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  1. I assume the poster meant that Araiza was not a vet. Beane said they wanted a veteran, but were rolling with a rookie previously.
  2. Can you summarize what was said by Dawkins about Ford? I’ve heard about that on the board, but was never able to find a quote online. It certainly seems bad for Ford if teammates feel the need to publicly shame him.
  3. If the team does release he who shall not be named here, they will have options. Kern is a good one but may want more than the Bills offer. Jordan Berry is another decent FA. I suspect it may be someone a little more “under the radar”. It’s not an area where the team has been very successful the last couple of years anyways, and they still enjoyed much on field success.
  4. Elam, Shakir, and 5. I think besides Elam, none of the draft picks will start week 1. Singletary is going to be the primary RB, although Cook will have an impact. Starting LBs are Milano and Edmunds so Bernard won’t start. I don’t see Shakir overtaking Diggs, Davis, or McKenzie, but man has he looked good so far. That’s why I picked him for “best season”. I selected 5 picks to make the 53, but forgot Punt God so 6. Tenuta and Spector to the PS.
  5. No way they cut Blackshear! Jamarcus Ingram and that Tenuta kid were the two who stuck out in game 2. Tenuta was a draft pick though so maybe he stays.
  6. If it makes you feel any better, he probably isn’t out any more than usual he’s just getting a lot more attention from the media. Well, except that one guy.
  7. Tyrod was by all accounts a great teammate and hard worker. I don’t think the team lost too many games because of him, but they didn’t win many on account of him either. I remember feeling like if The Bills fell behind, it was over. He just wasn’t explosive as a passer. Too timid. I was glad he helped end the drought of course, but was also glad the team moved on the following year.
  8. Just an fyi for those still trying. I was #7916 in line for a half hour between 2:30 and 3:00. The number didn’t change in all that time, but it did eventually. Now I’m #6856. Thought i would post in case others have the same experience.
  9. Dang, guess I’m not going to camp this year. I can’t even find where on the app to try.
  10. Oh come on. I watched the beginning and it hurt to see the way that game ended again but what they showed next was even worse! I didn’t watch any further.
  11. I agree about the ballooning contract comment and decided to look up Jim Kelly’s and Dan Marino’s career earnings. Kelly made $27M in his career. Marino made $51M. Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, and Kirk Cousins are all averaging more $ per season now than Kelly made in his entire career. That has to be a factor for these older guys. Thought that was interesting.
  12. It’s interesting to think how the draft would have played out for the Bills if the browns did take Allen. I’d assume they still take a Qb, but who?
  13. If Bass is 5/7 on PATs every week I like our chances of winning!
  14. Last time i imbibed from the bowling ball, it had a dead bee stuck on it. I regret nothing.
  15. So what your saying is you’d rather see Kumerow or Taiwan “undressed”?
  16. Zay jones was a collegiate freak, wasn’t he? Did i guess correctly?
  17. I think there are more possibilities. Couldn’t jones get hurt, cam get cut, and stidham be the starter? Or there must be some scenario where hoyer starts? Also in your first scenario jones is both a starter and backup? Sorry, I’m tired.
  18. Didn’t Talley reveal a while back that he was suffering from depression he thought was caused by football? That could be a factor? Either way this video is sad.
  19. Brady winning definitely had to chafe a little. Also Bill B isn’t going to coach forever. He’s reaching to try and make one last run imo.
  20. Why drag Josh Allen into it? I think that’s a bad look.
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