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  1. #4 Jaquan Johnson - a reason for optimism? What, that he will play somewhere else? Yikes
  2. @DaggersEODThis is in no way a LAMP post. Family deaths are an important part of this community, in that your brothers and sisters of TSW can try to lend moral support to those who are grieving. Peace to you and your family.
  3. My deepest condolences to you and your family. It is especially sad when a younger person passes away. May Rachel Rest In Peace.
  4. I have mentioned ISO 20022 a few times. Here is an article explaining what it is all about, which cryptos are ISO 20022 compliant, and why it is important. ISO 20022: the revolution in financial messaging and the crypto world
  5. Here is a timely topic, a couple days late.
  6. I'm glad to hear the house situation was not as bad as the initial reports!
  7. Didn’t you recently lose your house? How are you doing in recovering from that? Merry Christmas to your family!
  8. Didn't Miami franchise their non-blocking tight end? Maybe he asked Knox "What's this blocking thing they make you do?"
  9. Regulated. In compliance with ISO 20022.
  10. Crypto a fad? Hardly. It is the future of business. if you know which coins will be used in the financial systems, you can make a lot of money. The coins which can’t be regulated (BTC, Eth, etc) are pretty much a fad.
  11. My first crypto purchase was in October 2020. I have continued to purchase XRP and XLM since that time. There is still time to buy into those assets and make money from them. But this is not the "buy today, sell next week" kind of trading. It takes some patience to wait for the market to change. When things change, it will be dramatic. If you believe in Forbes, here is an article on Ripple/XRP. Forbes article on Ripple (XRP)
  12. Ummm, top 12 states for hunting moose?
  13. I'm fine, just waiting out the low market. XLM and XRP will bounce back. Sadly, BTC and ETH will likely never regain their all-time highs.
  14. I did not go to Jeff's while I was in Tucson. The Bills games were on normal TV. This week's TV map says Minn vs Bills will be on Fox in Tucson, so no need for a sports bar.
  15. It's kind of funny that Diggs entered the field with the Packers. Just too busy chirpin'
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