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  1. You people should keep your weird sexual practices to yourselves.
  2. People just need to be respectful - this goes for celebrities (football players) and just in general. If he is going his “job” i.e at an event or game in a football capacity he has made himself very approachable. If he is acting in his private life - having dinner with someone then just leave him alone. He recently said in an interview that people all the time now offer to comp him (meals or whatever) and he declines. It’s cool of him to do things like this. As fans we should be cool with him and let him have some semblance of a private personal life.
  3. Yum - I’ll be over for dinner tonight
  4. You’re a jerk… I just spit Diet Coke all over my iPad laughing - thanks….
  5. Gug - You make a good point - some people just can’t be pleased no matter what is done. This thread makes a similar point(s).
  6. Gore is not = to scary. Halloween is supposed to scare you not gross you out.
  7. I used to not like avocado but I literally forced myself to do so. Love it now.
  8. Nope not Gugny…… @Gugny is a one and only …. No replicas …. Thank God
  9. I should ban you …. But I am laughing too hard….
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