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  1. Von said on his twitch stream today that he will be back, hopefully in 1-2 weeks
  2. They are second in scoring in the NFL. Every team "leaves meat on the bone". The Chiefs get sucked off weekly, playing the same game the Bills did yesterday, making plays in the last second to win. Get over it
  3. Do you not enjoy the 28 points per game and 426 yards per game? Not enough?
  4. No. It's already been reported as a knee sprain. Severity will be determined later.
  5. It means you are screaming for attention per usual
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Let's enjoy this Bills win
  7. When they say "lower body" they aren't referring to a vaginal injury I hope?
  8. At least we get to wear the cursed combo this week 🙃
  9. Why are you guys crazy. Enjoy the season. Life is too short. We are doomed
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