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  1. I wonder if I can find the cow pasture (about 4 miles from venue) where I parked my Corvair in deep cow mud for 4 days. I don't have my '64 Corvair any more, though.
  2. This is great! How old is this little guy? It's a pretty mature thing to do (doing it respectfully, that is).
  3. I got down on one knee and proposed - on Valentines Day. We met on a blind date, and have been married almost 30 years. Sometimes marriage works out well.
  4. I don't think so, Phil. Tommy Sweeney should make the Bills' final 53. Vince Ferragamo (ex-Alouette, I think) was with Andre. Not sure why they were there in Edmonton.
  5. Wow, this is pretty juicy stuff. I wonder how the Beach Boys got on the devil's music list...
  6. Thanks for the explanation. And "salties" = ocean-going ships? (either that or some little fishies)
  7. I'm enjoying this discussion. Can you explain a bit how the escarpment does this rounding and impounding?
  8. Thanks, Promo, I appreciate the update. I love watching the CFL.
  9. This is the Tom Terrific I was thinking of. Thanks, OldTimeAFLGuy!
  10. I lived in Fuquay-Varina, right next to Holly Springs. That must be rough when it gets under your contact lenses! Ouch.
  11. I have recently lived in the Raleigh and Charlotte areas of North Carolina. In March or April, you may find your car covered in a layer of yellow pine pollen. A friend who has a lot of pine trees told me that this yellow pollen will turn into black mold if it is not taken care of. Southern Arizona is much better place as far as allergies are concerned.
  12. Rest in peace, NJ Sue. I never met her, but I remember those days of the homework question. My condolences to all her friends and family.
  13. People are quick to dismiss this possibility, but as someone mentioned, we got a 5th for OT Marshall Newhouse last year. Look what they did with this "small change" draft capital. I think it was a 5th to move up for Cody Ford, wasn't it? Does Vlad Ducasse have any value to another team? A starting guard with years of experience? Give me a 6th or 7th for him, that's more change in my pocket. Bodine, maybe Teller, who knows what other teams can use once TC begins and injuries happen? Beane is a master at using his resources.
  14. @BillsFan4 Thank you for that Knox info. I'm excited to see what this athletic, but raw, young man can do. I wanted the Bills to draft 2 TE this year, and bingo, 7th round, Tommy Sweeney. This guy played in the Senior Bowl. Just seems to lack speed, but should be very useful in the Bills offense.
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