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  1. I don’t think he’ll be anything special
  2. They aren’t guaranteed to the win the Super Bowl. But if Allen is truly at the elite level that he appears to be, there aren’t many QB’s who haven’t found success. Pretty sure the odds are in our favor that this team is going to successful for a while
  3. Funny….I was talking to a Chiefs fan after the game who said he thinks 2022 is the Bills year because of all the FA’s and Mahomes new deal kicking in, KC will probably take a step back.
  4. And to your point, if you followed just about all of the draft “experts” they all had the same negative prognosis for Allen.
  5. How much do you think Miami can improve with Tua as QB, a brand new head coach, and likely a new defensive scheme? That’s why they tried this year…they kept the team together and some of their decisions didn’t work out. I think we see a little bit of a shakeup this season. Nothing crazy but a lot of the veterans that were kept from last season probably won’t be back
  6. I won’t say 30 but yeah it’s going to be multiple scores - maybe 3 TD’s. I can see Cincy keeping it close by KC will gain an advantage at the end of the 2nd Q and run away with the game by the 4th quarter. The only real threat to the LC is LAR, though Stafford will still have to be ON which is far from a given.
  7. I don’t think Fitzpatrick wants to coach just yet. I do wonder whether he would consider Buffalo. Throughout his career, he’s always ended up on teams where he would start or have a chance to compete to start. He’s never really backed up an established QB. But now that he’s older and coming off a brutal hip injury, it does make you wonder if he would be ok as a backup. I have a feeling he would have a positive impact on Josh. Yeah I know the whole “Fitzmagic” stuff…but this is a completely different situation
  8. Same but because of the bias against him from members of the media, there was a lot of talk of Allen being a “one year wonder” or a good - not great quarterback. I think he showed exactly what kind of QB he is on Sunday.
  9. I’ve been avoiding a lot of Bills coverage because the last thing I want to do is to relive the disappointment from Sunday. But I came across this quote from Brandon Beane: We can smile today because we have Josh Allen. This really connected with me. As bad as the loss feels in the moment, the larger view is Sunday cemented what many in this forum already believed - Josh Allen is an elite level quarterback. The sample size is there - he’s not a one-year wonder taking advantage of a weak schedule. There isn’t going to be a regression like Matthew Fairburn theorized last summer. He certainly isn’t a product of Brian Daboll. Buffalo has a legitimate franchise QB who is arguably one of the 2 best in the NFL and could get even better. What happens when your team has an elite level QB? Everything falls into place. You contend every single season. There is no “window” when you have a top QB. It seems like something changed with Josh in the playoffs this season just as it did during the start of the 2020 season. As the moment and competition got higher so did his level of play. I think 2022 will be Josh Allen’s best year yet. I’ve never been one for overly optimistic takes but I’m pretty sure that this team is set up for success for no other reason than #17. Go Bills
  10. IDK about that Beane is definitely more open and forthcoming than most GM’s. More than McDermott too. The big question we have to ask is about re-signing Tremaine Edmunds and Ed Oliver. Also the failures to develop most of the talent they drafted on the D-line the past two seasons. There’s a lot of questions regarding some FA’s and improvements on the roster they’ll need to make in 2022.
  11. The difference is the Rams consistently get pressure with their front 4 - specifically in the middle with Donald and on the edge with Miller. I love both players but Oliver and Hughes don’t compare.
  12. The reason the Bills should have a better season next year is because of Josh Allen. He established himself as a Top 5 (if not Top 2) QB given how he played in the playoffs. I really do think he’s going to have a monster season. We don’t have to worry about “regression” Also, they are unlikely to go 0-6 in one score games two years in a row.
  13. Thanks for clarifying that for me. I forgot about the plays before the catch. Coaching searches are always strange because you never what’s real or BS, but despite all the Daboll smoke, it was reported that NYG was doing their due diligence by asking assistants and trainers about Flores. Maybe this is a standard procedure for all candidates but it does make you wonder if Flo is a dark horse candidate. Whatever coach goes to NYG won’t be married to Daniel Jones long term. He was drafted under a regime that’s not longer there and if he sucks I doubt they’ll object to moving into a new direction. Of Course, the worst case scenario is a Tua season. Where he puts up decent stats against bad team to create the illusion that he is more competent that he really is.
  14. Hail Murray was not Leslie’s fault. Mario Addison failed to contain, Murray threw a perfect pass and Hopkins made a perfect catch. The Bills best 3 pass defenders were on Hopkins. Can’t ask for much more than that
  15. It’s funny by the narratives on Brian Daboll to change. I remember when he was hired in Buffalo. People took a look at his past stints, as this author did above, and came to the conclusion that he wasn’t any good. The word on Daboll was that he was a coordinator who wanted to run the ball more than he wanted to pass. Yet true to his word Daboll said he believed in tailoring an offense to its players strengths which is what he did in Buffalo. And yes, having Josh as his QB definitely helped his cause, but Daboll was a huge part of Josh’s development from his pre-draft interview to today. No one know how he will be as a HC, but I think he deserves as much of a shot as most candidates today
  16. Edmunds is easily the most devise player in some time. He rarely makes plays and often appears to play poorly in games. Yet the guys from Cover 1 will literally argue with fans on Twitter trying to show how great he is and why the problems on the field aren’t his fault. It’s bizarre. Personally I don’t think he’s good enough and a big reason why this defense is soft
  17. Remember how everyone was saying to fire McDermott after the loss to NE? And how the Bills would’ve luck to finish 8-9? No one overreacts like Bills fans. I agree with what @Bangarangsaid. McDermott will get hired in a second if the Bills moved on. The Pegulas have made some bad decisions but not that bad.
  18. Many people said this about the team last year
  19. There’s a difference between being a good coordinator and a good head coach. If the Bills were to fire Frazier today, he’d be a DC by the end next week. Given his age, I’m not surprised he can’t get a HC gig. There’s a lot of successful coordinators who can’t. As far as Leslie at DC. I think he’s been good. I also feel that outside of the safeties and Tre, there’s a lack of playmakers on the defense. There isn’t anyone who steps up and makes big time plays like Hyde and Poyer have shown they can do. Ed Oliver and Matt Milano have flashed. Tremaine Edmunds has not The question is, is that players or scheme? We don’t really know.
  20. McDermott isn’t afraid of firing assistants either. Rather than keeping coaches out of loyalty like Chan Gailey or Doug Marrone would do he got rid of underperforming coaches like Rick Dennison, Danny Crossman, and Juan Castillo. Despite the last :13, Frazier has not underperformed. There’s not a doubt in mind that McDermott will move on from Frazier if he feels it’s necessary based on his track record
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