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  1. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/buffalo-bills-junior-reporter-mitch-morse https://www.buffalobills.com/video/buffalo-bills-junior-reporter-dion-dawkins It has been a heavy week after a loss and with all of the injury news of the past few weeks. This should lighten up the mood. Seven year old, Vida Lockett, has a smile that will warm your heart and energy to spare. Cute kid interviews various big kids from the bills roster. Enjoy!
  2. Have thoughts followed our financial advice and deposited your life savings into the account #’s you have been given? Stop procrastinating - we will handle your money better than you do. #turnitover
  3. I loved the song back in the day. May he R.I.P.
  4. Sadly you’re right - looks like Dawkins is barely a turnstile on that play. It was ugly.
  5. I listened to most of it last night as I was driving home from work. I know Lil ‘Dirty is a beloved character but I lost respect for him. Two reasons: 1.) Ok to joke with your teammates but not about a season ending and potentially career ending injury. It’s the man’s livelihood and career on the line not just some nagging or minor injury. 2. It pisses me off that he was not pissed off about losing. Look at people like Diggs and Allen - they hate to lose. Learn from them and develop a killer instinct about it.
  6. Highly doubt Bates will be back this week.
  7. It is exceptionally rare that any OLine players coming out of college have a first round grade unless they are a LT.
  8. OP seems to forget that the Bills D benefitted from ball control offense. O-line was also depleted. This was a team loss not an o loss.
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