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  1. When they say "lower body" they aren't referring to a vaginal injury I hope?
  2. At least we get to wear the cursed combo this week 🙃
  3. Why are you guys crazy. Enjoy the season. Life is too short. We are doomed
  4. I feel for you. Trying to point out something "dumb" to make yourself feel better about yourself, but ironically, you look like an absolute idiot. Congratulations 👏. Was the rookie reactions title, or the actual player name that made you think it was Knox? 🥴
  5. So many people out of their minds already.
  6. I turned the game off after the 4th and goal and went upstairs to take a *****. Thought the game was over. Sorry fellas
  7. Yeah, he threw 2 bonehead ints and fumbled a snap for a TD. He also didn't knock down a 4th and 19. Amazing insight 👏 🙀
  8. Take note. Comeback and hitch routes work against zone
  9. Thank you Simon. This is exactly what is going on and it is beyond frustrating
  10. Oh wow, missed this gem of a thread yesterday. This is batshit crazy talk, kinda. Here is how the convo went. Tre we are going to have you follow Jefferson this week. Tre:
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