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  1. And DaBoll was never out coached? May i present you the Colts game in 2021?
  2. Nowhere near successful? They were pretty much identical in a lot of categories in 2021/2022. A lot of Allen’s INTs were boneheaded decisions by him nothing to do with Dorsey lol. Crawl out from under your rock.
  3. Aggressive, lots of exotic looks, good sack production. I hope he goes back to that style. these guys do a good breakdown and have film of Carolinas d under McDermott. You can fast forward through it if you want to just watch that part
  4. Pittsburgh would scare me in that situation. They have pick 32 and another one soon after that. If Bills wants Campbell they’ll probably have to take him at 27
  5. Are you really mad over a million dollar difference in a contract? 😂
  6. The details haven’t came out. It could be an up to 3 million deal.
  7. Bonetta gone? Yes!! She’s absolutely awful at her job
  8. More than half the league has a head coach who also calls plays. Non issue
  9. Hoping for draft. Team needs a young guy on a team friendly deal
  10. Cause coaches and GMs tell nothing but truths during the offseason
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