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  1. Again, Knox is a rookie so we need to cut him some slack. He was primarily a blocker at Ole Miss, and he really seems to kick butt as a blocker. Yes, the drops are annoying, but when he catches it, he has shown some beast mode after the catch. Belichek wanted Knox during the draft, so that tells me a lot about Knox's abilities.
  2. There was an awful lot of bullying going on in that elf workshop, too. Mean-spirited boss and all.
  3. Ford to LT seems insane at this point in the conversation, doesn't it, John? I mean, no offense pardner, but that's just wrong.
  4. Just get some really old milk to pour over the flakes. Ewwww...
  5. Looks like the Hamburg dude has a Throw over his head.
  6. Thanks, Logic. This is a great article. I'm glad you included Jerry's tears. That was like frosting on a beautiful cake!
  7. Jerry is probably thinking he has to pay this QB $100 million+ coming up soon. That would bring tears to his eyes after watching Dak on Turkey Day.
  8. Immediate divorce seems a bit rash, but marriage counseling is a must. You kids (I am assuming you are in your 20s or so) need to learn to communicate. Period.
  9. I'm surprised it has lasted this long. I like football variations, like the CFL, but I have not watched the Arena League in 10 years.
  10. I love watching the CFL. I get tired of all the billionaire stuff in the NFL world. I love it's simplicity. Two RCMP mounties carried the Grey Cup trophy through the stadium, so fans could touch it or see it up close. The flyover was a single CF-18 fighter. Beautiful. I always look forward to the new CFL season when June rolls around. Your mileage may vary. Some punts out of bounds (between the 20s, I think) result in a penalty. Just a bit confusing.
  11. Good grief - someone just wrote Robert's in regard to our kick return guy. He must be on the Bill's... I learned spelling and grammar from the Sisters of St Mary of Namur. I have worked with many engineers who can not spell or compose a proper sentence. I feel your pain, Virgil.
  12. Andre Roberts was a pro Bowl return man last year with the Jets. So, your "borderline ST" assessment seems wrong.
  13. Did anyone see the vendor with a tray full of Maruchan Instant Lunch containers? There was a bag of limes on the tray, too, so I don't know what they would be serving at a game. Any ideas?
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