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  1. Some of the press ask the dumbest questions, leaving the players searching for a halfway intelligible answer.
  2. The Beach Boy with the hat is Mike Love, original member. The guy second from left is their drummer- last name Cowsill. Figure it out. btw- I hate The Beach Boys music
  3. I knew it. He seemed like such a suck- up at the pre-draft interview with McDermott and Beane…..Bringing his stupid notebook thinking they’d be impressed by that. The only thing in the binder were doodles he drew at the airport.
  4. I was at that game in 1968. My most vivid memories are when the crowd sang "goodbye Collier, goodbye Joe, goodbye Collier, we're glad to see you go". I guess that song was a known 'thing' back then before 'Na na na na hey hey goodbye' replaced it as the good riddance fan chant. The fans got their wish. Collier was fired immediately after. Our seats were 4 rows from the field, just behind the visitors bench at War Memorial. The other memory from day is exiting, and walking on the track alongside the wooden snow fence that separated the bleachers from the playing field. On the other side of the fence next to me, walking the same direction, was Ben Davidson, the handlebar-mustached defensive end for the Raiders who stood 6 ft 8 inches. As I was just a kid, seeing a human that size up close was mind boggling. One of the assistant coach's wives had ridden with us to the stadium. I've wondered if going with us, rather than driving herself had anything to do with a suspicion that the dismissal was imminent. Those were dark days. A common theme is Bills' playoff lore is the 17 season drought. Well, that era was hardly any better, with only a single appearance (loss in 1974) from 1967 to 1980. Every time the team was on the brink of being a contender, Ralph tightened the purse strings and jettisoned (or pissed off) good talent. Thank goodness we have the Pegulas, Beane and the rest - people who care more about winning than the bottom line.
  5. I submitted my revised Washington Commanders helmet design. No word from the team yet. p.s. - You'll probably only get this if you grew up in Buffalo watching kids programs in the 60s or 70s. 😉
  6. the obvious 5, Kumerow and Hodgins. Crowder gone.
  7. Seemed like a decent person, nice singer from an era when entertainers remembered their job was to entertain- rather than trying to force their political views down our throats. She had very rare quality- she could be the most wholesome peaches and cream girl next door, and at the same time be as sexy and desirable as any fantasy pinup girl. Rest In Peace.
  8. I got pretty much same deal. So, what they offered was 6 payment of $48.99 to cover Sunday ticket, but…$45 off for 12 months. The usual DIRECTV voodoo billing math. Effectively paying additional $3.99 for 6 months, then $270 off (6 months x $45) until next year. Not a bad deal. May be the last year we’ll be able to negotiate to this extent. When I asked the rep about NFL Max that I got for free last year along with the ST, she did a few key strokes and told me they threw in Max for free. Cool. Of course, when I got the bill, they included the extra $16.99 for Max. Not quite free. Again, I had to call to get that dropped. That rep said there was nothing in the notes from previous call about Max, and she couldn’t add it without charging. “Fine”, I Told her I didn’t care much about Max, anyway, so drop it. You practically have to have an accountant to understand their ‘charge and credit’ process when you get your bill. Here’s the part that pisses me off: when they overcharged for Sunday ticket Max, it includes sales tax. BUT, when they provide the credit on the following bill it’s only the base price of that service. So I’m paying tax on something I didn’t get? It’s like buying a product at Home Depot and paying for the product and sales tax, then returning it and only getting your money back on the original sale price. I argued that point with the customer service rep for 15 minutes and she just didn’t get it. Finally I just threw my hands up and said F it. It was only a few dollars, but it was the principle of it. Maybe that credit will be automated and she just wasn’t aware of how it works. We’ll see. Anyway, another year of enjoying Bills football in the cozy confines of my living room or man cave.
  9. I can’t find one in Georgia. I’ll have go to New York to get a New Jersey.
  10. Hoping his text in February will be, “it was chrome, so we brought it home”.
  11. How many Lowe's could Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowe's?
  12. I'm not anti-Twitter or any of those platforms. I love access to so much information. But like anything else, moderation seems like the best course. I'm from the pre-internet, pre-cell phone era, and developed social habits without those vices. We had to organize meet ups and schedules remotely, through communication from (gulp) the landline phones that mom, dad, or some other person might answer when it rings (no caller ID of course) OMG! I just have to shake my head when I see a family sitting together at a restaurant, all ignoring each other and staring at their devices. Sad. I'll be back in a few minutes to check on if I got any 'likes'.
  13. I'll bet those Jitterbug people have fulfilling social lives with actual people, face to face, and are able to articulate complete thoughts without expressing them through unintelligible grunts or emojis.
  14. Somehow, I managed to live a reasonably full life for 50 years without following or being followed on Twitter when it first gained popularity. I get that a lot of people enjoy the interaction, but TSW and occasional Facebook is about all the social media I want to indulge in. I don’t want to be one of those people (especially the under 30 crowd) walking around staring at my mobile device all day like a damn zombie. I went to The grocery store yesterday, and from my car to the doors of the market I saw no less than three people walking towards the entrance with their eyes glued to their phone. What are you so afraid you’re missing?! I keep thinking if someone were to transport in time from 50 years ago to now and could see this activity, they’d think we’d all been hypnotized or gone nuts. I’m starting the believe that may be the case. end of morning rant 😉
  15. He’s not wrong about losing to 4 of 6 playoff team. The 2 wins were against Pats and Chiefs- 2 teams they also lost to (including playoff loss). The Bills are being hyped up pretty good, possibly because of their last 2 nationally televised playoff performances. But reality check- they lost 7 games last year. They have several new coaches and players. They DO have a much harder schedule. They’ve got their work cut out for them. There’s no guarantee they make the playoffs let alone super bowl. I think Warren is playing counterpoint to all the hype. We’ll find out who’s right in the next few months.
  16. Not sure specifically which cases you’re referring to, but if there was indisputable proof of substance abuse or betting it may have been easier to make a decision on discipline. in this case, the grand jury didn’t find enough evidence to pursue prosecution. It sounds like more of a case of “he said she said”. I think the NFL was behind the eight ball trying to be fair. It’s more than likely that Watson acted inappropriately and possibly criminally, but without indisputable proof, how could the mediator or Goodell give a more severe punishment? As it is, they’re basically saying all signs point to Watson doing something that puts a stain on their brand. Here’s your slap on the wrist. Don’t do it again. Side note: i’ve yet to understand why Watson is portrayed as one of the greatest quarterbacks of the century, or at least among current starters. I can easily think of AT LEAST 8-10 QBs I’d take over Watson.
  17. When my Buick Regal was on the fritz, Irv Weinstein rebuilt my carburetor. Hand to god. Azar just held the flashlight.
  18. More accurate to say pre-70’s players often had a side hustle. Not so much since the merger, better TV money, and stronger Union/CBA. Back in the day, Some were interns at corporations or media, some got into ownership or partnerships in restaurants, others found regular jobs that were flexible enough to still play football in the fall. Training camp was actually used to get players back in shape. Today, players train year round and usually arrive to camp in football shape. From a fan perspective, game tickets were less than $10. it’s a different world
  19. You picked up on both. Excellent! Especially the reference to the famous dogs playing poker artist from Krakow, Jackson Polack.
  20. It amazes me how political views and personal choices have polluted every facet of our culture. I liked Beasley a lot for his contributions as a football player. Anything else I don't care about. If he wants to hang his toilet paper the wrong way - don't care if he want to tattoo his face with images of the 3 stooges - don't care if he rubs one out to Rosie O'Donnell - don't care if his favorite painter is Jackson Polack - don't care can he get a first down for the Bills when needed - ok, now you have my attention
  21. So he pretty much plays the same role in the middle of the field as the Dutch Windmill obstacle at a putt-putt golf course. And he can run sideline to sideline too (and be second man in a on the tackle well past the first down marker). I'm old school, so I guess I just need to adjust my paradigm of what a middle linebacker is in the Frazier defense and accept that Edmunds is a valuable piece of that squad. I'm trying.
  22. Conspicuously ignored - the many contributions of Cole Beasley. Yeah, I know - that's what they do when a player is not part of the coming season. But from a historical standpoint, anyone looking at this 10, 20 years from now may not even know that he was a big part of the success in 2021. After re-watching some of the late season games, I was reminded what a savvy ballplayer he is - finding seams, rarely dropping a pass, and giving everything he had to get that first down. Can't help but wonder if some of the personnel decisions were affected by a player's anti-vax position. There are at least 3 players I can think of that may fit that mold and are not at St John Fisher this week, including Beasley. I think he's going to be missed unless Crowder can fill that role with equal success.
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