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  1. @teef dude it was a cake walk just like you said!
  2. The weather certainly made an impact too. I think in a clean non rain game it’s 33-30
  3. and that is why I predicted the Bills passing game to not be as good. very tough to be running 30+ pts week in week out.
  4. I think the closest the Bills have come to this was in 2016 they played 3 of the four NFC West teams in a four week period: Week 3 Arziona Week 4 at NE Week 5 at LAR Week 6 SF The Seahawks were week 9.
  5. The only reason I would say he doesn't is the NFL is on the retreat and knows this is an atrocious look across the board for the league. There is no way they want a guy playing after that considering the now two back to back hits he has and the outrage that has stemmed when it clearly looked like Sunday he was concussed and protocol was not followed to the fullest extent. If it was the Phins medical team he is playing. If it was the Chargers they would've brought him back from the hospital and played him last night.
  6. funny I thought about Trent after that hit. Tua has had a few injuries now and that big hit is the type that can scar a player long term. I hope for Tua's sake it does not but it was very nasty (legal though) to watch. QBs these days with the rules have avoided these types of hits for the most part which is why I think the combination of a concussion from Sunday which looked clear as day with another massive head hit caused what happened.
  7. Smaller capacity is multi facetted reason wise: -Money. Back in the day there were not luxury boxes, pre game club eating areas, post game parties, etc.. now owners and colleges can make more offering those amenities for 50 people then having 100 seats. -Comfort. 80k at the Ralph was great for atmosphere, but in terms of pure comfort and space left a lot to be desired. You can make a better stadium that fits people better with less capacity -Concerts/Events. Many of todays concert are more elaborate then ever with stage and space. Your probably saying Corta isn't this going against that grain then, kinda of but there is a reason. Older stadiums lack the infrastructure to put on events in todays realm for what the big artists want. A smaller newer stadium will be able to focus on these things far easier then a stadium double in size. Part of the reason the Bills were not hosting night games for a while besides the teams record is how difficult and large the Ralph is to setup. -Concourse. Large stadiums regardless of how well they are built mean a flood of people in the concourse moving around. I have read from NW fans and fans who have been to their current stadium it is a nightmare when the place is packed as it cannot handle the crowd. Smaller capacity means a more controlled crowd to fit the concourse being made. -TV like you said. Live events are competing more then ever so less capacity means a more filled house and you can focus on more to offer those people there -Market Size. Back in the day the goal was to build a big stadium and try to fill it to the brink regardless of market size. I read somewhere that the actual size stadium to fit the Buffalo market was like 59,000 and we are wayy over that. Most stadiums that are 15-20 years old now were built for markets that had a different style and life to today. The Ralph is 50+ years old it is beyond that at this point -Money. Less seats me more can be charged and higher demand. This already has turned into the most expensive ticketed season in history, now remove 5-7000 seats and it will push prices higher. Will people be priced out? Yep which sucks in a lot of ways although if you have seasons your getting a better return on what you pay. Those are my thoughts from what I have read and seen posted. Cheers!
  8. It is more superstition as I have done this since 2017 and we have made the playoffs every year minus 2018 so ain't wrecking a good thing at this point.
  9. Bills win 12-3 as BAL fails to score a TD with 5 seconds left after BUF gets a FG late to win by 9 which is not a one score game, the offense gets no TDs, and Bills fans lose their collective minds about all of this.
  10. I think they will want to balance the offense more with running the ball and if the rain is as predicted both passing attacks will reign in a little bit more. Additionally if you go off my yardage the offense would have over 425 yds and Allen would have 330 yds, not like I am short changing the attack.
  11. Bills 27 Ravens 21 Bills defense had a solid plan last week despite injury and I expect some reinforcements off the injury list plus Rhodes helps enough to keep Lamar in check a bit. Buffalo also has played quite well on D in the two matchups against them. Anyhoo the rain slows both teams down enough that Buffalo is up 13-7 at half. They get the ball out of break and go on a long drive that drains a lot of clock and finish with a Cook screen TD. Ravens answer with a drive to get it to 20-14, but Bills move again and go up 27-14 with 8 to go courtesy of Crowder scoring on a 15 yd route. Buffalo runs clock but punts and the Ravens do get it to 27-21, but the Bills get the ball and run out the clock. Allen 25-37 275 yds 2 TDs 1 int 7 rush attempts 55 yds Singletary 14 att 95 yds Diggs 8 rec 125 yds Edmunds 8 tcks 1 INT
  12. Just throw up a Ravens 3 Bills 2 and walk away like someone who dropped a grenade lol
  13. I thought Jackson was still up in the air if I am not mistaken?
  14. I have a feeling Buffalo finally breaks the losing drought in Baltimore, only win was in 99 which is wild. The flipside is Baltimore has only won once I believe in Buffalo or twice.
  15. Agreed. The stats with him out of the defense are wild. He is one of those guys in a bigger market who probably gets more praise and award.
  16. I answered the question that there wasn't many players out and the game was over at half. The game Sunday went to the buzzer. Virtually any game played that hard will see players like that and the sun 100% amplified that. On the flipside the prior year with very similar conditions there was nothing like that because the game again was a blow out. I could really care less about your playing experience the same as you would care about mine. Were nobodies are opinion doesn't matter in that regard. My main point stands that both teams play in the same conditions and the fact fans have this stupid excuse is insane. We lost and blew a chance, it is what it is. Were not going to agree on this which is fine, you and I have never had a beef so no reason to. There is a real conversation to be had about player safety not only with heat and cold but especially field conditions in places like WSH or CHI.
  17. Every game is different and circumstantial. My general point is the cold impacts far more then the heat and like I said its backed globally of which of the two is more dangerous. The Pats game was over at half time, the game yesterday game down to the final second so guys were spent to the max whereas the playoff game wasn't even close. Additionally 2020 was even hotter then 21 or 22: http://www.nflweather.com/en/game/2020/week-2/bills-at-dolphins 21 game: http://www.nflweather.com/en/game/2021/week-2/bills-at-dolphins 22 game: http://www.nflweather.com/en/game/2022/week-3/bills-at-dolphins 21 and 22 are very much the same the difference is what happens when you have games that are not a blow out and teams playing right to the buzzer. People from the south will tell you how northers react to heat and activity is wayy different then they do as they are use to it. This is Miami's advantage the same way we have ours with the cold and they think we are insane and unbearable for that and do not understand how people last in that. Never in my life did I think I would see a football game have fans throw the weather excuse because of the sun. Both teams played in it and had to make due the same conditions. The same happens up here when its frozen at -1 and you can't move half your body. If people are actually going to start saying that the league shouldn't play in Sunday's conditions the exact will be said about playing in the North when it gets insanely cold. It is why I fine people crying about it to be incredibly annoying and weak. You don't have to sit and watch, both teams are playing in it, and your not complaining when it is our turn come winter. This is also why some people now say all teams should have domes so this isn't an issue across the board if your actually concerned about health.
  18. Quick google search will show extreme cold is more deadly then extreme heat. Second extreme cold creates a surface equivalent to concrete and creates far more injuries'. I get Bills fans are butt hurt because of the weather but both teams played in it and last year the conditions were not much different the Bills just won so no one cared.
  19. This is a really weird take. I have never understood the gate keeping in fandom because your team gets good.
  20. Cool so when it is zero degrees we are canceling games here too right?
  21. 1 seed full stop. Means you need to win two games not three while guaranteeing homefield throughout. In the past five years 1 seeds have hosted the conference title games every year until last year when TEN/GB messed up in the division. Additionally a 1 seed has went to the SB 3 of the past five years: 2122 CIN LAR both 4 seeds no 1 2021 KC 1 seed TB WC. GB 1 seed hosted NFC title game 1920 SF went to SB and hosted NFC title 1819 KC and NOLA hosted title games and we know how both of those ended #controversy 1718 NE PHI hosted and won conference title games The 1 seed in football of any sport is probably the most important as it eliminates a game and lets teams rest more. The stats back 1 seeds at minimum getting to the conference title game itself. So yea give me the 1 seed tomorrow.
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