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  1. And all those 2018 draft day moves did not cost us any future picks. That is pretty amazing work. The Pegulas could sign McDermott and Beane to 10-year extensions and I would be happy. I never imagined the Bills having the "right" head coach. And GM. I go back to the Kay Stephenson days "well, we're not getting the job done..." so I (we) have been waiting a long time for this dynamic McBeane duo.
  2. Jay should have told them "Screw you, I'll be in around 9:30"
  3. Jason was a 320-pound TE as I recall...
  4. Would Lee Smith need to wear a different jersey number, as he would be ineligible-to-receive?
  5. On the Josh Allen misdirection run with 2:00 or so left, Adam Archuleta called it "the complete banana in the tailpipe" play.
  6. I played "football" with friends as a teen. My athletic career started and ended playing baseball for the St Andrews Mustangs (Town of Tonawanda), 2nd or 3rd string outfielder. In Army basic training, I went up against a high school athlete when we did the pugil sticks (giant Q-tips you beat each other with). My opponent had strength and balance. I got my butt kicked in short order. During the final physical testing session, they mis-counted and gave me an extra back-and-forth on the monkey bars. Because of that, I got the E-2 stripe, while my more athletic buddy did not. Kudos to all you guys who coach kids or officiate games.
  7. Brady is incredibly selfish. It's a wonder he has survived so long in a team sport.
  8. Gibsons are great, but you will need to bring much more than $500. This is an excellent idea!
  9. This is good advice. I bought a guitar on Ebay, and the action was not good. i ended up selling it. So, definitely go to a music store or pawn shop, where there will be a lot to choose from. Pick it up, sit down and play with it, see how it feels. I like Takamine guitars, high quality for reasonable price. There are a lot of high quality cheap guitars these days. With a $500 range, there should be a good selection for you. Have fun!
  10. You may recall on Draft day, Beane traded up to #96 and took Knox. Patriots immediately traded out of their #98 pick, like Knox was the guy they wanted.
  11. Egads! Couldn't they stop and "regroup"? THAT was painful to get through (halfway at least). Ouch.
  12. Tom Paxton - Talkin' Vietnam Pot Luck Blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxSR4ZaDpBg Fresh - Stoned in Saigon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB7TDqzNLyc This is dedicated to all the Vietnam Veterans out there!
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