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  1. Bease had an innate knack for finding the open spot to get a first down, and rarely dropped one of Josh's bullets. He kept the chains moving. Yeah, if he's still got anything, I'd love to have him back. Besides, my wife has the #11 Beasley shirt, so there's that.
  2. Gee, maybe they just needed to fill a spot with an experienced WR who they didn’t have to tutor for….THE PRACTICE TEAM! Unless the injury wave digs deeper into the receiving corp, doubt Brown will be brought up and active.
  3. That throw was brilliant, but to me, the credit has to be split equally between Josh and Steph. 45 yards on a strait line like a missile (wow!) and Diggs, running and cutting who had to have laser-like concentration to snag that speeding bullet with defenders converging, still gain a couple extra yards, and then quickly have the presence of mind to immediately signal for a timeout! Quite the tandem!
  4. What, no Peternan? How soon we forget.
  5. You’re missing the essence of it by focusing on the words rather than the emotion. In a text or any transcript it would sound pedestrian, but McDermott sounded like a man who had just been through battle, his voice cracking. The normally subdued McDermott was struggling to hold back tears of joy and relief following a week of physical and emotional rollercoasters. What shame for anyone not able to feel that moment.
  6. The play calling is beyond unimaginative. Miss Dabol.
  7. He didn’t. I just did a slow-mo replay. The ball is on the other side of the post
  8. Bills tempt fate with white over blue. Lions 31. Bills 24
  9. Yes. The Bills could use more experience right now. Dorsey has shown little creativity. The Bills deserve better than on the job training for the OC position.
  10. Funny that Josh in his 5th year is playing in his 3rd Thanksgiving game, but Kelly in his entire career only played in 1.
  11. So true. Unfortunately, too many Americans can’t read between the lines or intelligently scrutinize biased reporting coming from mass media outlets. Rather than just being reported by print and broadcast news, the political landscape is now controlled by a media who prey on a vulnerable audience. If you didn’t live there, you would think all of WNY was at a standstill following the latest snow event. Call a friend or relative in Amherst (for example)- they’ll probably say “yeah, had to brush off the car, dig out a bit, but then drove up to Tops for some gametime pops and picked up a pizza on da way home Roads were clear. No big deal”. Much different than the perception an outsider might have.
  12. Right. I was thinking coach wife too. Who knows? Ancient history. I vaguely remember the season of ‘68 when QBs kept going down and Rutkowski was something like 6th-string emergency QB. Like so many things, one simple turning point changes history. The revolving door of QBs no doubt led to their overall first draft pick on ‘69. The Bills one-win season led to OJ, which led to Cousineau which led to Kelly. So it goes.
  13. I seem to remember a story (rumor) that he was messing about with one of the players’ wives. No idea if there was any validity to it or if just conjecture.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to assemble those stats and give a little perspective. I suspect the crowd crying "fire_______ "(fill in the blank) are part of the instant gratification generation who've never considered how difficult getting to and winning the superbowl is. Brady/Belichick set an unrealistic bar that is unlikely to be seen again in our lifetimes.
  15. Well, look at you with that cute tease...a career in mainstream media or an internet click-bait sites awaits you!
  16. Don’t disagree, but there were a few in which Jefferson’s jersey was being grabbed and there was a fair amount of contact, but the refs let it play out. It went both ways. The Bills earned the loss. Jefferson burned our secondary with spectacular catches and the Bills coaching and Allen’s brain farts combined to seal the deal.
  17. For all the whining, one thing we shouldn’t complain about is officiating. For the most part, the zebras let them play. The Bills got away with a lot of holding and they’re lucky the Gabe Davis bobble wasn’t overturned. side note-it’s a shame the Bills didn’t go after Hockenson. I wanted him for the Bills the year he was drafted. Knox is good, but not elite. Hockenson could have done for the Bills what Kelce does for the Chiefs.
  18. What the hell is with you Bills ‘fans’? You’re all butt-hurt by the loss and need to find a whipping boy? Whaaaaaa…the Bills and Tre White ruined your Monday morning. By all accounts, Tre has been working his ass off to come back. I suspect Tre may be physically ready, or close to it, but the Bills may want him at full-go practice for a few weeks to get past the psychological part of it before he sees live action against real opponents. it’s your right to criticize, but how about showing a little class?
  19. Agree. The defense needs to step up. Some here are saying it’s an excuse to point to injuries, but when they’re missing 3 all-pro DBs, it’s more than an excuse.
  20. I can’t sit around waiting for your mood swing before I can be a smartass.
  21. The 1st down goal line play was beyond predictable. The worry over a safety led to a fumble and Minn TD. A bootleg RPO or play action may have bought them a couple of yards and the ability to take a knee. Worse case scenario: incomplete pass and couple more downs or a safety.
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