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  1. Rest of season playoffs depending on sit down in NY w dear ole Roger
  2. Although one would hope if all you’re gonna do is complain and put down then respectfully stop posting and go away
  3. Nope, it’s way to much fun to watch the implosion!
  4. Man loved that magazine! Always hoped it’d get to me here in Fla before the weekend to read before next game!!
  5. Well must mean every other GM out there is one also, as non of them made a trade either. Dam , I thought Bean has been great an like him but apparently I’m wrong. Thanks for setting me straight 👍
  6. Nope Kap is too busy protesting the oppression in Hong Kong and representing Nike!
  7. Has to be Quin! Ever since super bowl meltdown they have continued the downward spiral!!
  8. Pretty much unwatchable to me, I’ll tune in about 5 minutes before kickoff. So mundane and tired of everyone yelling their normally non researched opinions at me.
  9. Hairy Buffalo is the place to be! Great atmosphere and food is great! Usually carry plenty of ‘Batty Blues as well!
  10. “I hate the Cheatriots with every ounce of my inner being, now and forever!”
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