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  1. Well they paid couple of relatively cheap WRs, I am not sure what your point is. I am not arguing that you can't pay all players for a short term, or that you can't pay many cheap players longterm, I am just saying that you can't pay everybody longterm and that salary cap is a real limitation. So, to ask you once again: If cap is not "real", what other reason do you think Chiefs had when they traded Hill away? As for the Bills, I am pretty sure they would be more than happy to resign/extend Poyer, Oliver, Edmunds, Singletary, Phillips, Jackson, Davis, etc, and still add some top FA. But they won't, and the only reason is that cap is more than real.
  2. Well I am not, was it a snark? Don't be so defensive. Point is that you were basically saying that 2+2=5 in terms what happens in NFL on weekly basis. You were saying that Beane would be silly to do something what he obviously planned to do. Now you are right that I didn't have to come back and call you out, but I did it not to show how good I am, but to make sure you notice what happened (I don't see you around very often). You have a right to believe otherwise
  3. I am confused by this take (not only by you, but many others). Hines' cap hits next two years are $4.8m and $5.5m, and unless I am missing something he can be cut for free. At the same time, I'd be really surprised if Singletary gets better deal from any team. I am pretty sure we can keep Devin for $10.3m cap hit in the first two years pf his future contract. So why exactly are you so sure that we will keep a RB who has not take a single snap as Bills RB over Singletary who we drafted and our QB clearly loves him?
  4. Well apparently Chiefs also do, otherwise Hill would be still on the team. Also, if the cap is not "real", why exactly wasn't Poyer extended already? I do know that cap can be manipulated to a certain extent but it is still more than real in terms of limiting teams to do whatever they want.
  5. And just like that, Bryant is cut again. Exactly as @Beck Water and I predicted.
  6. Just a couple of technical notes: - it was actually not 38 players but only 36 - Saffold and Phillips have just dead cap - 1st round pick salary is NOT factored in (it is just mentioned but not counted) - $7 million over the cap was a little deceiving, since Sportrac counts with $218M salary cap, and actual number will be higher for sure. If you browse a little expectations are that it will be around/at least $225M. On the other hand, you need additional $4M fo PS players and roughly $3M for in season changes, so if salary cap was indeed $225 then we would be actually $7M over the cap anyway (this was meanwhile changed by Hines trade but he could be cut for nothing). Do you have any link to support this? I saw that it is being estimated to be about $225 but nothing like you suggest (for 2023). This year it was $208M, I seriously doubt it will be $250M next year, Amazon or not.
  7. Actually a best one today. I was planning to start the same once this deadline is over. Teams are making half desperate moves in order to catch us, since we made a move last off-season.
  8. Well first of all it doesn't matter what I think about them or the Bills And they don't have tiebreaker. They will have one if they beat us in second game. Anyway, the only thing that I am saying is that even after these two additions they are still inferior to the Bills. Can they beat us? Sure they can, so could Jags or Pats in one random game. But we will be quite a big favorites to win a PO game in OP come January, that's my point.
  9. Yeah they did. So did Patriots last year under some bizzare circumstances and it also didn't help them much in January.
  10. Lol this is some wild trade deadline. They got better again but won't help them much vs Bills.
  11. We did major move well ahead of everybody, by adding Von Miller. There is a reason why we are the biggest SB favorites, and that won't change after McCaffrey, Toney, Quinn, Smith and Hockenson moves.
  12. Can you please explain what do you mean by "it's not acceptable"? Serious question. Like you are going to fire him if he does it again? Or you want Bills to get rid of him? Or you stop rooting for the Bills? Or exactly what are you not going to "accept"?
  13. I think they will have problems to attract FAs despite huge cap space this off-season. So they might be trying to balance things out by acquiring some talent with couple of remaining years on their contracts this way. Not saying it's smart though.
  14. It's easy. Chiefs added talented WR with all red flags you can imagine, so obviously we need to make some kind of move, otherwise it is an EPIC fail. I mean, is it hard for you to understand such a flawless logic?
  15. And there it is - updated after Packes win. Next - Browns in W11. The last team to beat in AFC.
  16. Don't do it. AFC is losing 15-17 vs NFC.
  17. Like I said, we are just toying with them, let THEM run the clock, and then stop them when it matters. Brilliant strategy.
  18. I am starting to think this "run defense" is intentional. Let Packers bleed the clock and confuse any future opponent!
  19. We are getting to the point where Rodgers needs to start forcing it, which will result in sacks and/or interceptions.
  20. Everything what is not Moss' fault is Edmunds' fault, in case you didn't notice
  21. Sorry didn't want to be rude, I should choose words more carefully. I just meant that it really seemed to me that you were saying that you find something what is actually very common (cutting a player recently signed) to be improbable. You also wrote that he "signed a 1 year deal" in the way like it meant something, while it is just a basic way how to put any guy on the roster. You also said you don't know about cap ramifications - it is very easy to find out if you care about cap space and there are none. So to me it sounded you don't know very much about how the roster things work. I apologize if I was wrong a/or rude. As for the cutting Bryant, I agree with basically everything what @Beck Water said in this thread. I'd just add that I didn't realize that cutting Cam Lewis is also an option when White comes back. So its Bryant, Lewis or Hodgins imo. And if it is not Bryant, it is definitely not due to the reasons you stated.
  22. Well I know he is not on the PS, that's why he is a cut candidate Not sure how long you have been following this but this happens all the time. We have a roster spot so we sign a guy, in this case Bryant. Now an All-pro CB comes back from IR, so we cut somebody from the bottom of hte roster. That happens to be Bryant. I'd be shocked if it was anybody else than him or Hodgins, and since we have another WR on IR, and Bryant is 10th DL and won't even dress unless somebody is injured, he is most likely candidate. It doesn't matter that he was signed recently. Edit: It has no cap ramifications. He has no guaranteed money.
  23. Please no. I want to like our players, and he doesn't fit.
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