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  1. I get what you are saying, but do you really believe that someone like him couldn't get much better deal? It just seems too good to ve true. I guess we'll see
  2. My guess is $6.5M, with $4.5M cap hit this year and $2M next year (void). I'd be pleasantly surprised by anything better.
  3. Wow, didn't see this coming. Curious about the money. What are we going to do with all those Dline players? I guess this means that Beane tries to trade Basham for 6th or Epenesa for early 5 or something.
  4. Let's wait how the deal in fact looks like...
  5. Agreed, if you mean that they don't want to restructure more to add players. But they need to do something before the season starts, since we need about $7M more cap space for PS players and basic in-season moves, and even more if Von/Doyle/anybody else starts season on PUP/IR. I am really curious who Beane decides to restructure. White or Dawkins seem like most logical options (if we are talking converting base salary to some bonus).
  6. I just hope he is not a shell of his old self...
  7. I am confused by your post. Pegula did vote for the change, didn't he?
  8. We did not lose last 2 vs Raiders, we won last 2 games. And we are not losing in London vs Jags, I'll be there to make sure 13-4 looks good to me.
  9. Amazing schedule overall, but brutal for us Europeans. 6 games starting at 2.15 am? I guess I will need to see some of them relive.
  10. I knew that you can't trust anyone who comes to his first visit without socks...
  11. This is amazing schedule. I'm sure there are some negatives I don't see at the first glance but it seems as good as it gets to me. Great first game, slow start overall, bye before Chiefs, good dates vs Miami, etc. Hope it's correct.
  12. Agreed. Matchup is great, on road vs tough divisional opponent - schedule is hard overall, so why not start this way. Don't like MNF, it's 2.30 AM for me and you get to play after everybody else. But whatever I guess.
  13. Ryanair :) I'm from Europe.
  14. Thanks guys. I just bought airline tickets And I also found out that a friend of mine lives 15mins walk from the Stadium and he probably can sleep me on his sofa lol.
  15. On a more serious note, I am definitely coming. Any tip for a hotel close to stadium which has also good connection to airports? But I guess it's too early to ask, I need to check airline tickets first since there are quite a lot airports in London.
  16. One question if I may... Why is everyone in your country driving on the wrong side of the road?
  17. I don't think that it is meant to be exciting for Bills fans or even US fans in general. But trust me it is very exciting for European fans, me including. Much easier/cheaper to see your team live. I fully understand why you don't like it. Apparently NFL thinks it's good for business (I have no idea if they are right).
  18. Maybe. But even if it's a miss, I'll never blame Beane for this one. He knew he needs to do something with the OL and he did. If he chose the wrong guy or overpaid him so be it. It's not like there were ton of options. Hell, even if we find out that Edwards, Boettger or Broeker are better and any of them starts, I am still fine with McGovern being one of the best (and best paid) backups in the league. If there is a cheap starter we can pay expensive backup
  19. Interesting. My observation is that TSW works in opposite way. Almost nobody here cares about salary cap, and from those who do, most think you can do everything you want. I do care about comp picks and salary cap a lot, and I'd be happy if he gets as many sacks as he can
  20. It only means we need some more players for TC...
  21. These are the craziest poll results I've ever seen. Well done @NewEra and TBD. Lol and well done Beane
  22. Yeah, but even if you trade Boettger we still have one too many IOL to roster - Morse, Bates, Torrence, McGovern, Edwards and Broeker. We might roster all 6, but we usually have only 5. He will need to beat Edwards too imo.
  23. Haha maybe but Beane still restructured him so he is borderline uncuttable now. But maybe he'll really find a trade partner if he's odd man out.
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