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  1. Because they can sign him to the PS and elevate him for a few weeks until guys get back. Every team does this during the season. No need to sign him to the 53
  2. Cause he’s a name people recognize I’m assuming
  3. Definitely want the safety there then only need 3 to win. The punter just hit a really good one and backed us up
  4. What team out there is willing to get rid of their good secondary players?
  5. Benfords hand was in a club. He played some special teams reps after his inhury Bates has a head injury Not sure in Van Rotten. He’s a liability anyway
  6. I doubt that makes a difference. If you look at the hourly the heat was pretty much the same until about 7:00. Then it slowly started going down.
  7. Lots of guys will miss this game. I’m assuming more than the Miami game
  8. There might have been one or two that could of been called but credit to Miami they played great defense i found it funny how the commentators kept saying Miamis defense has to be gassed… It was the total opposite. Our offense was gassed from those long drives and Miami players seemed to be fine physically for the most part.
  9. Pretty much the entire month of September and into October is like that there
  10. Bills by far.. their depleted roster got even more depleted with another big AFC game looming this coming Sunday
  11. Just shows how a couple mistakes swings a game real fast… Davis drop TD, missed short FG, Milano dropped pick 6 defense gives up 3rd and 23. This game probably shouldn’t be close
  12. Yet you’d think they’d want the ball out fast and stop them short but what do I know
  13. Offense struggling to put the ball in the end zone in the second half and the defense giving up 3rd and 23s. Not a recipe for a win
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