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  1. I have not gone through all 20 pages, but was Fitz credited with 1 reception on his batted pass? Do they score it that way?
  2. I spent a summer at The Infantry School in Fort Benning, GA way back when. I was there for radio mechanic training. We were in an A/C building, but on coffee/donut breaks, we could watch the airborne guys out there busting their butts every day. Their uniforms were a shade darker from constant sweat. They were doing simulated jumps or hit the ground and roll exercises. Lots of running, too. Oops, break is over, time to go back inside. Are there any Army airborne guys here on TSW? Thanks for doing the hard work out there.
  3. The 49ers-Cardinals game seemed to have the crowd noise at too high a level. It was quite annoying, whereas the Bills game was not so bad. No, I disliked it as well. Fake crowds, it is so 2020.
  4. I understand how you feel, to a degree. I only get to watch from home, but it will be strange to see no fans in Bills Stadium. Very strange. NASCAR has its political BS, too, so I quit watching most of their stuff. MAV TV has local stock car racing from Oswego and lots of small towns. Real people, not the corporate Nascar crap. Actual fun racing. 2020 NFL season will be weird, if it even gets off the ground.
  5. I can understand the new guy (7 posts) to act like a dick towards JW, but the rest of you regulars should know better. JW is one of the few "significant" posters on TSW. Don't give him BS.
  6. Condolences to the Fitzpatrick family. Ryan is one of the good guys, even as a Dolphin. May his mother rest in peace, and may the family find peace soon.
  7. Kittle just got $15M/yr, average. And Kelce gets $14.25/yr ? Wow.
  8. I liked Duke from seeing his play in the CFL. But I think these 2 rookies will win out over Duke and flash-in-the-pan Foster. IIRC, on draft day, Gabe Davis was practicing with friends at UCF. Always working! I am excited to see these 2 guys play.
  9. Good God, you mean because Fromm failed to use the word "equally" you are still going to give him bull$$it for his remarks? eball, you have a weird interpretation of words.
  10. w/e - is that the newspeak for "whatever"? If so, maybe that's not as bad as the millennial "whatevs" Yikes
  11. He will work as an orderly? I thought he got his MD. Is this the Canadian version of a residency that US doctors must go through?
  12. Black people can't be racist? Are you shi77ing me??? What do you think BLM is all about? Getting rid of white influence (people, etc). BLM are the most racist voice active today. Just pretend otherwise, though.
  13. They only need to change the logo to a Virginia Redskin Peanut. Done. Or do they have to change the name of the peanut now?
  14. The NFL, like NASCAR, is so weak-minded to fall for this racist crap. BLM is nothing but a money laundering operation which pops up every 4 years. .
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