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  1. Another great move by the front office! scout Draft Develop Sign!!! Go Bills!
  2. Was watching as we’re celebrating a moment for the family, and happen to see that it was on. Was watching and could see the emotions and calmness he was speaking with! Watched the link above and confirmed that it was indeed a special moment! Well done and much respect and admiration to him and his family!
  3. NFL. Jim Brown , Jerry Rice close second MLB. Babe Hockey Gretzky NBA Wilt
  4. Very sad to hear! Was fun to listen to and had a very good career! RIP big boy!
  5. Prayers to Kim and Terry and the family! Get well soon and kick its ass!
  6. Probably could use a good deep tissue massage, I’m sure he’s a little tight!
  7. I think the way this is growing out of control on new information and allegations, I actually am glad they already haven’t acted and I bet they are as well. Might as well wait till as much as possible comes out and then drop the hammer and bury him and the Browns in one fell swoop. JMO
  8. I said the same thing to me wife when she asked why I turned the channel! Cannot stand that guy! Lol
  9. He’s not fat just short for his weight! Lol
  10. With 31st pick in the 2022 TSW draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select; Kenyon Green OG Texas A&M Offensive line play needed to badly upgraded and we couldn’t be happier to have this player fall to us at 31. Plays with a nasty streak and will help in the run game pass protection immediately in keeping Burrow up right. The Lions and @Sherlock Holmes are now on the clock with pick 32
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