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  1. Lost in the restructures is what does that do to the future? No doubt restructures have to be a part of the process but situations like Tre White, Von Miller and even Diggs show the longer term downside to the practice.
  2. [This is an automated response] This topic is no longer contributing positively to the community and therefore the discussion has been closed. Thank you. Topic gone awry is moderator choice to close down this lovely thread. However, the option assumes there is a topic. Please don’t drink and post. Friends don’t let friends do this, name a designate poster before you start drinking. Thank you.
  3. Nothing but respect for his actions. We often hear of the negative with various athletes, its nice to experience the opposite once and a while.
  4. Awesome video - Gabe will be moving on elsewhere - time will show his true depth as a player.
  5. 24 X 7 X 365 …. Sure path to the Lombardi …. / sarcasm.
  6. Let them have their time now It won’t be long before another dumpster fire starts anew in Jets land (New Jersey).
  7. Really good but..lessons learned… Lesson #1 As Jauronimo said, ice bath after sous vide because it ended up a touch overdone after searing and butter basting. Lesson #2 Don’t get old and go in for an annual physical if you want to eat this way. Doc said to cut down on dietary cholesterol as I am borderline high. Aging sucks.
  8. You need to come clean my iPad because that was spit laugh funny!!!
  9. Enough of what? This is an Internet forum built on the concept of exchanging thoughts, ideas and opinions.
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