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  1. I loaded up on his over yards and over passing TD totals. What a complete joke they have those numbers set at
  2. He’s definitely being forgotten/downplayed. He’s got some serious talent and speed.
  3. OMG what a tough choice people will have to decide between those two games!
  4. Lots of 12 personal two tight ends
  5. Too bad the Bills went into guilty until proven innocent mode which seems to be the new cool thing to do
  6. He’ll be getting a new contract very shortly
  7. People nowadays just like to complain about anything they can
  8. Certainly would be a great thing for us if he continues on this path
  9. And that bothers people?
  10. Why all the hate for Von Miller? I don’t get it
  11. 0 chance he makes the roster but interesting to say the least
  12. Probably sign their draft picks then keep the remaining 8millionish for the season
  13. It was great signing and he was living up to it until the knee injury. Beane had no idea Von was going to blow his knee out. It’s easy to criticize the signing now. Pretty poor post you made
  14. Has a nice skill set our group was lacking. Nice get for the price at this point in the offseason.
  15. If this team can only muster 8-9 wins with Josh Allen at QB then this HC/GM aren’t it. No excuse
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