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  1. Yeah this wasn’t the jags or Colts loss last year, I feel like this defense proved today once healthy will be dominant this season. I’d rather have an ugly win but in no way does this slow down the train, get yourself to 4-3 or 5-2 and the 1 seed is very much in play.
  2. The really sad part of this news us Hyde missing out on being part of a truly historical super bowl team. Not trying to be funny or make light of his injury, I honestly believe this team wins a ring this year and although he’ll receive one the fact he’s missing the ride is disappointing.
  3. Andy Reid is clearly head and shoulders above the other head coaches in the west, all three of those coaches have big question marks
  4. Impressive 2nd half on offense got the Dolphins, but the Ravens aren’t the measuring stick… we’ll see what Tua looks like next week when the defense doesn’t wilt, breakdown or allow passes over the top .
  5. I’m in the minority here but I’m less impressed with Tyrod’s character than his on field play and that bar isn’t set very high I might add.
  6. If every team plays by the same rules in the same era I would assume it has zero effect on that particular accomplishment, although I’ll admit I may be missing something.
  7. I grew up in Hamilton and parents would take us kids to crystal beach amusement park every year, man that place was awesome, brings back some memories for sure
  8. Drew Brees played in more ideal conditions than any QB in history and sports ridiculous stats to show for it, on the other hand with that big advantage he only has one championship
  9. Lol that’s what I thought of right away
  10. Did Al Michaels call Jeff Bezos a mathematical genius ? Did that happen lol didn’t Bezos start an online book store ? Seriously though , he’s a mathematical genius ?
  11. Chargers are gonna be a problem if their head coach stays out of own way.
  12. Wow, Fitzpatrick sounds like a legend doing this pregame, he’s a natural at it, awesome
  13. Allen screaming in Ramsey’s face is incredible, he picked on the games best CB and then made sure to let him know about it. that’s my QB
  14. Sabbath is top 5 rock/metal band all time on my list and war pigs is one of the greatest songs of all time IMHO looking back that really sucks that you missed out on that concert, how epic would that be to look back on now had you scored those tickets.
  15. 1 o’clock Sunday games Josh will revert back just another great QB, but on these prime time matchups you best be buckling up your chin straps because he transforms into a fu**ing cyborg looking to destroy opponents.
  16. Agree with everything you said other than the wide margin.. between White and the rest is the wide margin but it’s razor thin between Jackson and the rookies and I love the competition
  17. I can take comfort in another AFC team with a loss, it’s not much but I’ll hang my hat on it lol
  18. Having Allen down near the goal line is unfair, watching all these other QBs is painful
  19. This has to be an intentional tank for a QB in the spring right ? Why the hell else are you trotting out a stump like Geno. Sucks to be a Seahawks fan right now
  20. He’s a weirdo but I need a win tonight for survivor
  21. I’m with you on the Bengals, I’ve been saying since he entered the league that Burrow seems to get a complete pass on all these sacks he takes. His pocket awareness is horrible and the Bengals will need to field a top 5 pass blocking oline throughout Burrows career to get the most out of his play.
  22. Agreed the Bills quick passing game was the difference with Donald but it could have been Q Nelson or Z Martin at guard, Donald is gonna get his wins
  23. Yeah, thanks for adding some details to my caveman thoughts, my concern about life without White for a few games was eliminated last night
  24. Did I miss something ? Never heard Elam name at all yet he played plenty of snaps, I thought both rookies held up very very well.
  25. Why is this Gene guy being negative ? Doesn’t really make any sense, is this an act like the fake tough guy Jets fan ?
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