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  1. I remember Coach Chuck Dickerson used to call him “the mouse that roared” because at the time he was little skinny guy who yelled during practice and talked so tough . The odd thing about Gregggggg-o was that in 2002 the Bills had a pretty good offense led by Drew Bledsoe, Eric Moulds, Peerless Price, and big Travis Henry. The problem was...you guessed it.... defense. His defense was the team’s undoing in 2002.
  2. Yeah something tells me they aren’t trading Big Fletch....
  3. There probably are a lot of reasons why the Bills couldn’t make a trade like (salary cap) and reasons why Yannick wanted to go to Baltimore (he’s a MD native), but man it’s disappointing to see a player of his caliber traded for so little
  4. There’s no way that this was the plan. My sense is that Flores was feeling some pressure by management or on himself to show what Tua could do. By all accounts, Tua was ok but not overly impressive in training camp. For weeks Flores said he was not ready when asked by reporters. Now he throws 2 passes and he’s suddenly ready to take over? And Fitz wasn’t given a head’s up? I do agree that he needs to play this season, but I also feel that Miami was about to hit its stride as a team. It feels like this move is sacrificing this season for Tua’s development, which might be good in the long run. But you have to feel for Fitz
  5. It does make you wonder what happens if the Bills go 8-8 and miss the playoffs. Do the Pegulas sign Beane to a new contract? Or let year 5 play out? Or do they show a sign of support and resign him anyway? Some interesting questions - hopefully it doesn’t happen
  6. People are sleeping on Fitz. He has played very well all year and was a big reason why they have been winning. The Miami OL is actually not that good but Fitz has been getting the ball out on average of like 2.75 seconds with good accuracy. If the idea is to sacrifice a potential Wild Card spot for the future, it makes sense. But I definitely don’t think this move will help this season during a time when things were rolling
  7. Plan could have worked if the Bills weren’t so bad on 3rd down
  8. I don’t know... I think you are being pretty lenient on the players who did not really rise to the occasion. From a defensive standpoint the game plan made sense. It’s exactly what Bill Belichick against the Bills in SB 25. They were overmatched from a defensive standpoint especially against Mahomes and his receivers. The choice to allow KC to run against Nickel or Dime to prevent the big play worked for the most part. They were down by 1 possession in the 4th quarter. Of course the game didn’t go as planned on defense especially on 3rd down. I feel they thought the Bills could defend the run a little better than they did. Their line just got destroyed. Offensively, they were stifled by the KC defensive line who owned the Bills and made Allen uncomfortable enough for him to revert back to poor mechanics. There’s a lot of blame to pass around but blaming coaching is scapegoating Not happening
  9. Because a 16 point is a lock in the NFL in 2020? To pin the playoff list exclusively on the defense is just untrue. Josh and the offense put up 3 points in the second half of the game. Josh fumbled, executed some poor 3 and out drives, took sacks to knock them out of FG range, and worse yet Dawson Knox missed a block that would have put the Bills in position to win....AFTER the defense stopped Houston. The past 2 weeks, he was outcoached
  10. Ok but KC was 9/14 on 3rd down which is a ridiculously high percentage. If the Bills made a few stops, this could be a different game. Same with Tennessee
  11. Don’t you think there’s a reason Harrison is on A PS and not an active roster?
  12. They did pretty well against Watson for most of the game. They also should’ve have had him sacked in Milano/Neal didn’t go for a knockout hit. The team lost because Allen and the offense couldn’t generate any points after the half. The point about QB’s isn’t accurate. They played great against Lamar who was red hot at the time. Limited Baltimore to 24 points. Hardly a shredding.
  13. I think the main priority should be defense....DT or CB. Also Phillips was never a run stuffing DT. His numbers playing the run last year weren’t good
  14. It’s all about 3rd down defense... plain and simple. The Bills lost because they couldn’t get KC off the field. Same as the game versus Tennessee
  15. This season yes. Not last season. Defense was a strength. The offense is what held the team back
  16. Probably no advantage. It’s light rain but there is no wind. I do see weather having much of a factor
  17. I’m kind of worried about the game tonight. I can see the Bills competing but I think it’s a long shot to pull out a W
  18. As great as it would be to beat KC as a statement this game is not a must win. The game against NE will be sooooo much bigger and more important. Also I think some Bills fans need to wait to for the team to win before they dance on the Patriots grave. The talent level in NE is average but the coaching is so good they will compete each week.
  19. I was including last season. At some point the whole “raw” excuse wear off. Put up or shut time
  20. We’re halfway there and it doesn’t seem like Knox has improved all that much.
  21. After looking into the EJ Manuel saga, it boils down to the fact that he never should have been a 1st round draft pick. He was a 3rd or 4th round talent that has potential to develop into a capable backup QB. Just because you draft a QB in round 1 doesn’t mean they are a 1st round talent. Drafting a player with EJ’s limited potential in the first round placed a lot of unfair expectations on him. The organization also didn’t have a very good plan to develop him. All in all, it’s an example of how clueless the Bills were being run under the likes of Russ Brandon, Buddy Nix and Doug Whaley I guess it depends on what you mean by the word “trash.” As a starter he was largely below average
  22. The Bills really like Barkley as a backup QB. I think that he does a good job supporting Josh as a #2 QB which is why they likely resigned him a few years back. The Bills also love Davis Webb for the same reasons. If Josh goes down for any amount of time I think it’s understood the season is screwed. What that being said, I do believe Barkley’s contract is up this year. The team will likely resign Josh to a long term extension or atleast a 5th year extension. It does make me wonder if they look to bring in a veteran at QB2 I think you’re forgetting about Davis Webb on the PS who’s been around the team for nearly 2 years. I think he gets consideration along with Fromm to move up in the event of an Allen injury
  23. This article is somewhat puzzling. The author says that Zay has been a disappointment for LVR over the past 16 games, but he might be a trade target based on his 56 reception season in Buffalo? My thinking is that the author looked at his 2nd round status and mediocre year in Buffalo and assumed he’d be a trade target. I would be shocked if the Raiders could get a 7th round draft pick. Any team that has a shot at the postseason around the deadline probably isn’t going to trade a valueable asset
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