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  1. So it really means that Rapp was also signed under $2M. Cool
  2. Love these Virgil, thanks for doing it. I won't participate on anything longer than one round but I enjoy any draft simulation. Btw, I am setting over/under for @GunnerBill saying that it is **** draft in Mock no. 1 at 2.5
  3. 1. Salary cap is a real thing and we have borrowed from the future quite a lot already (Beane knows this and was super conservative this offseason). 2. We overpaid for Von Miller, in a sense that he would've come cheaper (He is still great player though). 3. We might never win a SB even with Josh, since you also need a lots of luck a some franchises just don't have it (I already made a peace with it and try to enjoy every season nevertheless). These are some major ones from the top of my head. Many others were already mentioned. Edit: I'll add 4 somewhat related to 1 and 2: Diggs' and Miller's contracts are both one year too long and will cause us some cap trouble in two years (or even next year, if we don't win it all and Diggs won't take it well).
  4. Harris, Sherfield and Allen don't count for sure. We don't know about Edwards yet but I am pretty sure Beane knows what is in stake and made sure he won't count. https://overthecap.com/compensatory-picks
  5. Yes. And it looks more and more likely we get it, unless we sign a FA for over $2.5m. We signed 2 who qualify (McGovern, Harty) and let go 3 (Edmunds, Keenum, Singletary).
  6. Yeah something has to be wrong there, it sounds really weird.
  7. Nice summary, and I fully agree with the bolded. I think its worth adding that not all FAs count AFAIK, only those whose contract ended, not those who were cut. Or something like this. Yes, and this is a good source for this information: https://overthecap.com/compensatory-picks
  8. This is great, I hope it stays that way. Extra 3 round pick always helps. If I were Beane I would be really careful who to sign now since it has to be worth it, which is unlikely.
  9. I think Beane knows that and he is only traded if we get some WR or maybe OL upgrade in return.
  10. Educated guess, I guess? I just think that people here don't believe that Bills FO can evolve. Yes they invested little bit more in the defense in the past, but I think that they now see what most people on this board see. I can't exclude that they will draft LB in round 1, if there is a value, but I am pretty sure that they overall focus will be offense. Just my opinion of course.
  11. I don't understand why people worry so much about WR room being set. There is like 85%+ chance that we draft WR in rounds 1-3 imo. I doesn't guarantee that WR room will be upgraded but FO will try for sure.
  12. Assuming that "up to" means he is in fact over the threshold I hope it does and also hope we don't sign anyone, unless it is really worth it. 3rd round comp pick is too much of a value to be lost for random UFA. Also sad to see Motor go.
  13. Some people are saying that anything under $1.75M doesn't count, and that (hoperfully) includes Sherfield, and more than likely Johnson. If true, we are still 2/2 and basically waiting for Motor's deal.
  14. Some comments directly in your post. If I understand it correctly Beane said $9M prior releasing of McK and prior Dane's contract change. That makes sense, and would mean we have about $12.5M right now. Since you need about $10 more for season itself (rookies, PS players, in season moves and 53man roster rule), we have very little space in fact. Just for one extra $3M FA and couple of vet mins. We definitely don't have $7-8M for FA without additional restructires.
  15. Random question: anybody knows anything about Daiyan Henley, LB from Washington State? I've seen him mocked to us in the first (!) on some local forum, and don't remember ever seeing his name mentioned on TBD before...
  16. Hmmm. It's on Sportrac and they have it much better than tweets above: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/jordan-poyer-12500/ It says 10M guaranteed, 3.6M cap hit this year, 6.2M cap hit next year, and only 750k dead cap if released. There are some incentives too. If true, this is the best deal Beane has ever done lol.
  17. I really doubt he will get bigger just beacuse we released him
  18. Btw this looks like we are going to get a WR somehow very soon. I doubt we are going to enter the draft with just 4 NFL receivers on the roster.
  19. It was always a possibility once we kept/restructured Hines and added Harty, but I didn’t think it will happen before TC (and I know he was due some $300k or so today). Wish him all the best. He was a good Bill.
  20. I hope that anyone who mentions this as an example how our division rivals are getting better also mentions that Miami just lost him lol
  21. I just posted this in another thread. I fully agree. And I like it TBH. I know most people here don't care about the cap or think it can always be manipulated but at some point we need to make it work with cheap guys as starters. We have top secondary so we have to survive having young LB next to Milano.
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