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  1. Except that one of his pupils is coaching the Titans, so that might soothe his mind (unfortunately).
  2. I miss some of the all-star games of old. The Blue-Gray Game was held on Christmas Day in Birmingham AL (I think). I used to think those people were especially dedicated to be doing it on Christmas. The Ricoh Japan Bowl was held in Japan. What a great fringe benefit for the top college players. There may be one or two minor all-star games left, but they seem hard to find.
  3. Yes, that is what the draft hounds are saying. Bills need 1 or 2 wide receivers, oh yeah.
  4. So Earl Gray Tea would be wrong. Oh wait, is it spelled TEE in England?
  5. He was great on that Bear Grylls adventure show - rapelling down cliffs, etc. He is a fun guy to watch. He did not look like he has much gas left in his tank, just no burst at all.
  6. Did you see the article about Knox, saying he can't wait to get started training for next season? It's very encouraging. He plans to train with Josh. I'm excited to see Knox's development! Sweeney, too, but Knox is a special talent.
  7. IIRC Ralph forced the Marshawn Lynch pick (having seen his bowl game, or some such), and then another RB (Fresno St?) in the 4th round. Meddling owners...
  8. Get headsets for both secretaries. They can say they are transcribing and need to listen closely. The other one could be on a fake phone call.
  9. Wasn't that great seeing BB pissed off at Vrabel pulling his own tricks on him! A very happy outcome to that game. Wow, how do you (other poster) create "photo-shopped" videos? That is really cool.
  10. When Neal had that sack, he stood over Watson for a moment, and I thought they might flag him. Just walk away, son, no gloating please. He has had some great ST plays this season, too.
  11. It really bothers me that the Bills carry only 2 RBs active each game. And don't tell me Sinorise Perry counts as #3 Many good teams use 3 active RBs on game day. I wish the Bills would do that. Happy New Year (and new decade) to all my Bills brothers and sisters!
  12. And don't these futures contracts happen at some fixed date, like the start of the NFL year, March 1 or so?
  13. Hah! I had forgotten about that little gem!
  14. Watching George Kittle makes me think that Knox could fill that role. Isn't Kittle a 3rd year guy? I love our 2 rookie TEs. Too bad Sweeney has not gotten more opportunities to play.
  15. Croom spent 3 years at WR before Tennessee moved him to TE, IIRC Could Croom be the big-bodied WR we all hope for?
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