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  1. So essentially you say bringing in Shady is kind of like a joke but then try to rationalize the move?
  2. To me a “whipping boy” implies that someone gets the blame for something that isn’t their fault. Almost all of the players on the poll have had moments where they didn’t play well. I think the criticism they receive is definitely warranted. I’m sorry but the answer can’t be Edmunds, because while he has been injured, he also has looked really bad this season. At times, he was a weakness on the defense. I would have to go with Ed Oliver only because he’s played out of position and because he still grades highly.
  3. I just didn’t have the size and probably not enough athleticism to play at the next level. Part of me does wish that I picked a D3 school and tried out for a spot because sometimes I think I would’ve had an outside chance. But who knows?
  4. Interesting... never knew there was much American football in the UK
  5. I think they are counting on Dodson to compete for Milano’s spot, but I don’t think they are penciling him as starter. I can see the Bills brining in some completion but they did stand by Dodson through his suspension so they obviously value what he brings
  6. Through middle and high school. Wasn’t good enough to play at a college level
  7. Your best bet is probably Facebook marketplace. It’s actually pretty easy
  8. I disagree. A big part of their issues on defense was how easily offensive lines could push around the middle of the defense. Many have said that lacking a true space eating DT also is why Edmunds struggled. You may not like Short, but I don’t think you can say the Bills don’t need DT’s. We aren’t even 100% that Star comes back next season
  9. LOL you gotta love Ariel. He dragged it out of Steve.
  10. Yeah thank you. I never said that Mahomes wasn’t very talented or that he wasn’t the best QB in the nfl. I believe he is. Just that most in the media spent 2 weeks hyping about great he is, and perhaps...rightfully so, but it created the sense that he was going to waltz into Tampa and destroy TB. That obviously didn’t happen. It just seems that the same people who hyped him up are going way out of their way to rationalize his performance While I don’t feel he was the reason the team lost, I also don’t feel he was as good as people like Schwartz and Kimes would suggest.
  11. I don’t think Mahomes needs you to white knight for him. Besides, I never doubted his talent at all. What I did doubt is whether his game was as good as some have touted it to be. This entire thread is around the variance of opinion as to whether Mahomes played a “great” game in the Super Bowl. Fans and media all have different takes which is what makes this a topic worth discussing...because you know you are on an internet message board with strangers for fun. Someone emphatically stated that the Super Bowl wasn’t his worst game, and I said it was citing actual statistics. So
  12. Ok so what was his worst game then? Part of the reason for so much hype is that “bad” games by Mahomes standards really aren’t that bad. By the numbers alone this was easily his worst.
  13. That’s gotta be the heartbreaking part of being the parent of an addict. Of course, it’s also a case of nepotism but that’s common in the NFL. My thinking is that when Andy took over in 2013, Britt was still passionate about football. He had done his prison sentence and was an intern at Temple. Andy probably thought that giving him a low-level position would help keep him occupied and keep him close so he could keep tabs. He atleast knew the type of culture/environment he would build in KC. Britt was on the staff for 7+ plus years so it was probably working for a lw
  14. I think that a jail sentence is probably the best case scenario if found guilt. If they find that Britt was drinking at the Chiefs facility, which definitely seems like a possibly, you bet your arse there will be a civil suit against the Chiefs. And if they somehow find out that Andy or the coaches knew he was drinking there could be some major collateral damage. Essentially Britt put a lot of people in a terrible situation
  15. She thinks she does and fancies herself as a believer in analytics It’s not bitter...just pointing out the contrast in the way that different media personalities are analyzing the same performance.
  16. I think it was a hyperbole. There was a ton of glowing media coverage about how great Mahomes is. Many did proclaim his as the “Michael Jordan of NFL” and praised him as the most dominant athlete in any leagues. So to say that Mahomes was heavily hyped leading up to the Super Bowl is an understatement.
  17. After weeks of hearing how Patrick Mahomes is the “Michael Jordan” of the NFL, some in the media are now going out of their way to prop up his performance in the Super Bowl - despite the bad numbers and meager scoring output. Yet earlier today, one of the most respect film analysts Gregg Cosell, actually used film study to show that Mahomes didn’t play his best game. In the full podcast Tucker noted that so many wanted to blame the OL without acknowledging that Mahomes wasn’t as sharp as he’s been in the past. My opinion, is that while
  18. I just don’t see the Bills spending a 1st round draft choice on a running back especially when Beane came out as his end-of-season presser and said the problem with the running game wasn’t Miss or Singletary. I think their improvement is tied to new additions on the OL. The only way I see this move happening is if the team moves on from Singletary and I can’t see that happening. If it does, then I would welcome a new weapon to the offense
  19. Eh I think he could’ve phrased things better but I think the point was that everyone’s play was inconsistent and he started with himself. He probably was a little shell shocked by getting that kind of ass whipping so badly
  20. It was almost as though the roles were reversed for Kansas City in the Super Bowl vs AFCCG. Nothing seemed to go right. The line was blown up and couldn’t protect versus the front 4. QB had no time to throw and had to force passes. Dumb penalties and mistakes were made. The defense dropped 7 or 8 in coverage knowing that the offense wasn’t interested in running. When the offense moved the ball, they were held to FG’s Its remarkable that the high powered Kansas City offense essentially got beat with the same gameplan they used against Buffalo. And part of the reas
  21. Agree and I think that’s an aspect to the game that the entire offense will need to work on. The running backs and tight ends caught very few footballs this season. And in a game when KC was putting 7 or 8 in coverage that could’ve been big. Part of it is that Josh needs to check the ball down and part of it is that he needs running backs or tight ends that can actually make plays with the ball. This is the “speed” that Beane and McDermott talking about that was lacking
  22. The reaction the this years Super Bowl is interesting. It seems that some are trying to diminish a pretty dominating performance by Tampa Bay on both sides of the ball while trying to make excuses for Kansas City and Pat Mahomes. Yes, Mahomes was under pressure all day and some of the throws he made while evading were incredible. No doubt. But he completed 50% of his passes, threw for 2 INT and scored a measly 9 points. It was not a great game for him. But where was the talk of the foot injury when he played Buffalo? Many said that he was back to himself
  23. Here’s a very pertinent article to what’s been discussed. I’d didn’t see it posted, my apologizes if it had been. The writer heavily goes after the lack of response from KC https://sports.yahoo.com/chiefs-owe-more-than-thoughts-and-prayers-to-family-of-5-yearold-fighting-for-life-after-crash-with-britt-reid-184443680.html Here’s what we know: - The 5 year old girl (Ariel), still in a coma. - GoFundMe campaign has raised close to $400,000 mostly in small donations. - Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid, or the Hunt family has not reached out to the family in an
  24. Edmunds seems to be the player that is dividing the Bills fan base. Some feel that he just needs a better defensive line to keep the linebackers off of him. I’m very skeptical however. I don’t think he was deserving of a Pro Bowl at all this season. After 3 years, he just doesn’t seem to be anything more capable that an athletic JAG at MLB. Very few impact plays over his first 3 seasons. Hopefully I’m wrong - because we don’t really have a choice next season. He’ll be there, but I’m not very optimistic that he’ll suddenly become a different player. He’s not very
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