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  1. Yeah Shefter always seems to have to out his cherry on the scoop wether it’s his or not! Can’t seem to stand not having himself out there for all to see. JMO.
  2. He was given Bellicek’s book of how to spy for Christmas and is using chapter two on surveillance for inside information. Lol
  3. It’s a natural fit! But our job is not done here yet! Finish this ride first!!
  4. The Mrs. Is a softball coach at a private school here, gonna go and prep the field tomorrow, w a cooler and cups! Then get some oysters and grill some wings and try and remain calm till kickoff!!
  5. Seems like a solid hire, now depends on the staff w him and what they do about Darnold because fields last night doesn’t seem to be their immediate answer at QB, JMO.
  6. I’m gonna say whomever signs last between Josh an Lamar. Seems to be how it works. I mean T White was the highest for a short time and then passed by about 4 others.
  7. Exactly, plus it seems as though create pressure up the middle generally and the QB often slides off his mark and is hurried, they are excellent up the middle and did a good job of keeping Rivers clean all day
  8. Whomever is better at pass protection should be the call , which makes me think it’s Yeldon.
  9. Wide awake and full of nervous energy! Let’s go Bills!! Woo hoo
  10. Well I assume he squats to pee always! Go and watch the tape of Tua missing open guys all game and his receivers getting alligator arms to his off target throws! our second stringers have been practicing all year just as hard as the starters and get a chance to play meaningful minutes dam right they wanna score as well. For many that is film for next year of what they can do if they are looking for a job!
  11. He still has some game in him for sure, but I’m much more excited about Dane Jackson going forward this year!
  12. Well I’m pulling for the Chargers as it looos like Lynn is staying on. I myself figured that to be his sweet landing spot! Hopeing against all hope he remains!
  13. Holy amazing incredible s**t! What a game and dam these boys are ready to roll!! Woo hoo!!
  14. Born in 1969, heard of his legend from my dad and loved the story and highlights! Great player and an incredible human being!! RIP Mr Little!
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