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  1. You’re brilliance is most impressive good sir.....
  2. [This is an automated response] The topic title is potentially misleading. Accurate titles help the community find topics relevant to their interests and avoids reader frustration. Please change the topic title to more accurately reflect content of the original post.The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you.
  3. Rex was the best at pressers... no coach has ever been better at self promotion.
  4. @HOUSE wants one for himself. Preferably with a retractable roof so he can enjoy the 3.6 minutes of unobstructed sunshine that hit WNY between October and May.
  5. Ahhh... the Bills fan syndrome for much of the past two decades .... that guy is better than our guy ...
  6. Catch up... don’t you know that if you don’t blow out teams you should be fired? What’s the matter with you? You should be banned from this board and your Bills fan card must be relinquished immediately.
  7. After the Bills showing last night we are worried about the placeholder???
  8. I’m surprised the Bills Have not called him directly for advice given the brilliance.
  9. I am tired of hearing about the facility being shut down. The Bills simply sucked tonight. Every team tends to lay an egg in the season. The Bills dropped a huge one tonight,
  10. If one looks up “dumpster fire” in Webster’s will one find a JETS Logo?
  11. Amen .... I was wondering what the post was about ....
  12. I would say combination of pain and shock, I don’t think nonchalant fits the circumstances. That kind of injury has to play wrong in one’s head. It probably takes a few minutes to sink in how bad it really is.
  13. You really have to give the man credit. There was About two decades of futility in Bills nation before his arrival. What a change.
  14. It’s only taken about two decades to find a real offense. Let’s hope the most meaningful stat, “W’s” rises by one each week.
  15. Things tend to go in cycles in the NFL. Rules changes made the league pass happy. The result is the old “run and stop the run” mentality became “old school.” What the Rams showed yesterday in their comeback was both aspects of the game are important. The Bills D seemed to have forgotten that stopping the run is critical.
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