucky that was his college teammate! Also, everyone knows Allen likes to hurdle, it likely never works again. He could fake hurdle, get the defender "high" and then run him over perhaps. Or just, you know, slide.
  10. this sounds like the 6th sense of something !
  11. well, they did just drop 2 division games. They should be worked up. But, the leg issue for Burrow seems to be legit. You have to wonder if they should have benched him for week 1 and let it fully heal (or more fully heal).
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