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  1. This guy does a great job of acting like a …… (Cat)
  2. The numbers change every year. You assume Beane has been cap unfriendly in his moves. The Bills tend to hold to three year deals or less with an out if they go longer. If players prove themselves with both play and “culture fit” the Bills have looked to extend them. The one possible contractual meets-up is Lotulelei, though his COVID year through a wrench in it. IMO, The fact that the Bills have not extended Edmunds shows they are not careless.
  3. Unless, and until, the Bills win multiple Super Bowls under his watch, some will cling to this view.
  4. My uncle was a huge Braves fan. He thought my cousin, who was like 3 or 4 at the time, to run around and cheer “McAdoo!!!”
  5. Leslie Frazier is a rock and an integral part of who and what the Bills are. really??
  6. His comments were odd to say the least. To your second point, Josh Allen should not be a designated runner, period.
  7. Natives here thought it was cold this AM bc it was in high 60’s. Anyway, to the point of the thread go for the Bills organization and players. It’s insane to think that many of the players, coaches and staff would have been “targets” in the mind of the sick person who started this whole thing.
  8. The whole thong is ridiculous …. It’s a thong story.
  9. If the returns are too good to be true…. A crypto Ponzi scheme which included absolutely unreal weekly gains based on “robo trading.” To me crypto was only a mechanism for fascination in the scheme.
  10. have to be shorting now.
  11. About all I can ascertain from this is that Elam can run (a lot) faster backwards than I can run forwards. The guy does look very smooth in his movement.
  12. Sad to hear of his passing. May he R.I.P.
  13. The guy had his chance and did prove to have “it.” I agree that it is easy to pile on and at this point we should all be very happy that those dreadful years of awful QB play in Buffalo are in the rear view mirror.
  14. The Bills need two of the three (Groot, Basham and Espinosa) to play solidly given the heavy emphasis on line rotation and the draft capital devoted to them. Yes, in a perfect world it will be three for three but draft probabilities would suggest this is highly unlikely. A better, more realistic scenario, is that two of the three play well an alone of those two is a “stud” player. Time will tell but the Bills will have paid very dearly through draft capital if they do not get better production out of the group.
  15. Exactly this^^^^ It’s nice that he can go “home” for his family but he will forever have a “home” in Buffalo. A great Buffalo Bill for sure.
  16. Can you imagine the hysteria if that show was to run today?
  17. Some smart people wear a watch Some smart people wear a smart watch I am not smart enough to do either. Actually, I hate wearing a watch, smart or otherwise. Here we thought you wrote Zubaz 100% of the time.
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