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  1. Me too, as I’m going to the Bucs game and the Jags game ! So looking forward to it!
  2. Long shot but the Vikings for me, especially if Rogers saga gets really nasty and he isn’t there and they don’t over take the Packers.
  3. RIP! He was a solid linebacker and played hard and was always in the right spot it seemed! Enjoyed watching him play! Condolences to his family and friends, passed way to soon.
  4. That was a great watch! Keeps the juices flowing! Dam love the makeup and leadership of this team and organization!
  5. I think he will be in the same pitch count as AJ was. AJ was definitely hurt by not having the mini camps ahead of time, that is invaluable teaching points. He will very much benefit from this and will be fine. JMO
  6. We are planning on going, haven’t made any definitive plans yet but probably will so shortly looking forward to it for sure!!
  7. True, josh is much better but the Browns this year play a third place schedule, though the Bills are still better overall.
  8. Like these two picks for depth, also with the big contracts needed soon w Josh and potentially Edmunds, as well as Neal and Taron Johnson being free agents after this year we will need more and more cheap talent to play and play well. JMO
  9. Dam really was hoping Smith-Marsette was gonna be there for us
  10. Good lord remember about ten years ago when we drafted and they went to commercial break every time! Lol my how things have changed, I hope! Lol
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