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  1. Yeah he’s played well but he never had this kind of impact on a game as he did versus Detroit. He was arguably the best player on the field on Sunday In the game he had: 1 sack 1 FF 1 FR 1 safety
  2. I’ve been mixed on Ed Oliver during his career with Buffalo. As a high draft choice, he’s had some brilliant flashes but also has seemed to disappear in others. My biggest criticism was this inconsistency. But if you watch the video versus Detroit, he had an absolute monster game. He not only made a few game changing plays, there were other times where he did his job so well but was let down by teammates. I’m going to say, this was his best game ever and I hope he continues over the next few weeks.
  3. He made every catch in this game that he never could make with Buffalo. I’ll always believe that the famous drop versus Carolina his rookie year destroyed his confidence. He had a reputation as being a WR that could catch everything - with the Bills he was famous for drops
  4. I’ve been thinking about Shakir and also can’t figure out why he doesn’t get any targets. I doubt that he’s getting open and Josh is missing him. There was a video on Cover 1 where Erik Turner broke down some of Dorsey’s route designs which gave receivers little spacing and all but took them out of making a play. I am pretty sure the lack of looks is a Dorsey issue…but I can say for sure
  5. But you get my point…when Kumerow comes back, he’s likely taking the spot that Brown will have once he’s elevated to the 53 man roster
  6. I can actually see him activated for next week’s game, as the Bills will need a 5th WR and I believe Tanner Gentry has been called up already. Gentry played 2 snaps on offense, so I can see Brown playing between 5-10. Maybe less. If he somehow found a way to contribute it would be a great story. But the reality is, once Kumerow is back he’s taking the WR5 spot. Then there is also the possibility of Stevenson and Crowder coming back from IR, plus there’s a chance (not sure how big) that OBJ signs. So IMO it’s going to be tough for Brown to find a spot much higher that the PS. But you never know it doesn’t seem like Beasley wants to play, period. He great opportunity in Tampa to play with Tom Brady on an offense who desperately could use a slot receiver. He chose to retire after 1 game instead. He would really have to love Buffalo to come back. From what I’ve read he appreciates most of the fans and players but he doesn’t love the organization
  7. Everyone is acting like they signed Brown to play a role in this offense. It’s a practice squad signing. He might not even be elevated to the 53 and could be released with Kumerow returns.
  8. The flawed logic that a lot of Bills fans is thinking coaches/players who have demonstrated a level of success are easily replaced.
  9. Right it seems to me that this injury is similar to Zach Wilson in the preseason. It looked like an ACL, it was reported the team was “cautiously optimistic” be avoided major injury and tests confirmed it. But we’ll see
  10. I thought his observation about Allen’s elbow causing him issues was really interesting
  11. They usually know immediately if it’s an ACL year. If it’s a sprained MCL, I would say 2-6 weeks. It sucks but could be worse
  12. How is not utilizing Hines on McDermott? I feel that offensive personnel/utilization should be on the OC There’s no excuse why he can’t figure out how to use all 3 better
  13. The reason is, Allen has gone from an MVP front runner to an average looking QB that turns the ball over at critical times. There’s a few factors for this: 1. I think the elbow is bothering him more than he lets on. 2. I think Dorsey is really struggling with play calling and can’t seem to get the most out of his personnel grouping. I just can’t figure out why Dorsey isn’t able to scheme players open the way other OC’s are. 3. The OL has been a disappointment and only gets worse with Dawkins/Morse injured
  14. I would agree with your larger point of not writing off a player in his 3rd year completely BUT… my concern is his low catch radius and the fact that a number of those drops came in really big, potentially game-changing, moments. His endzone drop against Miami could’ve been the difference in the game, as was his drop of the Hail Mary thrown by Josh against NYJ. Im not writing him off year, but I think he has to show that he really can be a competent WR2. He has some time left this season
  15. This is such an odd decision… if you were going to bench your young QB for struggling in the midst of a playoff run, wouldn’t you replace with your capable backup QB (Flacco) rather than with a QB with less experience (White) Flacco seems to be such a better choice
  16. This is the problem. If Dane gets his head around, some of those catches are incomplete
  17. The Bills don’t care about yards allowed - they care about points allowed. You can hear defensive backs coach Bobby Babbitch literally say in one of the games covered by NFL films. If you look at points allowed: 20 versus NYJ - (which included a TD given up on a shortened field thanks to an Allen INT) 23 versus Minnesota in regulation- before the fumble TD the defense limited Minnesota to 23 points and had the game won. 23 versus Cleveland - largely boosted by a garbage time time TD. What made the game today worse was the fact that our defensive backs couldn’t not make a play on the football. Dane Jackson was the biggest culprit. He’d had decent coverage but just never got his head around. It actually happened to Taron Johnson a few times as well
  18. That’s fair… but that’s more of a conversation about Dorsey’s coaching than McDermott
  19. I was skeptical of Erik Turner but he does a bang up job with these film reviews and he definitely knows his *****. Now Bills players are actually taking notice. Looking forward to watching this
  20. Ben Baldwin is the creator of these charts. I’m sure you can find how he calculates these numbers. I definitely wouldn’t call them “junk science” considering how all teams have embraced analytics. Nearly every team uses or at least refers to these metrics for 2 point conversions. With that being said, much like any probability, it’s not an exact predictor. So if your FG kicker is 80% from 40-50 yards away, it’s a good indicator of success but not a predictive one. That’s what this chart reveals, when teams should go it on for 4th down when the numbers are in their favor.
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