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  1. Listened today as I usually do and thought she is fine and did well. Doesn’t bother me at all. She will get better and better. Either way I enjoy listening to the show as well as the morning show. It’s good to hear hometown sports living here in Orlando!
  2. No Bills in that time, but met Dave Winfield, Larry playfair, Billy Martin, The Mauler and a couple others I can’t remember from a Columbus Nights banquet my dad took me to. Remember thinking how y’all Winfield was and how bent Playfairs nose was!! A lot of fun and got pictures with them all.
  3. Not Bills related I know, but was kid living in Brockport in type 80s and would love listening to the Amerks game on the radio and loved listening to Rick Peckhams game call! Had a lot of excitement in is voice and was a wonderful listen
  4. Got to see him play in person a couple times! Was a great player! RIP Mr Williams!!
  5. God I despise the Jets as much as the pats solely because of their fans! Started with that Jackass firemen Fred asshat and his stupid chant crap! Makes my blood pressure rise thinking of it! They suck and will always suck !!
  6. That’s awesome, but I’m guessing that they delayed the release a month to shuffle some dates so that say the first month is without fans and that each team is playing at home the same amount of times before projected fan attendance will be allowed. I wouldn’t be shocked if each team plays an even alternating schedule of one week home one week away. JMO
  7. First don’t let Bill in your head to scare you! He isn’t terrible but I don’t believe he is even close to Josh and has zero weapons around him. He has completed three passes in his career and one was to the other team! He will have his moments but not enough to induce any fear whatsoever, I believe!!
  8. Now now, 50% of us here are semi law abiding!! Lol honestly though that’s terrible, but dam he was an awesome linebacker!!
  9. I think there is room for two players as I believe if I’m not mistaken the roster is actually expanded to 55 this year, might be a reason as well for taking Fromm is knowing there’s an extra spot to stash him.
  10. Happy with the pick! Fits a need and didn’t reach, pretty much best of what was on the table so to speak!
  11. Breaking: Hi my name is Jay, yes it’s true I squat to pee. Thank you and god bless!
  12. He should be! He will now face top corners and double cover weekly.
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